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Class News 1990-1999

1990 Class Roster

Joe Gallagher
Joe Gallagher with daughter Keyara. Read more.
Joe Gallagher
I attended AES 1984-1987 and now live in Portland, Oregon, with my wife Adrienne and nine-month-old daughter Keyara. I work in event production in Portland, Oregon. Read more from Joe.

Pierluca Maffey
You probably will not believe this; but I am married to Sandra Antholt, Class of 1987. She was a senior in AES. We have been married since 1997. We lived in Rome until three years ago, when we decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia. Sofia, our daughter was born in January 2005. Read more from Pierluca.

Sheila Charmoy Sinha
I am practicing Divorce law in Connecticut with my husband, Scott, who practices Bankruptcy law. We joke and say that the flowers wilt when we walk into a wedding. We have two wonderful girls, Sonia and Monica, who are two and a half, and nine months respectively. My brother, Ashok, lives nearby in NYC, and we see him often. Things are great, and I look forward to getting in touch with everyone. [August 2007]

Stephen Chojnacki
I continue to live in Bangkok, Thailand, (where I've been for the past 5 years) with my wife Sopida and daughter Natalie (1-1/2 yrs). I've just left the law firm that I've worked for since graduating from law school to take on the role of general counsel for a publicly-listed company. [August 2007]

Jimmy Leo family
Jimmy Leo with wife Kim and daughter Ryleigh Ann.
Jimmy Leo
Just thought I would drop a line to update you all on myself and several of our fellow alumni. After I graduated from AES in 1990 I went on to become a lawyer and am now an Assistant US Attorney in the Southern District of Texas. I married my wife, Kim, in 2000, and we now have a 6 month old daughter (Ryleigh Ann). We are currently living in McAllen, Texas.

Josh Jacobs (Class of 1990) was best man at my wedding. Dave Robinson (Class of 1988), RJ Kaul (Class of 1989), and Charu Khopkar (Class of 1990) were groomsmen. Tony Sartori (Class of 1990) was also in attendance. If this is not a true testament of the lasting friendships that were formed at AES, I don't know what is. Read more from Jimmy.

Robert Scriban family
The Scribans at home in Toronto.
Robert Scriban
I often reminisce about the fun times at AES, especially my time spent in the production of all the school musicals and variety shows. Most of my time was spent at AES in musical ventures or Student Government, but I do recall some pretty wild times getting myself and a few others in some trouble. I've fallen out of touch with everyone, but did get a call from classmate Zemeta Chefeke about 12 years ago! Read more from Robert.

Fawzia HusainFawzia Z Husain
I have been browsing our AES alumni website and would like to send in a note to all my classmates. I am AES Class of 1990 graduate. Almost everyone I am still in touch with from our Class of 1990 is married, with or without babies! Am bit behind, what with only just getting engaged to a grand Irish man! Living permanently in Singapore. I finished my M.B.A in Leeds in 1998 and have been moving alot - Singapore, Sydney, KL, Milan, Ho Chi Mihn and back to Singapore. Having worked with several different companies, in Marketing, over the last 10 years, am thinking of going my own way now. Read more from Fawzia

John Labrecque
I'm a geologist.  I've been banging on rocks for 10 years now and enjoying the different places it has taken me.  I was living in Cape Town for the past few years doing graduate work; and while I was there, I got involved in a diamond project on the west coast of South Africa.  One thing led to another and the project expanded into Namibia. Since then I have also taken on another project involving in-situe leach mining back here in Canada so things are busy at the moment.  Would love to see everyone again but I guess that will have to wait...

1991 Class Roster

Richard Snyder
I graduated AES in 1991. I live in Northern Virginia with my wife Jody and daughters, Elisabeth (3 yrs) and Kate (1 yr). I have been in the DC-area since graduating college except for three years in Chicago for law school. Fond memories of AES and India include minicourses, SAISA conventions, school itself (too many wonderful teachers to name without leaving someone out), Musicals and orchestra with Dr. E, trying to visit all of India in four short years, getting to know each of my classmates and having as much fun as possible without getting into too much trouble. Read more from Rich.

Sif Sorensen and familySif Sørensen
As promised, a little summary of my life since I left AES. I left AES in 1988 to move back to Denmark. There, I went to boarding school and took 10th grade again. It was hard to leave all my friends and family behind, yet it was nice to come home after so many years overseas.

After that, I moved to my mother's house in Hellerup, where I lived with three roommates until 1992 when my mother moved home. During that time, I worked as an au pair, where I took care of two baby boys. After that I started schooling to become a professional caretaker and nurse's aid and moved into my first apartment in Copenhagen. During this time I had my son, Patrick (1994), who is now 11 years old. We have been just the two of us for the most part. During the years I worked as a nurse's aid, primarily taking care of the elderly and handicapped people in their own home. Read more from Sif

Alexander ArthStacy Fisher Arth and Terry Arth (both Class of 1991) Stacy Arth
(12 July 2005)
This is going to be brief because I am so tired but here are the stats: Alexander Joseph Arth, born July 8th at 2:19pm.
7 lbs. at 21 inches. I am sending a pic with it. It was great meeting you at the reunion as well. I love getting to know other AIS/AES'ers! When I recover I will write more! Stacy

(May 2005) Terry and I moved from Burtonsville, MD to Annandale, Va in June of 2004.  We bought our first condo there and are very pleased to be just five minutes away from my parents now.  I finished my Masters in Library Science in Aug. 2004 and I am now an assistant librarian at the Washington Theological Union in Tacoma Park.  Terry is still with STG, Inc. and has been for a number of years now doing help desk work for all the VIPS at the Dept. of Commerce.  He still really loves his job.  Back in November of 2004 we found out that we are going to be parents.  I am due mid July and we are both thrilled, as are our parents as this is there first grandchild.  We are busy thinking of names now and are already receiving baby things from friends and family!  

Justine Broome Shay is living in Syracuse, New York, with her husband and son and is doing occupational therapy work for a non-profit organization. 

Tiffany English Slipka
"I am currently married to Andrew Slipka, and we have two children - a 2-1/2 year-old son, (DREW) and a 4-month old daughter (ALEXA). My family and I are moving to Elk Grove because my company has opened an office in Sacramento, and I was transferred to assist in setting up the office. I am a Project Manager at a national architecture firm based out of Irvine, California."

1992 Class Roster

Angiras and daughter
Angiras and daughter

Angiras Sharma Arya
I'm a very busy Dad to my two daughters, aged 2 and 5. I am working on a seemingly interminable Ph.D in German Literature at Princeton University. My dissertation is on Rilke's novel, The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge. I love teaching at the college level, but I'm also interested in teaching High School.

Since 1992, I have lived at various times in India, Massachusetts, Germany, Austria and New Jersey. I have studied literature, western and Indian philosophy, lots of languages, music and Yoga. My serious hobbies include reading, creative writing, art, making music, cooking, gardening and travel. I have been vegan since 1999. Since 2006, I have been - first and foremost - a proud Dad. I have been a teacher, a translator, a real estate investor, a realtor, a loan officer and, for a brief, shining year, the best job of my life was working in a juice bar. Ecstatically married since 2001, I met my wife, Kani, at Amherst College when we were wee freshman, back in 1993. Derek Stevenson (also AES 1992) and I have a languishing, still incomplete, graphic novel somewhere online.

Joo-hyun Ahn with her children
Joo-hyun Ahn and her children, with monster Sulley at the L.A. Adven-
ture, Los Angeles, January 2007.

Joo-hyun Ahn

It was a nice surprise to see such an active interaction among the AIS-AES alumni. I was so glad to see some of old friends and acquaintances on the website and to read how they are doing.
I am Joo-hyun Ahn, Class of 92. Although I only attended AES for two years, I've spent five years in India; and I remember the AES days as the "golden days" of my life. I would love to meet my old buddies someday. If I keep in touch with the website, I guess that wish could come true. Read more from Joo-hyun Ahn.

Saminaz Akhter
I just wanted to say hi to everyone--I'm married and living in Washington, D.C. now and working as a lawyer in a law firm here.

I'm still in touch with Tia Ganguly (also Class of 1992), who just had her second child and is living with her husband in Vermont. A couple of months ago I was walking down a street of Bethesda, Maryland, where I live--and this has to be the most random of coincidences -- happened to run into Dr. and Mrs. Beck, who were teachers at AES while I was a student! They are currently living in Hong Kong but just happened to be in town and having lunch in Bethesda! Very random. I would love to hear from classmates.

Christopher Stefan
"Hey, Everyone! Here's the quick and dirty on what I've been up to the past 12 years. I was in Alaska for a year following graduation in 1992. Moved up to Northern Virginia a year later where I married a lovely Persian girl in 1997. We're separated now and have gone our separate ways. I finally graduated from George Mason University in August 1996 with a degree in management information systems. I entered the US Navy in February 2003 and in August 2003, reported to my first duty station - the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise based out of Norfolk, Virginia. Hope to hear from you soon!

1993 Class Roster

Sharan Singh
Since leaving Delhi, I went on to complete my BA and a couple Masters degrees in International Relations and Business. I worked for some time in Miami as a management consultant and moved back home to Trinidad (where I am from) in 2002. Read more from Sharan.

Jenny Vera Jenson
I was surfing on the Internet when I found the AIS/AES Alumni Network website. Shortly afterwards, I was contacted by the coordinator of the alumni class secretaries program, Mary Williamson, that she was looking for a secretary for
my Class of 1993 so I volunteered for the job. Read more from Jenny.

Marco Leinweber
Well, I live in Holland, work in Germany. But Holland has always been my homebase. I got married last year, and we are expecting our first child in the end of October 2006.
So lot's of changes going on.
Have fun travelling around, the world still has a lot of nice spots. On our honeymoon, we visited Borneo and went trekking in the jungles. Very cool!

Anine Eilertsen Anine Eilertsen
It has been really busy, both with work and I’ve been traveling a lot as well. My boyfriend, Helge, and I recently went to Whistler in Canada (for spring break) to go skiing and visit my sister.

Now we’re back home, with maxed out credit cards and broke, but nevertheless very happy that we did this trip. Doing this trip also means that I, unfortunately, will not be able to join the rest of you at the all-school reunion in June. And after taking a look at your website, I really, really want to go! But you will be in my thoughts, and I will wear my Indian anklet in honor of you. I hope it won’t pass too many years until I see you all again, and I have promised Helge that I will take him with me to the next reunion. He would love to meet you all.

The top photo is of me and Helge. It was taken on top of Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler. In the background you can see some of the wonderful trails at Whistler Mountain! The second picture is of me and my little sister, Ingvild or Inga for the easy way. She also went to AES and belongs to Class of 1999, I think. She is 24 now, and she’s been snowboarding in Whistler for the past 5 (!) seasons. Enjoy! Annie

1994 Class Roster

Tim Morgan Tim Morgan
Since AES in 1994 and 1995, I have returned to Canada. I went to school for a few years before I landed back in my hometown of Ottawa in a Hotel/Restaurant Management course. Turns out I liked the field, I just didn't like school. I started working for an international chain, the Novotel. I have been here since. I now handle all of the Government Travel for the Novotel. Being in Ottawa, it’s a huge market.

While I don’t sit around and play hacky sack anymore, I have found some fun things to pass my time. In the summer I hit the lake on a wakeboard as often as possible. A few years ago I became addicted to rock climbing. As of the last year and a bit, I have helped my best friend start up and maintain a small nine-horse ranch simply for fun. Other than that, I try to also get out camping, hiking and canoeing when there is a good weekend to do so. Read more from Tim.


Sarah Paynter Sarah Paynter
Hello Alumni! Here's a bit on me for Class News and some photos.

I graduated from AES in 1994. Over ten years later, I find myself in graduate school working on my master's thesis. My areas of study?? INDIA, of course! I'm heading back to New Delhi for 4-5 months this June 2005 to conduct in-depth interviews with marginalized women.

I'm investigating women's perceptions of their own bodies with respect to their reproductive health. Do some women see themselves as requiring medical attention? Do other women see their conditions as 'natural', as their lot in life, and not medicalized? How do these perceptions effect their access to and use of reproductive health care services and what implications does this have for the implementation of said services?

Whew, that's a mouthful. On the lighter side of things, I enjoy hula hooping, cooking, generally being silly and riding my bike. In fact, I like to cycle so much, I brought my bike with me Down Under in 2004 and spent 5 months cycling around Tasmania and zigzagging up the east coast of Australia. Just me, a tent, stove and a limited knowledge of bike maintenance!

I've been living in Vancouver, Canada, on and off since 1997. I'm looking forward to heading back to New Delhi. I was last there for six months (2000/20001) working as an intern at the International Development Research Centre. It was crazy to visit the brand new AES and take in all the changes in the city itself. I can only imagine what New Delhi is like now!

Jurgen Vantroyen
posted 14 August 2019
I attended the American Embassy School from 1986 to 1990 in the middle school. I have fond memories of my time in India and at the school. My sister Tamara Vantroyen was in high school at the time. Such a beautiful and good school that AES is and I am proud to have attended such
a wonderful institution, a jewel in Delhi.

I moved from India to Mozambique where my dad became Belgian Ambassador and there I attended the American International School of Mozambique before going on to college in the States. Now I live on the Mediterranean island of Malta.
I thought of getting in touch with the school to bring back some of those fond memories and to reconnect with my classmates and friends who were there the same time as me. Please contact [email protected] (alumni association president) for my email address. Or, if you're on Facebook…Arraaf Mochny, Stacey Johnson, Stephanie Speets, Valerie Schonherr, Benoit Voisin, and Sarah Ferguson…hit me up on my page at
Read more from Jurgen

1995 Class Roster

Tracy Bicksler
The Bicksler Family was in India from 1987-1995. My father, Roger Bicksler, was the middle school principal of AES from 1987-1995; and my mom, Betty Bicksler, was the elementary coordinator. Both are now living the good life on Lake Gaston in Virginia. Read more from Tracy Bicksler

John Carey
posted 19 May 2017
Dear Fellow AISers/AESers,
My name is John Carey (Class of 1995), and I attended AES from 1987-1992 (5th grade to 9th grade). Despite not graduating from AES, the memories and friends from those years remain an integral part of me. The school was enriching and challenging, and the teachers and staff nurtured all of us and made us better world citizens.
When I speak of SAISA sports conventions to Pakistan or wonderful trips to the Woodstock School and mini-course trips to Rishikesh and Ranthambore National Park, friends are surprised at my casual tone, which reinforces the idea of how fortunate we all are.
This brings me to my reason for reaching out today. I am running for the Virginia House of Delegates in the Democratic primary on June 13th, and I would appreciate your help spreading the word about the campaign.
To find out more, please visit:

1996 Class Roster

1997 Class Roster

Saloni Rikhy
I graduated from McGill University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy. I then moved to New York to be closer to my parents. Shortly after, I met my husband 'Sandip Singh;' and we were married in Delhi in 2002. We all continue to live in New York City, and I love it! We are proud to be celebrating our son, Rohan's, first birthday at the end of the month. [October 22, 2007]

Tonia Piazza,
I graduated from college (graduate school) with a BS/MS in Physical Therapy in May 2002. I am now a licensed Physical Therapist; and I moved to Kigali, Rwanda, (East Africa) to do volunteer work. I will be here until next summer. Who knows where I will go next. Nansi (my twin) got married 23 June 2002 and also graduated from graduate school with a BS/MS in Occupational Therapy. She now lives in Upstate NY with her husband. Would love to hear from the Class of 1997.

1998 Class Roster

Mhari MacDonald
I attended AES from 1987 to 1990 (2nd, 3rd and 4th grade). After leaving Delhi, I moved to Jakarta for 5-1/2 years, then Montreal for 7-1/2 years. I graduated from McGill University in Montreal with a degree in English Literature and then moved back "home" to Glasgow, Scotland.

1999 Class Roster

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