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Class News 1980-1989

1980 Class Roster

Michael White

Michael White
posted 1 February 2019
Hello Everyone – It is kind of surreal writing a note about my experience at The American Embassy School. However when I attended in the late 1970s, it was The American International School. I have such fond memories of my experience which have shaped my life in such positive ways. My entire world view was impacted by the positive impact of going to school with students from so many nations. My imagination was constantly sparked with hearing stories from kids thatlived in every corner of the globe. More importantly, it gave me so many unique perspectives on how we all fit together and can make our world a better place. Read more from Michael White.

Vutichai Kampanartsanyakorn
By the time I realize what I miss, it's almost too late (too old). I really miss
AES and all friends. Six years at AES, 1975-1980, was the best time of my life.
Read more from Vutichai.

Cyndy Marshall Bigbee
I attended AES from 1976-78 as a freshman and sophomore. I graduated in the United States in 1980. I am assuming that in the case of "AIS/AES Alumni" does
not refer only to those who graduated from there especially since I received a reunion invitation. My brother Ernie graduated in the Class of 1977, and I will
check with him to see if he is or desires to be on the contact list.
Read more from Cyndy.

Terri Smith
I live in Dallas, Texas, now with my daughter Shayna. We moved here from
Gulfport, Mississippi, after surviving hurricane Katrina; and we love it.
Read more from Terri

1981 Class Roster

Mona Alessa Tiedemann
I am currently living and working in Vienna, Austria, for an NGO. Most of my
work involves travelling to French-speaking western African countries (with the exception of Sierra Leone, which is an English-speaking country). If there are any AIS/AES alumni who are visiting/plan on visiting Vienna, please do let me know.
I will be more than happy to show them around. (Email dated 30 March 2014)

posted 7 September 2019
I wanted to share that my eldest son and eldest daughter were recently invited
to India for a week to attend a wedding and see the Taj Mahal. My son's roommate during his freshman year at Emory University is from New Delhi; and they have always maintained a good, close friendship.
My two eldest had never been to India before, and they were excited to go to New Delhi with the hopes of also touring AES to see where their mother went to school. (Unfortunately, they were only able to drive by the school and by my childhood home and neighborhood in Chanakyapuri.) They were, however, successful visiting the Taj Mahal.
- from Mona Alessa Tiedemann (AES Class of 1981)
Email dated 6 September 2019

Click on the link to read more and see photos shared by Mona.

Penny Bryant Catterall I continue to live in Bethesda, Maryland, with my family...
to include my two sons (Philip, age 15 and Jamie, age 13), my husband Grady,
and my dog Scout. Read more from Penny.

Doug Taylor (known as Doug Hammond while in India)
I attended AES from 1973-76. Following India, I moved to Northern Virginia
where I have been ever since. My wife Anita and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary this next year. We have two sons, Nick and Joseph. They are truly
the highlight of my life keeping me entertained, frustrated, happy, and every-
thing in between. I currently work in the computer industry like every other
good Desi. Read more from Doug and see a Photo Gallery of his trip to India

Mark Miller
Graduated AES in 1981. Went to Taiwan for a year and studied Mandarin Chinese. Enrolled at University Of Maryland. Did another year in Taiwan (additional studies), then graduated from University of Maryland in 1986. Stayed in DC for a couple of years. Went to law school at Mercer in Georgia. Graduated in 1991 and moved to Jacksonville, Florida. Got married, have two girls (through the miracle of adoption), got divorced and have been practicing law here since 1991. Delhi had a profound impact on my life. Often wonder what ever became of my classmates. Haven't heard from anyone in years.

1982 Class Roster

Jesper Frotlund
Jesper Frøtlund
After a great year at AES back in 1980-81, I returned to Denmark to finish high school and college. Got my IT education and traveled quite a lot in Africa (since my
parents moved to Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Tanzania after India). I settled down in Denmark with my family; three
kids and a dog (actually only the two kids - girl, age 6
and boy, age 9 - are mine with my x-wife. My fiancée has
her daughter with her ex. So only the dog belongs to both
of us. Read more from Jesper.

Yves Heller
After AES, I graduated from Lewis and Clark College and then got a Masters.
I then moved to Mexico, where I taught International Affairs and English at a
rich kids' university. I got tired of that and decided to do something more "humanitarian" and have since worked primarily with the International Committee
of the Red Cross (ICRC). I'm currently assigned in Bogota, Colombia, where I work as the communications coordinator and spokesperson. Read more from Yves.

Raquel Aronhime
Graduated in 1986 from Wake Forest University in North Carolina with a B.A. in French and Spanish. Spent the next few years teaching English in France; teaching Spanish in the United States at independent schools, recruiting teachers, getting married and joining the Peace Corps. I served with my (first) husband in Slovakia
for two years, teaching English. Read more from Raquel.

Susie Kolbeins Dyer
"After leaving India in 1981, I returned to Vancouver BC, Canada, to finish my
grade 12, and this is where I still live. I married my high school sweet heart in
1990. We have two boys (ages 9 and 11). I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me...."

Karen Westlake
"Hi! My name is Karen Westlake, and I attended AIS for 2-1/2 years ( I think )
in 1976-78 . We were a part of the Australian High Commission. I’d like to be added to the found Alumni List for my year ..which was 1982. I note that missing from this are quite a few people I remember .. Maria Scordialos, Yvette Rinky, Bettina Larsen, Charlotte Hemming ( I think her name was) and also a sweet young English boy called Kevin ..whose surname I’ve sadly forgotten. Unfortu-
nately he was mercilessly teased at school for his English accent, so maybe he doesn’t want to be found...! I have such fond memories of my time there and
hope to revisit New Delhi in the not too distant future.
I think it’s a fantastic job you all do to help keep our memories of such formative years alive, I know for me it was amongst the best years of my life.
Best wishes, Karen Westlake (Email dated 26 August 2019)

(Editor's Note: Thank you, Karen, for your news. Mary Williamson, our AIS/AES Alumni Association President, has added the names you provided onto your class roster under the "Looking For" column. Hopefully, we will find them or they will find us!)

1983 Class Roster

Terrie Bundy Jenkins
I left New Delhi in January 1984 to attend George Mason University to pursue a degee in computer science.  Many years passed and I moved to Washington State;
(I love it here). Read more from Terrie.

Maria Theresa Sanchez
After leaving AES in January 1980 in the middle of 8th grade, my brother and I moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where we spent the rest of our high school years
at the International School of Geneva, La Chataigneraie. Boy, did I miss AES
during those years! Read more from Maria.

Mia Lefkowitz Inderbitzin
Wow! So, I thought it was cool that I was living in India again. My family spent
the last 2.5 years in Mumbai (Bombay). Now it's super wild that we have taken a new job and moved to New Delhi, and my kids are attending AES! I'm ecstatic!
Read more
from Mia

Lisa Windle Cleveland
Lisa Windle Cleveland
I had such a blast at the 2005 Reunion!!! Too bad none of my classmates showed up....even the ones that said they WOULD....never mind!!! I met some fantastic people at this
one from some of the older classes....even people who knew
my Aunt Lana back in the 1960's, when she attended AIS. It
is true what other AIS/AES'ers say about the bond that we all never dies! Read more from Lisa


1984 Class Roster

Ritu Mehta

23-26 November 2015

posted 21 January 2016

Ritu Mehta, Class of 1984, returned
to India for a few days this past November and thought alumni would enjoy seeing PHOTOS of AES again. "The campus is different but still so many
great memories. It was emotional to go back after decades. I must say that AES
is a jewel in Delhi. The rest of Delhi has deteriorated a lot, sadly."

Ritu visited India with her sister, Sonia Mehta Raval, who did not attend AES.
Read past articles from Ritu

François Galas family
François GALAS, at top, with his wife and three sons. "Visibly, we did not get the recipe to do girls..."
François Galas
My name is François Galas and I'm a graduate
of AES Class of 1984. I heard of your website
by Fabien Tabarly (Class of '85), who regularly visits your site.

A little bit of history (and geography):

I arrived in 1980 in New Delhi and was, as far
as I know, the first French citizen at AIS/AES!

After 1984, I went back in France, my country.
I did my last year of French high school and graduated (again).

Then, I went in Switzerland to do what I longed for: a Swiss Hotel School of Managment.

Read more from François.


Jordan Weeks with daughters
Jordan Weeks with daughters Scout (3), left, and Francesca (11).


Jordan Weeks
After graduating in 1984, my family moved to Washington DC, where I spent five years trying
to make sense of 80s American music, fashion, politics and culture.
Failing miserably, I followed an alluring lunatic
to Austin, Texas. Paid rent as a book store
clerk, record store clerk, camping supply clerk, preschool teacher, and nanny before opening an upscale Northern Italian vegetarian restaurant. We had a wonderful baby girl (Francesca); unfortunately soon after, her mom divorced me
to marry one of the waiters.
Read more from Jordan.

Rizuan Husain

Rizuan Husain
"I left AES and went to college at Rutgers Unversity in New Jersey. Worked for Continenal Airlines after that. Currently am a Director of
Sales for TNT (The Dutch Post Office Group). Recently got married and still travel the world."

Greg McCaffrey Class of 1984
It has been MANY YEARS since I visited the AES/AIS website. I attended AES
from 1980-1982 (9th and 10th grades) while my father was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi. So, here are my last 25 years in a nutshell...
Read more from Greg.

1985 Class Roster

Rabi Rajkarnikar
Rabi Rajkarnikar lives in Nepal and is currently our second board member who lives outside the United States. He is excited to help plan our all-school 2021 Reunion and after-
wards, is anxious to be our rep in hosting overseas reunions for AIS/AES alumni--particularly for those who live in the
areas of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangaldesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Rabi has previous experience on several boards and
will be an asset to ours. He is married and has two sons, one who will be attending college in New York in the fall of 2019. Rabi will be visiting stateside more often now and considers it very doable in 2021 to attend our reunion then. Rabi, from the Class of 1985, joined our board as a Director on 3 May 2019.

Richard Lee Wilson
Richard Wilson at Bateaux2007

Having recently visited the AIS/AES Alumni Network website, I was inspired to say hello. I have owned and managed restaurants for the past 21 years. I currently own a little gourmet Pub called Maggie’s located in Habersham, Beaufort South Carolina. I graduated from AES Delhi 1985.

Read More from Richard



1986 Class Roster

Nicole Leedham's baby

Nicole Leedham
The past year has been very exciting for us. On
May 18, 2004, we had our first child, a son we
named Declan Brian (both grandfathers are named Brian so the second name was a no-brainer - he
was three days old before he got a first name!).

I took about six months maternity leave,
returning at the end of November - only to
leave again mid-February as Rob had (finally) completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Viticulture (He is still to finish BAS Wine Science)
and had accepted a position at a winery interstate (actually only about 1 hr 45 mins. from where we were living, but too far to commute for me, plus, I was very over my job!). We
are renting a place in a tiny village called Chiltern (about three hours drive north east of Melbourne, 6 hours south west of Sydney). I am not interested in going
back into a stressful, busy, management role so have been applying for lower-
level positions. If nothing comes of any of these, I will try to set up a little
business of my own doing PR/editing/Event Management. - Nicole

Mark A. Friedbauer
I moved to Lusaka, Zambia, in August 2009 after having lived in Paris, France,
for 20 years. I needed a change. I think a lot of us "International Nomads" feel
a need to move on every now and then. Read more from Mark.

1987 Class Roster

Robert T. Nachtrieb
I was in Delhi from 1981-1985, then moved to Islamabad and graduated in 1987 (virtual class of 87). Many fond memories. Shout out to Dr. E! Got a BS in Nuclear engineering from the University of Illinois in 1993, taking some time in California
to study making a Mars rocket out of a fusion reactor. Read more from Robert.

Wendy, Josh, Sam
Wendy Jacobs Armstrong with her brothers Josh, left, and Sam, on a skiing trip in Bethel, Maine, 2004.
Wendy Jacobs Armstrong
My brothers and I attended AES from December 1985 through May 1988. I gradu-
ated with the Class of 1987 and went on to the University of Virginia (Class of 1991) and then Wake Forest University School of Law (Class of 1994). I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1994; and I am a lawyer with a practice that focuses on representing public schools around in the U.S. in cases involving students with disabilities. In my spare time, I surf, ski, play the banjo, read and travel. Read more from Wendy

Update on Wendy Jacobs (February 2019):
Wendy Jacobs attended AES for 11th and 12th grades, graduating in 1987. While at AES, she was active in drama, both in school productions and community theater. After AES, she received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia and her Juris Doctor degree from the Wake Forest University School of Law. For the past 20 years, her law career has focused on education law, particularly special education for students with disabilities. She currently works as in-house counsel for one of the large metro school districts in Denver, Colorado, where she lives with her two children, ages 9 and 11. She enjoys all the wonderful activities that Colorado has to offer, and in particular is an avid skier and hiker. Wendy, from the Class of 1987, joined our board as a Director on 1 February of 2019.

See some AES photos during Wendy and Lisa's trip to India (July-August 2019)

Lisa Jordan
Lisa was born in New Delhi and lived there for the first three years of her life. Her family returned in 1983, and she attended AES from 1983-87. She was active in theater, and has fond memories of the hours spent practicing in the gym. She remembers well Mr. Pepperling's favorite sayings, Mrs. Raman's beautiful set design, and Dr. E's incomparable musical direction. She was a cheerleader (Go Falcons!) and every time she and her squad-mates get together, they attempt routines and formations with varying degrees of success. She still misses those red and white pom-poms. Lisa is a freelance writer and editor. She has a BA from UNC Chapel Hill, and an MA from Georgetown. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband Nick, her children, Jordan and India (yes, two countries; no, not on pur- pose), and her mom Betty. Lisa, from the Class of 1987, joined our board as a Director on 3 December 2018.

(Update: Lisa resigned from our Board as of 12 May 2020.)

Lene Olsen Serpa
Lene Serpa (Olsen) is Danish and attended AES from 1981-85 (6th to 10th grade). Her father was a diplomat; and in addition to India, she lived in Afghanistan, Tanzania as well as Denmark during her childhood and school years. She has wonderful memories from the years at AES, where she was active in various sports as well as drama. She has lived in Denmark since 1985. Lene holds an M.Sc. in International Business Administration and Modern Languages from Copenhagen Business School, and she currently heads up governance, trendspotting and reporting on sustainability for A.P. Moller-Maersk,
a global transport and logistics company. She has been with Maersk for 8 years, and has 20 years of experience working in the CSR and corporate sustainability field. She lives in Denmark with her two teenage children, Cecilia and Alexander. Lene, from the Class of 1987, joined our board as a Director on 3 May 2019 and became Recording Secretary on 7 December 2019.

E. Jason Broome
[Editor's Note: Stephanie Anne Smith, Class of 1987, died of colon cancer on
October 4, 2006. Her classmate, Jason Broome, sent us this heartfelt memoir.]

Stephanie Smith lived down the street from me in high school. I used to sneak
down to her place on school nights to escape my confines and to "study."
"Studying" was an innocent and nefarious mix of gossip, smoking cigarettes and listening to Billy Ocean (blame Steph) or Bob Marley. We were 16, full of questions, curiosities and crushes. Sounds like a normal American childhood right? Well,
except for the fact that the neighborhood was the Vasant Vihar section of New
Delhi, India; and our classmates were kids from 60 other countries. When we took
a weekend trip, it was to the biggest gathering of camels in the world or the Taj Mahal. And we never knew how long it would be before we got on a plane to our
new hometown. It was a strange way to grow up. The reminder of the constant brevity of our reality combined with the beauty and wonder (and adolescent frustrations) of living in a foreign land. Is this why we all became so close? Why
we developed that special bond? Why we can reconnect in seconds after 15 years
of not communicating? Read more from Jason.

Lugos sisters
The Lugos sisters in 2006. Back Row: Fatima (in blue), Mary Ann (in orange), Allison (in black) and
Pattie (in pink). Front Row: Rosalba (in cream). Read more from Rosalba.

Rosalba Lugo-Masterovsky
My four sisters and I attended AES (during
1982-1987); and three out of the five of us graduated from AES. The fourth, Mary Ann, graduated from Greenwich High School after
my parents were transferred from India to New York City in 1986. Here goes it - Update on the Lugos (1984, 1985, 1987, 1991, 2002):

Read more from Rosalba

Monique Esselmont family
Monique Esselmont Beuree, Class of 1987, with husband Jerry, son Ethan, and new arrival Sarah Mae.

Monique Esselmont Beuree
Hi everyone... Just wanted to send out a quick
e-mail to introduce you to the newest addition
to our family. Sarah Mae Esselmont Beuree was born on Thursday, August 24, 2006 at 5:23pm (which was 6 days after her due date!!),
weighing in at 7 lbs 15 1/2 oz. She did not want
to come out, and I was begining to think I was going to be pregnant forever!!

Ethan is adjusting well to his new role as the big brother, and Jerry and I are slowly adjusting to the fact that we will be sleep deprived for the rest of our lives!! Hahaha!
Read more
from Monique

David Neck
Summary of my time since leaving Delhi…I left Delhi in 1982 or thereabouts
because my parents were dumping me into an all-boys Roman Catholic boarding school in their hometown of Perth (Western Australia) in order to finish my
schooling in one place while they kept flipping around the globe. Dad worked for
the United Nations.

I finished high school in 1987 at then enrolled at Murdoch University (again in
Perth) to study veterinary medicine. I completed that course in 1992 and have
been a veterinarian ever since. In 1999, I completed my Membership exams for
the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Small Animal Surgery; and in
2002, I completed memberships for the second time but in Radiology. I currently
am studying for the same again, this time around in Anesthesia and Intensive

As a veterinarian I have worked in South Australia, Western Australia and a brief stint in Singapore. Initially, I worked with farm animals and horses but have
settled into small animal practice (cats and dogs). I am currently employed as
staff surgeon at the Cottesloe Animal Hospital in Perth. In March 2005, I took
office as President of the Western Australian Branch of the Australian Veterinary Association.

Away from work there's not much to tell. I remain a bachelor, although my
mother remains ever hopeful. I remain extremely clever at committing to nothing
in life although I did buy real estate for the first time ever in September last year.
I have a random collection of short lived hobbies, currently they include studying, white-water canoeing and drinking wine.

Hope that information is useful! I can go into more detail if you need, but the
details would be pretty vague at best. Something about that last hobby of mine makes some memories a little sketchy!!

1988 Class Roster

Elif Erkal
I am proud to be an AES student. The different cultures and respect that everyone had to one another has helped me so much especially working in an international multi-cultural environment such as the UN. Read More from Elif

Derek Kim
I am in Salinas, California working for a local bank. I never expected to be a
banker, but life throws you a few surprises now and then I guess. I am content, happy and enjoying my life here. Weekends are usually filled with playing golf
and looking for a house to buy. [August 2007]

Taro Manabe writes, "Currently I've been serving Progressive Insurance for the
past 10+ years. I've recently been promoted as an Injury Operations Manager as
of January 2005 and transferred from Hawaii to Maryland."

Paula Sachar
I live in Zambia with my husband Sipho and our three children. I am a graphic designer and run my own studio. I absolutely adore my work. Sipho is a corporate banker but has decided to give banking a break and is now into large property development. My kids go to the American School in Lusaka and hope that they will have the same amazing memories of school that I had. Read more from Paula.

Verma kids Rohit Verma, (aka Desidoc)
I just became a father again (this is my second child). My son, Ayush, was born on May 7th. He was six pounds. A little on the small side, but fortunately both he and my wife are doing well, with the possible exception of some colic, or maybe reflux (my son, not my wife). I have attached to this email his very first photo. I took
it with my camera phone when he was only hours old, so I hope you forgive the low quality of the images. I have also attached a photo of my older son Rishabh, although it is a bit old.
Sorry I've been incommunicado for a while, but
I kind of got busy for a while. I moved to a small town called Lima (still in Ohio), which is about halfway between Toledo and Dayton. I juggle various tasks, alternately working in a Family Practice, doing shifts in the Emergency Room, following patients in the hospital, and now
helping take care of my two-and-a-half year old toddler Rishabh and his little brother. I tried to log on to the old Alumni forum once in a (long) while but apparently everyone else must have been similarly busy. It was nice getting those occasional emails from Sophie. I hope to hear back from you all, and I trust that everyone is doing well.

1989 Class Roster

Jason L. Becker
Updated September 2018
Jason attended AES for 11th & 12th grades and was in India off and on from 1987-1991. During his tenure at AES, he was most active in music (Thank you Dr. E.) and theater (Thank you Mr. P). Jason is currently residing in Pennsylvania with his wife of 20 years and his 19 year old daughter. He works for a major Telecommunications Company as a Metrics and Reporting Specialist. Jason is also an active member of the Quest Forum (Chair of Network Services Reliability & Benchmarking) and a contributing author to the TL9000 quality standard. Jason joined our Board as a Director on 16 March 2013 and became Vice President on
29 September 2018.

Grace Jarrett with her hus-
band Will on their honey-
moon in Hawaii, August 2006.
Grace Jarrett
My brother and I attended AES from 1986-1989. We graduated in 1989.

When my father got the transfer to New Delhi, believe me, I was not thrilled. I couldn't imagine leaving Japan to go live in India. Fortunately for me, New Delhi ended being one of the most enjoyable times in my life.

While attending AES, I was able to make lifelong friendships, and see life multi-culturally. One of my closest and dearest friends to this day Kim Umemoto, and I keep in touch daily; we were actually in each other's wedding. Read more from Grace.


Masahiko Kuzume
It's been a while since we all left AES with full of good, sweet, (not always!) memories. I was told that the buildings at AES all changed from what I knew. 
I just wanted to write a note to the class news.  Thanks for keeping up this homepage.  I do enjoy reading the news.

Dear friends who remember me or those who remember our time, the end of
1980's at AES. This is Masahiko Kuzume, now 34 years old living in this place
called Nagoya Japan.  After studying aerospace engineering in USA, I returned to Japan and joined this Japanese Aircraft maker, called Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. 
I have been working on helicopter vibrations for 10 years, designing helicopters to reduce vibrations.  I have been married for 4 years to this architect (Japanese woman) who is currently studying in a Ph.D. course.  We haven't got the luck of getting a child yet, but I guess patience is the key for success.  My father always tells me, and I also feel the same, and that is we want to, someday, go back to
New Delhi and eat at this Indian restaurant called Bukarah in Maurea Sheraton
Hotel, play golf at the Delhi Golf Course (A and B courses, off course), and drink Kingfisher or Lime-soda-sweet! Good day to you, and dream the same sweet
Delhi life with me....

Andres Marin and daughters
Andres Marin, with daughters, at home in Chile.

Andres Marin
My name is Andres Marin,
Class of 1989 graduate. I arrived in Delhi in 1987 and spent two of the most wonder-
ful and exciting years of my existence in that place. Everything is different (in a good way) and new. It is great to be in contact with so many people who have had the same background, known the same places and experienced the same culture...
Read more from Andres.

Sameer Verma
Sameer Verma
Sameer Verma and family, during a recent visit to Vancouver, BC.
It's been 19 years since I left
Delhi, but I have not forgotten
the fond memories of my junior year at AES. My short stay in
Delhi has left an indelible impression on me even today.
My brother Rohit (Class of 1988) and I had the pleasure of meeting a few friends at the AES 2001 Reunion. Just a brief mention
about myself: My wife Neena
and I have two beautiful children, Diya-my sweet 4 year old girl,
and Neil- my naughty 1-1/2 year old son. Read more from Sameer.

Alexander Wall
"I live outside Ann Arbor, Michigan with my wife Christina and our dog Kharma. I
fly for a cargo airline that flies 747s all over the world while my wife teaches at a local college."



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