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Mary McKeehan Childress Class of 1962

Finding this website is the most exciting news I've had in a long time. I never envisioned that there would be a chance to see old classmates again or that there would be an alumni association.

I graduated in 1962 from AIS. I'm Mary McKeehan (now Childress) and my dad was Superintendent of the school for the two years we were there. My brother Mike was a classmate of many of the younger kids including Hank Freeman.

There are not many from the Class of '62 listed. I would love to know where they all are. Being at that school and living in India was a wonderful and grand experience for our family. After graduating and staying in New Delhi for another year, I returned to my native Tennessee and graduated from the University of Tennessee in communications. I've been a newspaper reporter, editor, etc. for about 35 years now. I'm now in West Virginia working for an afternoon daily in the capitol of Charleston. Again, this is thrilling to find out something about my school and classmates.




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