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Judy Budd Stevenson Class of 1962

Class of 1962
1ST Graduating Class at the American International School - New Delhi, India, 1962. Bottom row, from left: Buddy Gleason, Tim Corey, Lynne Stephenson, Burnetta Jones, Judy Zemla, Judy Budd, Nada Izzedin, Ken Torbett; Top Row: Jeff Myers, Nancy Fireman, Raj Krishan Narang, Mike O'Neill, Howard Auble, Mary McKeehan, Dave Odgers

I hope you realize the old memory isn't what it used to be. I only know, I would not have traded my experiences and high school friends for anything. I never kept in touch with anyone after I got back to the U.S.

I think I would like to come to the reunion, but I am actually scared. 43 years is a llll--ooo-- nnn--ggg time. There is not a day that goes by I do not think of those days.

I moved to Cumberland, Maryland in 1963 with my family. My dad died in 1987 of cancer, but I still have mom (87). She has a home here; my brother Don Budd, class of 1966, and his wife live with her. She still plays bridge and drives, but is certainly slowing down. My older brother Rick and wife live in Peoria, Arizona.

I met my husband Allan and will celebrate our 40th year anniversary in Aug. We have a son, Scott and daughter Roxanne. They live 2 blocks away from us and have blessed us with 5 grandchildren. From age 8yrs to 2yrs. I had the good fortune of being a stay at home mom those years of raising the children. Got to attend all their activities and of course work with PTA, library duty, etc.

After getting them up in age, I joined my husband in the work force. He has been licensed for years in Real Estate and Appraising. I received my Real Estate license in 1974 and have enjoyed working in this field. Our community was once a big manufacturing town, but through the years things changed and so did this area. Western Maryland has a population of 72,000. That is counting heads in our Federal and State prisons. Allan and I still do our fare share of business. We never really traveled far from home. Vacations in our early years were camping as far as Nashville, Georgia and Florida. Now, when we get away it is Motel all the way.

If you have ever seen our yearbook of 1962, it said next to my name that I was going to pursue nursing for my career. I was really planning on that until I accompanied a friend to the hosptial to have her nose changed. I couldn't handle the nursing care it took. I fainted and thought, this isn't what I want.!!!! Remember now that was back when I was 18 yrs old. I have seen a lot worse now.

Judy Budd Stevenson


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