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Class News 1973

1973 Class Roster

Lisa Carle
I am yet another AIS alumnus who has made her way back for a visit to India 35 years after graduating. I found the AIS/AES website and would like to forward my contact info for the class roster. Read more from Lisa.

Raynah Salenius d'Onfrio
Raynah with her Eclectus parrot, Sierra.
Raynah Salenius d'Onofrio
Hello Fellow AISers! I have not been in contact for a long time so decided to write a little about me and what I have been up to.... Currently, I live in the Scottsdale area of Phoenix, Arizona, United States, having lived in Southern California for most of my adult life. I love living in the Phoenix area, it's a great city, despite the summer dry heat. People are very nice here and the lifestyle quite nice. I work as an Administrative Assistant at Mayo Clinic, the world reknowned medical center based in Rochester, Minnesota.
Read more from Raynah.

Sara Dalcher
My long-time position at the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau was eliminated, so after much map study I finally pulled myself away from the DC area and relocated to the NE corner of Tennessee. This area is beautiful: surrounded by trail-filled state parks and gentle mountains that protect it from Mother Nature's tempests, but still providing all four seasons. Read more from Sara.

Barry Rogers
After 30+ years in the Midwest (11 homes, 3 careers, 1 marriage, 1 divorce, 1 daughter), I've finally decided to pull up stakes and head back west. This past summer, I found some land outside of Eugene, Oregon and am beginning the process of designing and building a house. Read more from Barry.

Bev McElroyBev McElroy Coville
After leaving New Delhi, I continued to bounce around to what must be a record number of high schools for one person. Perhaps only this group would understand how anyone could manage to attend nine schools from eighth to twelfth grade. I went on to four stable years of college at Georgetown University, followed by Cornell.

I remember one experience in an American high school that summed up my overall re-entry to the U.S. During my senior year of high school at an Atlanta area school, I wrote a short story for an English class. My story included the words "Thailand" and "Vientiane." The teacher chose two stories to read in front of the class, and mine was one of them. He pronounced "Thailand" "Thighland," and didn't even try "Vientiane," opting instead for "Big V." I came home in tears, and announced I was never going back to that so called "SCHOOL," filled with teachers who COULDN'T EVEN… Well, perhaps you all remember similar days.

I live and work in the Atlanta area now and have two sons, 20 and 17 years old.

Rupak Roy painting Rupak Roy
Rupak writes, "The Indian artist Rupak Roy has been down and out in New York, New Delhi, Bombay, Boston and countless other way stations between this world and the next. He has spent many years learning how to paint—and perhaps just as many unlearning those preconceptions that shackle the artistic imagination."


Joel Baird bandJoel Baird
Joel writes, "Here's a musical incarnation for you: a photo of a recent session of the Orchestra Naif. Left to right, me, Cameron Campbell (Jeff's son!) and Jeff Campbell himself. We've been performing and recording (in different configurations) since 1974. The Orchestra Naif performed at the Tonic jazz club in NYC last January, at a memorial for Paul Haines, who passed away a year earlier. We have recordings.... how do we get them onto the website? love, Joel

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