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Class News 1972

1972 Class Roster

Bob Krantz
Bob has been living in Charleston, South Carolina since 1996 with his wife Donna and has two step-daughters and 2 grandkids. Before that, he was in Tennessee. Bob worked for 20 years managing and leasing shopping malls and now enjoys managing a boarding kennel next to an animal hospital, where his wife works as a practice manager. Bob’s family is spread across the U.S., Ken lives in Williamsburg and his sisters in Boston and Santa Barbara. They are getting together soon in Sacramento, when their mother turns 93. [August 2009]

Gerry Dutton Rice
Gerry was at AIS for her freshman year (1968 – 1969). After AIS, she to Bartlesville, OK and she graduated from high school there, then on to graduate from OSU. After graduating from college, she moved to Houston TX and except for a 2 year stay in Amarillo, has lived in Katy, a small town west of Houston. Gerry has been married for 36 years and has 5 children - a daughter and four sons. She also has 3 grandsons and 3 granddaughters and is expecting another grandson in Sept. Gerry teaches at a small Christian school in Katy Texas and one of her students went to AES. Small world! Gerry has kept in touch over the years with Jane Aikman Tipton (now back in the U.S. from Kenya with her family) and a little with Pauline Dixon Scheurman, and she just got back in touch with Melpo Miklos Doner. [August 2009]

Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore, AIS class of 1972, with his daughter in Albuquerque, NM, September 2006.

Patrick Moore
I happened across the AIS/American Embassy School website this evening, wholly by accident, and was strongly smitten by a fit of nostalgia upon finding that the school I attended some 40 years ago is still up and running.

I entered 4th grade (Mrs. Chaudhury) in 1964, remained half way through fifth (Wendy Aswath) at which point my father was sent for 18 months or so to Bangalore, came back in August of 1967 to begin and finish 7th grade (let's see: Swoveland, Science, Warren, English, and Rickert, Social Studies, are the ones I remember), before my father was transferred to Nairobi, Kenya, where I graduated from the local American School.
Read more from Patrick.

Cathy Chance


Cathy Chance
I graduated high school in Stamford, CT, then went, briefly to McGill and got married in December 1972 - a marriage which lasted about 2 years. I finally went back to school at the University of Connecticut, but in my senior year, moved to Florida (again for a guy!). I got my bachelor's and master's degree at Florida Atlantic University, in psychology and went on to Auburn University for my doctorate.

As part of the requirement for my doctorate, I had to do an internship, so I ended up joining the US Air Force. Served 4 years. Was finally awarded my Ph.D. in 1989. Got married in December 1998 to a Navy officer. Again it didn't work. I ended up in California. Read more from Cathy.

Dave McCabe
Dave left AIS just before his senior year and completed his last year at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland. He is presently the pastor of the Center Presbyterian Church in Slippery Rock, PA (about an hour north of Pittsburgh) and recently celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary with his wife, Cyndi. Cyndi and Dave have three children and a 3-year old granddaughter. His youngest daughter, Caiti, just started college at Chatham College in Pittsburgh, so he and his wife are now "empty-nesters." Read more from Dave.

Sandra GreenSandra Green Sullivan
After Delhi, we ended up in Honolulu (Hawaii) after six months in New Jersey. I graduated from Kalini High School and, small world that it is, discovered that Steve Worrel was in my graduating class of over 800 students! My most embarrassing moment that year - I had to ask what homecoming was.
I went to college at Iowa State University, graduating with a degree in Elementary Education. I went to Iowa because that was where I was born, and my parents were from Iowa and we had lots of relatives there. I had only lived there a few years before Delhi and wanted to know more about where I came from. Read more from Sandra.

Andrea Lykens Owens
Is still living in West Virginia. She is doing well and loving being a grandmother to three.

Becky Ide Lowe, writes,
The year my youngest daughter headed off for UC Berkeley, I went back to grad school. On June 19, 2005 I will receive a master's degree in clinical psychology. As part of slogging away at the 3,000 intern hours it takes to have the honor of sitting for the California marriage and family therapist licensure exam, I am working primarily with foster and kinship care families and will soon join a private practice. This is challenging but rewarding work, and has certainly given me a new perspective on families and the experiences of parenting and being parented. I am grateful to have the opportunity to re-create myself at age 50, and delighted to be entering a field in which age presumably equates with useful life experience and wisdom.

Chikako TsurutaChikako Tsuruta
Hi, this Chikako Tsuruta, of class of 72. How time flies. It is so nice to be able to communicate on line. I have just talked with my sister Haruko Tsuruta Morimoto (two years younger than me, she also attended AIS) about how nice it is to be connected electronically, and just who would have imagined back then that this kind of communication is possible now, to have an alumni website, to exchange e-mails, and to chat on line! Read more from Chikako.

Theo Tettero
Theo's wife Liesbeth gave birth - in water - to a beautiful daughter Charmine Rafaela on Saturday, June 25, 2005, at 7:53 PM. Everything is great and the new parents are in the clouds for now! Theo and his fmily live in The Netherlands. Theo writes: "After India I went through medical and business studies, a working career in international trade and my own commercial business importing foodstuffs into Holland. Some 3 years ago I closed the business and am now having a great time as a personal coach living and practicing in Amsterdam. My instruments are Rebirthing and the Fourth Way teachings of G.I.Gurdjieff, which includes the practice of the Movements. I have been involved with these disciplines for the past 10 years and am now also giving seminars in the Gurdjieff work and the Movements. (You can find some information on our website:"

Susan Maull Jones has been living in Arlington, Oregon (150 miles east of Portland on the Columbia River) for the last 4 years, after living in the Portland area for 16 years. Susan and her husband Craig will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this July. No kids, however they have 2 horses, 1 dog, 2 cats and a fish! Susan works for the Bank of Eastern Oregon and her husband works at Cargill Louis Driffus as a grain elevator operator. Her friends from Delhi will be happy to hear that Susan has remained passionate about horseback riding and has owned her own horses for a long time. She also is the treasurer of the Saddle Club in Arlington. Craig is a member of the Lions Club and his interest are guns, hunting and his Triumph motorcycle.

Kathryn Gregg Dunderdale lives in Clarksville, Tennessee. She is the proud mother of a 31-year old son, Colin, who is a doctor in the Army stationed in Iraq. Kathy writes, "Thank you for the email about the reunion and the link to the AISAES Alumni Network. 

Yolande HenryYolande “Lynn” Hoogendyke Henry
Yolande ("Lynn") lives with her family in the Gatineau Hills outside of Ottawa, Canada and works for the Canadian Association of Superior Court judges, as well as writes and works on a few literary projects. Read a message from Lynn (who now goes by her birth name “Yolande”) about life since graduation from AIS, as well as an article in the Canadian Embassy magazine article she wrote about her life growing up overseas.

Lester Knutsen and his wife Linda live in Falls Church, VA and have a database consulting company which focuses on financial and performance management data warehouse systems for government agencies and corporations. After Delhi, Lester went to college in Chicago and Milwaukee and after marrying Linda, spent seven years in the Philippines before returning to the States. Lester and Linda have three children.

Suzanne FrickeSuzanne Bakey Fricke
I’m still living in Silver Spring, Maryland, and still working for the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). My older daughter has graduated from Penn State and younger daughter is now 15 and totally boy crazy! Other than working, playing tennis and having fun with my kids, I’ve been helping out with the 2005 Reunion and this website. One of my hobbies has been looking for some of our “lost” Class of ’72 alumni. I’ve had some success but am still looking for others. If you have contact information for any classmates or alumni from other years, please e-mail me!"

Update: (March 2019)
Suzanne is retired from CSC (now General Dynamics) after a 33+ year career as Corporate Human Resources & Communications Manager. She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with her husband Bob (AIS Class of 1969). They have two daughters, Samantha and Rachel, and are the proud grandparents of seven-year old Kara and three-year old Mike. Their AIS family includes her sister Charlotte (Class of 1974), Bob's brother Dick (Class of 1972) and his sister Barbara (who passed away in April 2017 and was in the AIS Class of 1974). Suzanne grew up living and traveling overseas. Her father worked with the U.S. Embassy at several Middle East posts before transferring to the embassy in New Delhi. She lived in Delhi for five years, first in Greater Kailash, then Annand Niketan, and graduated from AIS in 1972. She is a graduate of Wilson College and studied journalism at the Ohio University School of Journalism. Her HR career began at the American Embassy in London where she worked her summers as an intern in the Personnel Office. As the alumni secretary for the Class of 1972, Suzanne was successful in tracking down most of her "lost" Class of 1972 members and many other AIS classmates. Feel free to contact Suzanne for tips on finding your lost classmates! Suzy has been our Board's Corresponding Secretary since 2003.

Update: (August 2019)
Retirement Announcement
posted 15 August 2019

Suzanne Bakey Fricke (AIS Class of 1972), Corresponding Secretary of the AIS/AES Alumni Association since 2003, announced her retirement effective August 14, 2019. She served as the 1972 Class Secretary before joining the Board of Directors and was responsible for locating many '70's and alumni from other classes over the years. Her cheerful enthusiasm and event planning skills helped us to successfully host three of the largest all-classes reunions in our association's history.
Suzanne is married to Robert (Bob) Fricke, (AIS Class of 1969); and they have two daughters, Samantha and Rachel, who both volunteered in the past as reunion-helpers, and two grandchildren, Kara and Mike. You may remember Samantha at the Registration Desk and as the Honorary Duck Boat captain during the last reunion! Please click on the link to read more. We will miss you, Suzanne!

Don LaBrecque We've heard from Don LaBrecque, who is living in Live Oak near the North Florida/Georgia border. Don and his wife Teri have four children and four grandchildren. Their youngest daughter, Arielle, is now fourteen and grew up hearing Don's stories of India. Don has been working for the last 22 years for the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches as Director of Quality Improvement. His sister, Denise, also lives in Florida and works as a nurse. Shown in picture: Don LaBrecque with his wife Teri and daughter Arielle.

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