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Class News 1975-1979

1975 Class Roster

Jill Aikman Berney
I wouldn't even know how to begin to catch up after all of the years between the goodbyes after 7th grade and now hello at age 50. I've been watching this website for about six months now — thought I would dive in. So, this might be the pinhead of all summaries of my life. Read more from Jill

Veronica Choi Krath
Here are some photographs of my family for the website. The first one is of me and my husband Mike (who I met at the American school in Egypt right after I left India) and our six children (yes, SIX) at our oldest son's wedding last June. The second is of Mike and me (together, we equal a century).
Read more and see the photos from Veronica

Kinny Chopra Kapur
Having a bit of reflective moment...wrote this email to the association board secretary, Mary Williamson, and then thought I would search under Marie-Louise Kreuger, who was my best friend at school and who I would love to speak to again.. Read more from Kinny.

Rob Creedon
Wow, what a great surprise to hear from Seiichi Sugiyama -- and what a coincidence. I just finished taking a class on Chinese Grand Strategy. In my class of eleven was a gentleman from Japan! Upon meeting him, I immediately thought of Seiichi and wondered where life had taken him after our days in India -- and then his email was forwarded to me! Read more from Rob

Bruce Dalcher
Eight years in India did a splendid job of leaving me, like so many others, remarkably unprepared for a return to the States. I had one year (9th grade) at a Washington, DC public school, a real hellhole where I literally could not understand what many of the students were saying. Then things got a little better: my sister Sara ('73) and I switched to Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda. Even though that school was also huge, it was vastly better than the DC school; and I even found a couple of AIS classmates there: David Ernst (I think) and Eliza Dixon. Read more from Bruce.

Malcolm Garg
Since graduating from AES in 1975 I have met and kept up with many AIS/AES'ers over the years, too many to name - fact is, we've always been (especially initially), a lost flock, and as the saying goes - birds of feather stick together! I left India and came to the US in 1976 to ostensibly go to school - which I did attempt on and off for many years. Read more from Malcolm.

June Haviland June Haviland Donovan
I only discovered this wonderful website this week and have just been enjoying reading through all the information and seeing all the pictures. I attended AIS from 1966 through 1970, when I left with my family for Quito, Ecuador, for two years and then on to Bangkok, Thailand, where I graduated in 1975.

I do not even know how to begin "filling in" the past 30 years. I was married for 11 years and am now "single but happily attached." I live in Bristow, Virginia and own a second home in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, where I escape the busy ways of Northern Virginia.
Read more
from June.

Guy HoogendykeGuy Hoogendyke
Guy left India in 1972 to finish high school in Kingston, Jamaica, where he graduated with four (4) Governor General prizes. He went on to attend Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. Guy graduated with Bachelor of Science honors in Economics in 1979. Before settling into a career in the financial world, Guy traveled the globe - most extensively in Europe, Asia and South America. An avid canoeist and kayaker, Guy has made many excursions into Canada's backwaters, down the Baja coast and along various Central American waterways.
Guy was married in 1994 but is recently separated. Guy makes his home in Toronto, Ontario, and works as a Financial Advisor for the Berkshire Group.

Ben Klemer
My name is Ben Klemer, and I attended AIS in 1971-1972. I have an older brother, two younger, and a younger sister that all attended AIS for the 1971-’72 school year. Our father, Dr. Donald A. Klemer, was Headmaster of AIS, and had returned to the US during the summer of 1972 to recruit teachers. He was involved in a fatal car accident, forcing us to abruptly move back to the US. Our stay in New Delhi was too brief! In retrospect, I feel lucky to have been able to live and attend school in India. Read more from Ben (email dated 1 April 2019)

Maura Moynihan
The India International Centre recently hosted a symposium about the late Ruth Jhabvala, hosted by her daughter Renana, which moved me to offer a tribute to this brilliant and irreplaceable woman. In 1973, I was 15 years old and my father, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, was appointed the United States ambassador to India and my family moved to New Delhi. Ruth and Cyrus Jhabvala were among the first friends we met in India, thus we joined The Wandering Company, that firmament of artists and storytellers, East and West, the creation of Ruth, Jhab, Jim Ivory and Ismail Merchant. I fell passionately in love with India, thus Ruth and Jhab became my mentors and guides, and a lifelong friend of my parents, two great Indophiles, Pat and Liz Moynihan. Read more from Maura

Majd Patou Fathallah
I attended AIS in 1970 and 1971... It seems sooo long ago now! Have loved India ever since. Though I am originally Lebanese, I've been living in London, England, for the past 22 years. Left Lebanon during the civil war and have one son, who is now 27. Read more from Majd.

Bruce Rogers
Bruce Rogers

SAD NEWS about Bruce Rogers
Read previous missives from Bruce

Claire Saint-Rossy
posted 29 September 2019

BIG Exciting NEWS!

Please help us welcome Claire Saint-Rossy (Class of 1975) as
our new Board Treasurer. Claire attended AIS from January
1965 through June 1968, along with two older sisters and a younger brother, during the period when their father worked
with the United Nations - UNESCO took their family to New Delhi. "I am amazed when recalling the rich exposure to Indian religious and cultural sites that I got through the myriad field trips planned for us by AIS's elementary school teachers - what great teachers they were."
Claire moved to metro DC before the 2015 reunion, which made it possible for
her to reconnect with a handful of old friends who attended. Now she is able to
visit with close friends with some regularity. We are lucky to have her on our
board and feel confident that our fiduciary responsibility to the association will be fulfilled. Welcome aboard, Claire!

Seiichi Sugiyama
Today we had a Partial Reunion in Japan, on Hanami, organized by Jonathan Wilder (Class of 1974) in Aoyama Bochi. Here are the pictures of Sakura (Cherry Blossom) in Tokyo this year, and the picture of this Partial Reunion (Jonathan and Sachiko Wilder, Taka Yamanouchi and Seiichi Sugiyama, myself) . Read more and see photos from Seiichi from his email dated 4 April 2015.

Sunaina Suneja
Sunaina Suneja As Independence Day 2014 draws near, my thoughts once again go towards the momentous events which led up to August 15 1947, both the joy and the pain, the exuberance as well as the anguish. It’s a moment in our history which I am familiar with through the poignant narratives of my parents and the extended family, displaced from their homesteads in Lyallpur and Lahore, and through newspaper archives and short stories such as Manto’s. Over the years, I used to wonder what canvas I would one day use and how, to express my own feelings, my deep emotions of elation, gratitude and despair as well, that spring from these historic events.
Read more
from Sunaina

1976 Class Roster

Diane Cowper Ripley
Hi. I’m having a lot of fun watching the list of “Who's Coming” to the 2005 Reunion. I’m hoping that the class of 1976 will have a good showing, as it would be nice to catch up with the life and times of so many who I hold very dear. I finally got my PhD from the University of Florida December 2004 and couldn’t have done it without the support of my Delhi friends – thanks! The Cowper clan is well and happy. Mom and Dad are on the West Coast in Santa Cruz, enjoying retirement (I think a bit too much…), Steve and wife Pam have been transferred to Tanzania. Sister Sandi is well and the proud grandmother of a beautiful little girl, Isabelle Sandra, who the whole family adores. Life is short, the journey long, hurry…. All the best, Diane

Ellen Flanagan Laura
posted 28 September 2013

Ellen Flanagan Laura
"Hey y'all! Living here in Georgia...have been working for a family practice for the past 25 years...have three grown kids and an amazing grandson. I still love to eat Indian food (a required meal when my sister, Mary, Class of 1974, visits!), and I can still sing the words to the Indian National Anthem - courtesy of the Indian movie theater where The Sound of Music played for five years! Life is good! I have kept up with you over the years through the website and now, on our alumni Facebook page as well. I'd still love to hear more from my classmates! Namaste! -Ellen (email dated 28 Sept 2013)

Elizabeth ("Lalla") Jones
This may come as a total surprise to you and I apologize for that. Ali BinAli and I got married the morning of April 9th, 2009, in a civil ceremony here in Kuwait. We are very excited and happy. Read more from Lalla.

Terri Kenney Rounds
I was in Delhi from '70 to '73 in the Class of 1976. I was talking to Dan Oleksiw (Class of 1973, and a classmate of my brother, Mike Kenney), over the weekend; and he told me about this website and the 2005 Rreunion. I can't wait. I have only attended the first one that was in D.C. (was it '85?). I have divorced and remarried since then, to a fellow CIA brat named Tim Rounds. His family did two tours in Manila and one in Liberia, so it will be interesting to see if he knows anyone, (we already know a few people in common). Anyway, please send me any updates, and we look forward to seeing you next summer.

Amy Lowe
I really enjoy browsing the AIS/AES website for news on friends, past and present. Living and working in Berkeley California I have been able to keep in touch with many friends for my AES and Woodstock days. Class of 76, now such a long time ago, continues to touch my life. Will not be making it to the 2005 Reunion this year, but I entertain the possibility every time it comes up. Read more from Amy

Barbara McCabe

April 2017
Barbara moved with her family to Calcutta (now Kolkata) in late 1967 where she attended the American International School of Calcutta (AISC). Two years later, the family moved to Bombay (now Mumbai) for six months before heading to New Delhi. During her stay in New Delhi, Barbara was very active in track and field and, under Mr. Pepperling's tutelage, in the school plays. Because of the length of her stay in India (her father worked for Union Carbide), Barbara had the privilege of meeting and making many lifelong friends. One of the more memorable moments was having an individual audience with Indira Gandhi for a class project and getting permission to take Social Studies teacher, Mr. Russell Peterson, along for the ride. Barbara graduated from AES in 1976, and moved back to the United States to attend college.
After living in New York, California, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland, Barbara moved to Pennsylvania in 1989, where she works for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Barbara has three sons from a previous marriage and four beautiful granddaughters. She and her husband, Bill, live in Muncy, Pennsylvania. Barbara joined our board as a Director on 26 April 2017.

Sandy Rosanbalm Topole
Hi everyone! I graduated from high school with the class of 1976 in Bossier City, Louisiana. I pursued my interest in horses and became a cowgirl. I married and had a son, Dusty. Fifteen years later I was more than ready to leave that marriage behind me. I subsequently met (or maybe I should say was rescued by) a great guy, Scott, and moved out west to Phoenix, AZ. We were married after a couple of years and decided to have children together. We are now the proud parents of Rachael, who is almost 7, and Christopher who is 3 1/2. They keep me going...all the time!!!! They have become my full time 24/7 job. We moved from Phoenix to Orange Park, Florida about 4 years ago. The hurricanes have been very exciting but it is pretty here. I just recently saw the AIS/AES website. I had no idea it was going to be so much fun to get in touch with "old" friends from back in the early 70's. Thanks to everyone for the opportunity to share our memories!

1977 Class Roster

Scott Anderson
I just discovered the alumni website. This is great! I was at AIS from 1962-1972, grades 1 through 7 (I think). I notice one of my classmates and close friends, Kenny Young, is on the site, along with several teachers from way way back.
Read more from Scott.

Daniela Avitabile and family Daniela Avitabile
Hello, this is Daniela Avitabile sending you two pictures for the website. One is of me and my AES friend, Peter Johnson, when he visited me here in Rome with his wife at the beginning of March (as he already wrote). The other picture is of my family: my husband Marco, our son Adriano (12), me, and Emilia (15). Read more from Daniela.

Lisa in India Lisa Gallant Fouche'
Boy, its tough to do an update after almost thirty years! My aunt and uncle, Carobel and Leon Daniel (UPI), generously invited me and my cousins, Helen and Susan Edwards, to live with them and attend AES for the 1973-74 school year, in hopes of giving their precious only child, Lillian, the full experience of having siblings. Read more from Lisa.

Christopher Ignatius
I was in the 7th Grade.  I attended the school for six years - joined in the second grade. My Mum was a teacher at AIS/AES for nearly 30 years (or there abouts) - she mainly taught second graders and for a brief spell, taught fifth grade. My family and I left India in 1972

Donna Jeanne Miller Schneider
I attended AIS for 5th - 7th grades and then returned to Illinois. I went to college in Illinois, where I met my husband and got married, We lived in Illinois for five years, then in Connecticut for years, and finally moved to Austria - where we have been ever since. We have seven children, three finished with college, one in college, and three still at home.

Terin Miller

Terin Miller
I am very sorry to say I wasn't able to make it to the 2005 Reunion. I wanted very much to reconnect with people I hadn't seen in so many years and to see how the world had treated them since. Read more from Terin


Claude Gabrielle Pellé
I was at AES in the mid-70's. I left in 1976, a year before graduation (alas!). I
was the French girl of the school - the only one - Claude Pellé. Now I am called Gabrielle, which is my second name and which I prefer to Claude (which means
in old French, "the limping one"...) Read more from Gabrielle

Matthew Reynolds
I've been in Sarasota, Florida, since 1988 -- except for a couple of years out in San Francisco and various trips to Europe. Living in a hippie mansion on Sarasota Bay, - that's us with the two beach cats and a run down ooooold house nestled amongst the megamansions. The picture is of myself and my lovely daughter, an up and coming opera singer in Boston. Attended New College here in Sarasota and loved it - haven't seen anyone from Delhi in years except occasionally in dreams. I do web consulting and programming, and a couple of times a month I shoot wedding pictures. Lots of pictures from the last 10 years up at If anyone is in the neighborhood, please do stop in and see us - might even be an extra room with a view. ;)

1978 Class Roster

Lisa Gregg Cooper left New Delhi in 1972 and went to high school in Brasilia, Brasil, then finished up in Bangkok, Thailand. Lisa has a handsome 16-year-old son and lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson, Nora Noe, and Pieter Ravensburg in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Peter Johnson
Currently, I'm in the UK and have been since August 2005. I just got back from a long weekend in Holland and met up with Nora Noe ('79) and Pieter Ravensburg ('78). My wife, Nancy, a friend of hers and I were going to Sassenheim, Holland to see the Tulip Parade. I suggested to Pieter and Nora that we get together. Read more from Peter. [May 2008]


Fred ThomasFred Thomas
I live in Ogden Utah, close to Snow Basin ski resort where a large part of the 2002 Olympics were held. My wife Carol and I have two kids ages 7 (Riley/girl) and 13 (Keegan/boy). Riley is into dance, tee-ball and soccer, while Keegan enjoys snowboarding, tennis and basketball. I work in R&D. Carol is a home maker and busy Mom at this point. This summer the family had a great vacation to Oahu for close to three weeks. I had an optical data storage conference for the middle week, so the family got a reprieve from Dad for a bit.
Paul Mansfield called me a few months ago. It was great to hear from him. it had been about 10 years since we had talked. He was in the Class of 79 and we went to Bucknell together. We both got ME degrees there. He is a working as a VP of Sales at an industrial controls company in CA. I sure would like to hear from some of my other pals from the classes of 1978 and 1979.

1979 Class Roster

Sanjeev Handa
I have been thinking a lot about our school lately, especially since I have just returned from a visit there with my wife, Beth and my two daughters, Jane (8) and Isabel (6). It was their first visit to India, and the trip was spectacular. One of the highlights of the trip, of course, was the morning spent in Chanakyapuri at the old school. It is almost unrecognizable from the old days; all of the high school teachers from my era are no longer at the school." Read more from Sanjeev.

Toshi Ikeshima
My name is Toshi Ikeshima, and I am a graduate of AES from the Class of 1979. Recently, my friend informed me about the alumni website. This is great. BTW, I was in Mumbai from January 2005 to August 2005 and had a chance to visit AES. Miss (Bandana) Sen, the librarian, was one of the two people who were still around from my time; and she was kind enough to take me around the campus. Memories rushed back and I could even hear the voices of my friends coming around the corner. Incredible experience. Read more from Toshi

Lisa E. Smith
In 2004 after living in Anchorage, Alaska, for six years, I moved to Gulfport, Mississippi, to be closer to family. In August 2005, my parents and I survived Hurricane Katrina. We lost a lot but our lives were spared. Read more from Lisa.

Katharine Thompson Arens
January 2010
Where have the past thirty years gone?! I have three beautiful children who mean the world to me and two beautiful grandchildren who can do no wrong. Life is good. I live in Fredericksburg, commuting to DC two or three times a week for work and school. Read more from Katharine.

Update from Katherine Arens (October 2018):
Katherine attended AES for middle school from 1973-1975. She lived with her family in Greater Kailash. Her sisters, Mary Ann and Karen, also attended AES.
She currently works as a consultant for an innovation strategy firm located in Washington, D.C. and in Alumni Relations at the University of Mary Washington. Katherine studied Visual Arts at VCU and later UMW focusing on oil painting and ceramics. A research grant took her to Venice and Florence to study Titian's Altarpieces in 2008. She served on the Board of Directors of two local arts organizations. When she is not working, she spends time with her brilliant and beautiful grandchildren who are growing up too fast. She currently lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, near her two grown children and grandchildren. Her youngest child is a student at University of Washington in Seattle. Katherine,
from the Class of 1979, joined our board as a Director on 26 April 2017 and became Recording Secretary on 29 October 2018. Katherine was elected as the Association President on 31 October 2019.




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