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Class News 1974

1974 Class Roster

Class of 1974 Reunions
For Fun: 1974 Remember When A Nostalgic Look Back In Time

Tad Acker
posted 16 November 2015

Tad Acker, Class of 1974, is back at the home of the AES Tigers
-- 43 years later!! See MORE PHOTOS from Tad's visit.

Phoebe Bradley
posted 11 January 2015

Happy New Year From the Bradley-Brown Family

Dear Friends and family,

Hope this finds you all well, happy and surrounded with loved ones. It is hard to believe that another has flown by already. This past year has been full of happiness, challenges and several milestones for the Bradley-Browns.

Read more from Phoebe

David Briggs
I was at the 2005 Reunion, being as it was just down country in Virginia. I brought my wife of two years (I thought it would be interesting for her to see the fascinating people that make up our group). Met with Deepak and Raoul (my best buddies in Delhi)... I was in Delhi from 1966 to 1971 (didn't graduate from AIS).
I work for the U.S. Government - close to retirement thank GOD! My wife is already retired and tapping her foot impatiently.. ;) Have lived in the DC are since 1984. I work in the IT systems/web development/graphics/imaging area. Jack-of-all-trades, really.
I had a great time at the reunion. Didn't see you, Mary, but love the pictures. Congrats on the recent class secretary nomination! - from David

4 Brown kidsNancy Brown Colvin
Dear Mary, I am Tim Brown’s sister. Thank you for all the fun photos of the 2010 Reunion. We had taken our kids to Italy on the weekend of the reunion and thus did not attend.
I was delighted to see Rekha’s picture and will get back in touch with her. I have three kids, ages 18, almost 16, and 11. My husband and I have lived in Baltimore for ten years, the longest either of us has lived anywhere. I teach art history at the V.A. nursing home in Baltimore. Thanks again, Nancy
(In photo are Nancy at far left and siblings Priscilla, Tim, and Susan.)

Sad News - Mark T. Burns
posted 19 December 2014

"Mark Thomas Burns (Class of 1974)...father, brother, uncle and
friend, left the world on December 2nd of 2014. We'd like to keep
Mark's memory alive with the help of this page."
Read more from Mark's family:

Lynette Bushnell Hone Lynette Bushnell Hone
Lynette spent the past two years in California; but in September 2015, she moved back to Wilmington, North Carolina, which she considers home and is happy to be closer to her two sons again. This photo was taken shortly after returning to Wilmington.

SAD NEWS (9 September 2019)

Chris Cool and family
Christopher with his family, Christmas Day 2016

Christopher Cool
9 February 2017
We were happy to hear from Christopher today (9 February 2017), who reported all is well. Christopher and his wife, Marita Geraghty, are now empty-nesters at home. However, the family was together for the holidays; and he sent us this photo taken on Christmas Day.

"Back row is my son Cameron (18) who is a Freshman at Purdue (Aeronautical Engineering), my wife Marita Geraghty, myself and my daughter KT (21) who is a junior at Auburn University (Business) At the Table are my step daughters Kathleen (22) (First year med student UCSD) and Fiona (19) Sophomore at Stanford University (Human Biology."

Chris Cool and family
Christopher with his new family at Machu Piccu in 2009.

May 2010
Relocated to Fountain Valley CA in July 2004, I am now the Air and Space sector Vice President for Quality/Mission Assurance with Northrop Grumman and have married Marita Geraghty and the six of us (her daughters are 16 and 13) live in two houses to allow continued schooling and friends.

Read more from Christopher

Steve CowperSteve Cowper
July 2005
The Class of 1974 and those lazy days shooting hoops and hanging out in New Delhi seems vaguely familiar and definitely from another lifetime ago. I remember good times; but as I get closer to 50, if I can remember anything that long ago it is a good day.
After Delhi, we went to Alexandria, Virginia, where I went into complete cultural shock because I had to deal with a public high school and 400 classmates. It was an interesting time for me and also very lucky for me that John Hoefling and others from the Delhi days were around to keep my perspective in check.
Read more from Steve

Aloka Dalal
I just recently completed my medical training, a la Patch Adams... and with Internship completed I just got the license in hand. I am a breed of "Matured" students and a very rare creature according to Indian standards. So far, I wish to remain a simple GP (general practioner) bringing back the house calls and the little black bag. Nothing special, just back to basics. I am really excited to meet you all, since I was always on the wrong continent during the scheduled reunions in the past, will be wonderful to catch up those I have met for over 30 years! Thanks, Mary, for having the drive and intiative to keep this going...All the best, Aloka

Gail Deakin Teuscher

Gail Deakin Teuscher
February 2007
It was such a nice surprise to get a call from class secretary, Mary Williamson, saying she was looking for 1974 AIS alumni. Mary was able to locate me thanks to Roni Nagaich’s information regarding my dad. She proceeded to tell me about the upcoming class reunion in July 2007 in Philadelphia. I am very excited about it and look forward to seeing those of you who can make it. Seeing the familiar names on the list of classmates from the ’74 Encore!!!! newsletter brought many memories and a big smile to my face. Read more from Gail

Nicholas Dunlop
October 2005
Born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1956, Nicholas Dunlop was educated in Singapore, India and New Zealand. He was a Lizzie Rathbone Scholar at Victoria University of Wellington, studying international relations, between 1975 and 1977. He was the top graduate in political science, and was awarded a National Senior Scholarship. Read more from Nicholas

Alan Egler
June 2005
Regrettably, neither of my sisters nor I will be able to attend the 2005 Reunion next weekend. We are the Egler's - Alan '74, Karen '72 and Alice '76. We only spent 1969 and 1970 at AIS in New Delhi after spending two years in Calcutta. (Say hi to Mary Flanagan Novak for me next weekend at the reunion....she's done a great job tracking down and communicating with all our classmates from the American International School of Calcutta - AISC - as well as for our AIS in Delhi school). My sisters and I are all married with our own families; I settled in New Jersey, Karen is in Brentwood Tennessee, and Alice is in Holis, New Hampshire. Read more from Alan

Linda Finlay
I, too, am sorry to have missed the 2005 Reunion. I was under work pressure and, living in England, it was a little far to come. (Yes, I know, bad excuse as several of you made it from India!). All I can say is that I’ll try and make the next one – even better if it is just our class.
It seems a potted biography is called for, so here goes…
I’ve been living in England since ’75. I first trained as an occupational therapist and then I became an academic psychologist. Since getting my PhD, I’ve worked as a freelance Academic Consultant writing and teaching around the country and, sometimes, abroad. (My early drama training has helped enormously with my public speaking!). For any of you who may be interested, my speciality field is using qualitative research methods to research the lived experience of disability.
On the domestic front, I’m married to Mel. He has six grown-up sons who are now producing children. So, although I’ve never been a mother, I have the pleasure of being a grandmother! We live in a house in Scarborough (NorthYorkshire) with beautiful views across the North Sea.
In proper Indian fashion we have ‘open house’. We would be honoured to have any of you come to stay if you’re in England.
Namaste, from Linda

Mary Flanagan Williamson

Mary Williamson at Retirement Ceremony
Mary Williamson was presented her second award, the Military Spouse Medal, at her husband's retirement ceremony on 13 September 2013 at the Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. (Official US Air Force Photo)

13 September 2013

I've shared with my classmates my journey as an Air Force spouse for 31 years and thought it only fitting to also share this particular milestone. Today (13 SEPT 2013) was my husband's retirement ceremony at the Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, which was attended by our closest family and friends. He will officially retire on 1 NOV 2013 as a Command Chief Master Sergeant in our United States Air Force. So far, he is the only Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician from all four branches of our military to make it as a Command Chief and at a Major Command level. I'm so proud of my husband's 31 years of outstanding service.

In this photo, I was just presented my second award, the Military Spouse Medal, by the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (left) for my contribution and service to the Air Force over the years.

As an EOD spouse, I led an explosive life! "EOD...FIRE IN THE HOLE!"

View retirement photos, which include AIS/AES Alumni in attendance

Commander's Public Service Award (September 2012)
Read previous missives from Mary


posted 1 November 2019

Please join us in extending best wishes to Mary Flanagan Williamson (AIS Class of 1974), on her retirement as
President of the AIS/AES Alumni Association Board of
Directors, effective November 1, 2019. Mary joined the
board in 2005 and held the positions of Recording Secretary
and Vice President before she was elected Association Presi-
dent in January 2011.

Mary attended AIS from 1971-1973; her mother's work with
the US Department of State brought them to India. Prior to New Delhi, Mary
and her family lived in Calcutta (now Kolkata), India, where she and her sisters attended the American International School of Calcutta (AISC) for four years.

Always a very active alumna, Mary served many years as her class secretary
as a way to locate and keep in touch with classmates. Read more on Mary
while serving on the Board, before and after becoming President.

Dhanyavaad (Letter to Former Board Members Mary served with)
Mission Accomplished (Letter to Current Board Members)
Thank You to All (posted 6 November 2019)

Vicki Foster Chavis
Vicki Foster Chavis
November 2010

David Fliehr
July 2005
I attended AIS-New Delhi from 1962-1968, then moved to Tehran, Iran 1968 to 1970, returned to New Delhi in 1971, and finally moved to Kabul, Afghanistan, where I attended AIS-Kabul and graduated in 1974. Read more from David

Barbara Fricke
posted 17 June 2017

We are sad to announce the loss of our classmate and friend, Barbara Fricke (AIS Class of 1974), who passed away on
29 April 2017. Barbara attended AIS from 1966-1972. She is survived by her parents, Patty and Dick Fricke, brothers
Bob ('69) and Dick ('72); Bob's wife, Suzanne Bakey Fricke
('72) and Dick's wife, Susan Fricke, their children and grandchildren.
Read more

Patricia Gregg Rocha
Tricia lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with her husband and has two daughters, both of whom are married (the older one lives in Rhiyad, Saudi Arabia). Tricia
would love to hear from classmates.

Deb Heggie
May 2007
My family lived in New Delhi in 1967 and 1968 (5th and 6th grades) following stays in Sri Lanka and Pakistan. We returned to the SF Bay Area and remained there since my father left the Asia Foundation for the World Affairs Council. I graduated from UC Davis and then attended graduate school in Southern California where I met my husband. I obtained a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1986 and moved to Connecticut right after graduation. Read more from Deb

Valerie Hjort
I have two sons, ages 27 and 16.  I run a successful child care business in Lakeridge, Virginia.  I'm divorced.  Happy with my life.  Please feel free to contact me!

John Hoefling
July 2005
Unfortunately, I only got to spend two years in Delhi. Short as it was, it definitely changed my life. After graduating from Frankfurt American High School in Germany, I went to George Washington University, a natural fit as DC is the only American city I really know. Saw a lot of Eric Marguis and Steve Cowper in those days. In 1978, Steve and I headed off to Saudi Arabia... Read more from John

Brenda and Joe
Brenda Isenberg and Joe King (AES class of 1978) married in 2002.
Brenda Isenberg
August 2005
I attended AIS from 1969 through 1973 (8th through 10th grades). I’ve stayed in touch with Linda Finlay, and we’ve exchanged visits between New York City and England over the decades. Erika White’s family and my family (the Isenbergs) went to the other’s dinner parties and events ever since our respective returns to NYC from India in the 1970s. Joe King, AES class of 78, joined us for the 2002 Passover Seder at the Whites in NYC...
Read more from Brenda

David Joffe
July 2005
I went to AIS in New Delhi from my freshman year through junior year of high school (1970-1973). I graduated my senior year from AIS in Bangkok, Thailand,
in 1974. However, I left my heart in India!!! I was part of the "stoner" group when I was at AIS in New Delhi. I hung aroung with Eric Marquis, John Hoefling , Steve Metzner, Tom Merian and Stefan Halens. Anne Pearson was my girlfriend my sophmore year of high school. I miss the "good old" days!!! Then, I had to grow up. Bummer!!! Read more from David

Helen Mackay, Class of 1974Helen Mackay
posted 15 March 2016
I came to India at the end of 1962. My father worked for Qantas (the Australian airline) as the area manager for New Delhi, Karachi and Bombay (Mumbai) as Qantas flew to those cities. We lived in the Diplomatic Quarter on Kautilya Marg. The house still stands but is very dilapidated. I enrolled at the "old Taj" and started school on the first day at the new school. Originally, I was born in Scotland so "my flag" was the Scottish one; and it was displayed with flags of various nationalities represented in the school.
It was a welcoming touch. Read more from Helen

Sunil Mahajan
posted 1 April 2020

We received the unexpected SAD NEWS of Sunil's passing on 1 April 2020.

Maxine Malone Lauriston
July 2005
Betsy ('73) and I, Maxine, ('74) were extremely excited to find this website. Kristine ('69), Betsy and myself all attended AIS. We lived in India from 1960 to 1971. Our father, Douglas Malone, was the airport manager for Pan American;
and our mother, Peggy Malone, was coach for the AIS swim team for many years. Kristine graduated in India in 1969; however, neither Betsy nor I graduated in India. Read more from Maxine

Gordon Maull
posted 2 May 2017

It is with great sadness to announce the death of our classmate and friend, Gordon Maull (Class of 1974) who passed away on March 27, 2017. Gordon attended AIS from 1970 to 1972.

Read more

Kiran Mehta
Kiran Mehta, center, with Deepak Sen and Mary Flanagan Novak at the 2005 reunion.

Kiran Mehta
March 2006
It was wonderful to see so many classmates at the 2005 Reunion and wonderful also to read notes from so many others posted on the alumni website. Class secretary, Mary Flanagan Novak, is doing a great job drumming up business! Here goes for my life saga (to date):
Following graduation I entered Cornell University, and ran into classmate Malcolm Wilson on just about our first day as Freshmen. A blast from the past, since I had not seen him since about the 8th grade. Spent four cold but very rewarding years at Cornell and married a wonderful woman named Constance during the summer between my junior and senior years. (That would be 1977). Read more from Kiran.

Mitzi Miller RothmanMitzi Miller Rothman,
July 2005
I've enjoyed reading our class news from everyone. I'm sorry I didn't get to the 2005 Reunion a few months ago. I was in San Francisco with my family attending my son's graduation from graduate school. What a great city. So, to bring you up to date on what I've been up to....
I started at AIS during the 8th grade and left spring quarter of my junior year. I moved back to Akron, Ohio, for my senior year of high school.
I attended Kent State University, where I met my husband Howard. He and I have been married since 1976 and have two wonderful children; Matt (25) and Jacqui (22). Matt is living in the San Francisco Bay area and is working in the bio-tech industry. He loves it there. Jacqui is finishing up her last year at Kent State.
Read more from Mitzi

Lee Moore
July 2005
For me, AIS was part of a very positive transformation in my life. When I arrived at AIS, autumn of my 7th grade, I was a pretty shy person. The openness and trust of AIS was wonderful.
The teachers and the way that we related to them was great. I remember one year the teachers put on two Halloween parties – one for the middle school and one for the high school. I remember expressing interest in meteorology to Mr. Strong; and then a few months later, some instruments arrived - as well as a “chicken coop” and I became a school “weatherman!” I also remember the many musical projects Mr. Adams energetically produced. Read more from Lee.

Meg Murphy
Meg Murphy
August 2006
The best years of my life were those growing up in India from 1965 to 1973, five years in New Delhi as a day student at AIS and three years as a border while Mother and Dad were living in Bombay.
Returned to the United States in 1973 convulsed with culture shock. Finished 12th grade pretending I had moved from Indianapolis because India was akin to coming from the moon! Read more from Meg

Ann Pearson
July 2005
I was at AIS in New Delhi from 1969-1972; my father was posted with the Canadian High Commission. My stay in India was to have a huge impact on me as, after finishing high school in Canada (and a year off traveling in Europe, working in Ottawa) I studied religion in university, focusing on Indian religions. I took another year off school and went back to India for 10 months, mostly traveling around the whole country but basing myself in Pune. Read more from Ann

Laura Elizabeth Rackley
posted 10 July 2016

We were saddened to hear yesterday the news of the passing of Laura Elizabeth Rackley, Class of 1974, on
23 May 2016. She was loved by everyone and will be sorely missed.

Mulkey-Mason Funeral Home
Lewisville, Texas

Beautiful tribute written in Laura's blog by her brother,
Jerry, (Class of 1979)

Arne Rosa
April 2007
Just wanted to furnish a little background since leavign AIS-New Delhi and graduating from the International School in Manila, Philippines in 1974. I first attended a small Quaker college in North Carolina named Guilford College.
Read more from Arne.

Patti Rosanbalm Sadick
Hello all!!! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to all of you. Pretty busy right now, then gone again for a few weeks, so I'll give you the cliff notes. Hmmmm....
College at Stephen F. Austin in Texas.
Married in Shreveport, LA in 1980. Three wonderful children: Jena, Shawna, and Colt.(18 months apart!). Then left the marriage when the kids were all under 5 years old.
Moved to Seattle, Washington, to get away from deadbeat Dad and bad situation with him. Raised the kids on my own until 1998 when I married again.
Currently help my husband by managing the law office. Jena also works at the law office and goes to Graduate school hoping to become a Nurse Practitioner. Shawna graduated from Beauty School and currently works in the new "beauty" side of Victoria's Secret. I lost Colt after an 8 year, hard-fought battle with Ewings Sarcoma--he was just a few months short of his 18th birthday.
That's it in a nutshell! Am sending this to you, Mary, so please forward to whoever else. I don't get to the computer on a regular basis, but if you are patient, I will always get back to you. Thanks. Patti

Anne Rosselot
October 2007
I guess I'll come in from the cold. My oldest daughter is the age I was when I was at AIS -- seems like a very long time ago. Anyway, put me down as "Found!" After AIS, I graduated from the American University, then University of Maryland, Law School. I practiced law for a while in Washington DC and Frederick, Maryland; then moved with my husband, Thomas Hoxie, to Switzerland for a number of years. Read more from Anne.

Deepak SenDeepak Sen
July 2005
After graduating from AIS-New Delhi in 1974, I attended Delhi University and did a graduate course in Commerce. Started working immediately afterward in a garments export company out of New Delhi - started off as a Management Trainee and ended up as a Director of the company till it shut down, due to the owner's in-family fighting in 1995.
Took a sabbatical for a few months, started my own exports in non-garments items. In 1996 after my mother's demise, I took over as the Governor/Director of two high schools in Delhi that my mother had been the educational founder of. Read more from Deepak

Paul Stull and Maciej Paul Stull and Elizabeth
Paul Stull
November 14, 2006
Here are two photos - the left one is of Maciej, 15 months old and the right one is Elizabeth, about 1 month. Both are doing well and growing like weeds. Maciej has a bottomless pit and am worried he is going to eat us out of house and home. Just have to make more cash!
Stephanie still isn't taking any photos - hence, two with me in them.
Read more from Paul

posted 2 February 2019

Deniz Toksoz Exley and her son, Andrew Derya, visited AES the first week in January. Here are three photos of Deniz and Simonia Dawes (Assistant to the Communications Director) around the campus. The fourth photo is with Sunaina Suneja (AES Class of 1975) taken in Hauz Khas. (Please note the ancient temples in the upper left - this was a temple complex now turned into a serene and beautiful park in Hauz Khas, Delhi.)

After a few days in New Delhi, Deniz and her son went onto Jaipur, Amber Fort, and Udaipur City Palace on Lake Pichola. “Had a fabulous time!”

Please click on each image to view it enlarged.

Deniz Toksoz
Deniz Toksoz

Deniz Toksoz Exley
June 2010
I realized that it was finally time for a much belated bio write-up!
After leaving Turkey at the age of 4, we lived in the USA, followed by Colombia (South America), followed by eight amazing years on the Indian sub-continent: Lahore, Pakistan; Dacca, Bangladesh; and then New Delhi, India. In New Delhi, Dad was with the Ford Foundation.
Read more from Deniz.

Chikako and Haruko Tsuruta and Seiichi Sugiyama
Haruko, right, and her sister Chikako met with fellow AIS alum Seiichi Sugiyama, class of 1974, for dinner in Tokyo August 26.
Haruko Tsuruta Morimoto
August 2005
It was so nice to see all the photos from the 2005 Reunion and to read your mini bios. I am grateful to all of you for making this possible, especially Mary Flanagan Novak for taking up the job as class secretary. I am currently living in Tokyo with my family.
I attended AIS from 1969-1971 with my sister Chikako Tsuruta (Class of 1972). Chikako and her family live next door; but since we are both so busy, we communicate through e-mail like everyone else. Read more from Haruko

Brenda Scott Williams
November 2005
I currently live in Tampa, Florida. I have been married to my husband Gerald for 25 years. We've known each other since the 6th grade. We have 3 wonderful children. Our oldest is Gerald Jr. who is 30 years old; Erica who is 24 years; and our baby, Meghan, who is 21. I am employed at UPS, in charge of the NCR account. I worked for NCR for 18 years before they relocated to Nevada. My parents, Rhonie and Anna Scott, reside in Seffner, Florida, which is about 10 minutes from my home. Thank God they are still in wonderful health.
Read more from Brenda

Jonathan WilderJonathan Wilder
December 2005
Here's a bit on my journey: After the family left India in 1970, we lived in the family home in Granby, Massachusetts, for a year. Then my father's job with Asia Foundation took us to San Francisco, California, where I eventually graduated from high school. (My father's job had taken him and my mother to Singapore from where they adopted two Korean girls, Hye-Jin and Kyung-hee -- both married and with kids now.) Read more from Jonathan.

Mary WunschMary Wunsch Greer
November 2005
Dear Classmates,
Much belated but at last....I've been finally found! Mary Novak, you finally found me living in Denver, Colorado, where I have been a very visible and highly respected public relations pro as the spokesperson for
AAA Colorado for the last 8-1/2 years. Prior to that I spent a total of 17 years in paradise on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, going to school after graduation in 1974 and working in a variety of public relations and marketing jobs before moving back to the "mainland." Read more from Mary Wunsch Greer

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