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Class News 1971

1971 Class Roster

Jean Hedegaard Ballantine
"Duncan leaves for Europe on September 10, 2013; Cooper's Eurail Pass just arrived and he leaves on the 29th. Things are getting exciting around here! I remember my solo trip to Europe when I was 17, one of the great adventures of my life." - Jean Ballantine, Class of 1971

Colleen Townsley Brinkmann
Colleen Townsley Brinkmann
I was Colleen Townsley - my mom from India and my dad, American. I lived in Old Delhi. I currently live in Dallas, Texas, and often hang out with classmate Carol Rizzi York. Here is a very recent photo of us at her brother, Dan's, art event. He is a famous artist. I will be in Delhi next February for a quick visit, maybe one week...for a wedding. It is our jamidar's grandson's wedding. My sister Kay (Class of 1968) lives in San Jose, CA and is very well. We are close and stay in touch. - Colleen Townsley Brinkmann (email dated 3 March 2014)
Read More from Colleen

Pat Bain
Patricia Bain Bowyer
Met my husband in Edinburgh, Scotland and we emigrated to South Africa in 1975.  After living in South Africa for about 11 years, we then emigrated to Australia and  have now settled permanently in Perth, Western Australia. Read more from Pat.

Frieda Malcolm
Frieda Malcolm
I'm the priest at St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Salisbury, Maryland. Have been here 7 1/2 years, ordained 22 (yikes!). My sister Martha (Cooper) is in Falls Church, getting an advanced degree in Conflict Resolution. Married with two teenagers. My brother David and his wife are now grandparents - two sons, both married and taller than he. Read more from Frieda.

Yumiko Amano Umemura
I live in Tokyo doing cooking classes in Japan and in foreign countries. My new book, Sushi Lover's Cookbook, will be published in 2009. I would be very delighted if I could get in touch with my classmates who were in AIS. Read more from Yumiko.

Kaneez Razavi nee Anupam Pratibha Khanna
I was at AIS from November like 16th 1966 to May 14th 1971 it could be a few days here and there. I was the Busniss manager of Karmaand was known as Anu Khanna except on the baccalaureate list and in the caption of my picture in the Yearbook :Yaad 70. Read more from Kaneez.

Erik Lingren
My brother Rod Lingren sent me your email address - I attended AIS the same time he did, and would have graduated in 71 had I finished school there (was 3 year HS grad). Read more from Erik.

Leslie Langbein Parsons >
Gosh, 40 years since leaving Delhi and still the faces, names, and experiences remain with me lovingly and have helped to mold the person I am today. After graduating from High School in CA in '71 I followed my parents to Southern Africa. I became a croupier and dealt American Roulette for the Royal Swazi Spa and Casino in Mbabane, Swaziland also in Botswana and Lesotho. I stayed 3 and 1/2 years (my sordid past!) Read more from Leslie.

Dolly Suneja Narang
I live in New Delhi. Have two kids both married. My son is 30 and got married last year, works with a private equite in Bombay. My daughter is 27 and got married 4 years ago. Her husband has been living in the US for the last 15 years (Indian and his family lives in New Delhi). His family lives in San Francisco. He graduated from Berkeley. Read more from Dolly.

Peggy Hill Noto
I was a boarding student at AIS in 1967-69. After leaving India, I returned to California and then I moved with my family to Tehran, Iran during my senior year of high school. I graduated from Reed College and obtained my law decree from the University of California - Berkeley. Read more from Peggy.

David Miller
I have lived in New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana since graduating from college. Wyoming the longest. I am a economic geologist by training and Wyoming is the energy basket of the country. So I have worked mostly in uranium, but oil and gas also. Currently run a uranium company and on the side also serve in the Wyoming Legislature. [August 1, 2007]

Carol York, Dan Rizzie

Carol Rizzie York i
These pictures were taken in our kitchen, and we were going to the Dallas Museum for a black tie party that was being thrown to see the private collection that was donated to the DMA by Robert and Margaret Hoffman.

Read more and see more photos from Carol.

At left is Carol with her brother Dan Rizzie,
AIS class of 1969.


Marc Kennedy
I was at AIS from 62-65. Had we stayed I would have graduated in 1971. I'm sitting here with Curt Minehart rehashing old times in Delhi, looking at the AIS web site. There were still a few names around at the 2005 Reunion from what I could see. I hope to make the 2010 reunion. My wife has family in the DC area so I'm hoping to make a slight detour... Read more from Marc.

Airport Send off 1969

Bob Butani
Leigh Sioris sent me this photo (he's the good looking kid in front). This may have been taken in approx May-June 1969. Whenever one of the kids was leaving to go back home, a bunch of us would go out to Palam Airport to see the person off. I think most flights at that time left in the middle of the night, so naturally we would party till it came time leave. " Read more from Bob Butani et al.


Chavah Fried (Cappy Frandeen)

Chavah Fried (Cappy Frandeen)
Well it's been many years since 1969 and I hope that this message finds you all well. I've lost many friends in my life through illness or disaster. It's made me think. It's caused me to remember.

...I have always wanted to thank Mrs. Helen Brown, my English teacher, Mr. Frank Shepard, my English and Drama teacher, for the profound influence they had on my life. And to all of you who shared the air with me there in India. Thank you for everything. For opening my mind to the possibilities of the human spirit. For challenging my imagination and inspiring my creativity.

All of you and India taught me peace as an internal joy to be brought into the world and shared. Read more from Chavah.

Martha Tierny

Martha Tierney
I attended AIS one year, my senior year ('71), as a boarder while my parents were stationed in Katmandu. I have the most fabulous memories and browsing through the virtual yearbook am surprised at all the faces and names I remember from the class of '70, '71, and '72. Some persistent memories include two sojourns in the infirmary in the custody of Nurse Ramble, one for amoebic dysentery and one in quarantine for the measles. The first time I was there, Krissy Sommer had some Motown and Simon & Garfunkel tapes which we listened to hundreds of times during our confinement and I became an expert on Diana Ross and the Supremes. Read more from Martha.

Kathy Marquis ClarkKathy Marquis Clark
I still live in the home of Bigfoot, beautiful Willow Creek, California, with my husband of 22 years Jim, our 6 cats and a dog. He's semi retired and I'm still living a very happy and busy life as a "Domestic Goddess" (or is that Desperate Housewife??) :-))) Right now things are hopping with the many yard projects we are trying to get done before summer hits and we get crazy busy. Unfortunately, this year, the weather has been less than cooperative so I'm feeling way behind. Since we live on about an acre, the yard is pretty much a full time job during the summer months when we're home. Jim and I continue to be devoted rockhounds along with our best friends and a few family members. Read more from Kathy.

Curtis Minehart
I have moved to Wake Forest NC to live with my fiancée (got divorced a couple of years ago from my wife of 26 years - we remain good friends). My office is still in Fairfax VA but since I work with computers I am able to work remotely. I get up to Fairfax every few weeks so they don't forget about me.

My mother is doing very well and has bought a house in Raleigh and will be moving here as soon her place in FL is sold. Since Nancy and I both live in the Raleigh area it will be good for all of us to have her close by. Although she bought a new home here, I have been resurrecting my old carpenter skills to make some improvements to the place before she moves in.

Ashwani Vasishth
I moved around a lot, changed schools, and education systems quite a bit (from the Indian to the American to the British to the Indian). So never can recall what my graduation class would have been if I'd stayed to graduate from AIS. But thanks for the slotting. Much appreciated, really. Here's hoping we get to meet some day. Arlington sounds great...about as close to home ground for me as any, in the U.S. (No, that's no longer true--now I've lived longer in LA than I've lived anywhere else in my entire life.) But the timing...

Judith Millen Blaine writes, "I graduated from high school in Arlington, Virginia, from Washington Lee High School. I went to one year of middle school and then high school in Arlington. After leaving Delhi we moved to Ankara, Turkey. My parents separated at that point and the family came state side. I have lived all around the east coast and Texas. My son is now living in Fairfax as a new college grad on his first job."

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