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Class News 1970

1970 Class Roster

Mary Rissler
I had so much fun reading about you all on the website! Especially nice to hear what Sid Wahid is up to! (Did he really run as fast as I remember??) I know Kashmir is lucky to have him! I really had fun looking at my old yearbook, I lost mine in the river of time. Read more from Mary.

Milica Uvalic
Many of you were my classmates at AIS from 1965-67. Some of you I had the pleasure of meeting again over dinner in Washington DC some 5-6 years ago, thanks to KC who organized it all. Read more from Milica.

Charlie Bush
It was amazing to see so many of you at the reunion in DC in 2005. I had only seen a few folks from India since I got back years ago. I needed an old year book to recognize many of my old classmates. Read more from Charlie.


Christopher A. Collins
Just a short note to let you know that I am still alive and kicking in sunny SoCal. Cant make the picnic, but might be able to get back for the next reunion. This has been the surgery year from hell with a hip and a total knee replacement, but the surgeon promises that I can be back on the softball field in the beginning of 2015. Good news!

I have attached a recent photo for anyone that might want to know what I am up to. Still drinking my fair share of wines! (email dated 3 Sept 2014)

Richard Coorsh
I attended AIS only for one year (1967-1968), but I wish that I could have finished my high school career in New Delhi. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed, thoroughly, attending the last two reunions in Crystal City, talking with those who remembered me and meeting new friends. Read more from Richard.

Taka Yamanouchi
Our vacation in Australia covered 4 nights in Cairns (Great Barrier Reef), 3 in Ayers Rock and 3 in Sydney. So we had "tropical resort" (actually not tropical in winter), "desert outback" and "big city" in oue tour. A lot of energy consumed, not to mention funds (put a big dent in my savings!). Read more from Taka.

Sharon with her husband Geoff and their first grandchild, Ian Mavis, born February 28, 2007.

Sharon Rawlins Mavis
Every few years I check out the AIS web-page and enjoy scrolling pictures of people who's names and faces are familiar. Robin Murphy's pictorial writing was great. I've hoped to get to a reunion but I'm inspired to go now after an accidental meeting with a man who graduated from Kodai in 1970. Read more from Sharon Rawlins Mavis

Jill Jonnes Ross
I have been writing non-fiction books for some years now.

Tim Brown
I live in Washington, DC, with my wife Juley, sons Archimedes (Archie) and Copernicus (Nick), and design publications and web pages for the Department of State. I attended AIS from 1963 through 1969, before graduating from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, MD, in 1970. Read more from Tim.

AES, January 2007
Robin Murphy visited the school in New Delhi in January 2007.
Robin Murphy
I traveled to India and Russia in early January to film some of the projects with which my organization (World Resources Institute) is involved. I had not been to India since 1972 when I had summer break from college and went to visit my folks in Bombay (and had a brief stop in Delhi).

I checked in with Sid Wahid beforehand to see if we could connect in Delhi. Turned out he was in Boston visiting his family. We had a chance to get caught up by phone and he sounds great, as always. He is the founding chancellor of a new university in Kashmir. Sid said that I would probably find an India that is exactly the same while also entirely different. He was right. Read more from Robin.

Jim Newberry
Jim Newberry at home in Honolulu, March 2006. Read more from Jim.
Jim Newberry
We are fine here on Oahu. The Big Island was hit pretty hard [by a magnitude-6.7 earthquake October 15, 2006], but thankfully no earthquake related deaths and very few injuries.Many homes and historical places have damage, as well as roads, bridges and an important pier on the Big Island are all that I have heard being damaged oh and there we also a couple of land-slides on the Big Island. Our Island wide power outage was a major inconvenience, but Id rather have them take the turbines off line than allow costly damage to occur. We made the best of it here at our house, playing games (ma-jong) and have good family time together.

KC and Neal in India
KC and Neal on their four footed taxi in Kerala, South India, February 2006.
KC Gray Siebert
Neal and I have caught the traveling bug since retiring. This year alone we will have been gone 24 weeks.

Our destinations have been: Hawaii on the Pride of Aloha (which we DEFINITELY DONT RECOMMEND), Jim Newberry and his wife hosted a dinner party where Dave and Debbie Starbuck, and David Wunsch came; southern India (with Judy Newberry and her husband Bob Ashley); Hong Kong (again with Judy and Bob but also saw Taka Yamanouchi and his daughter) Read more from KC.


Sid Wahid
Sid at the Great Wall of China, 1994
Sid Wahid
Let me tell you a little about my life over the last 36 (Lord!) years, exactly this June I think??? I am married, although my wife Susan of 33 years lives in Cambridge, MA and I here in India. This makes us "separated" but it is kind of 21st century separation because she wanted to live where are children are (in the Boston - Cambridge area) and there is just too much to do here in Kashmir for me to leave at this point. Read more from Sid.

Chander Sehgal
I have one daughter who is a sophomore at Notre Dame and another daughter who is a sophmore in high school. I worked for Bell Labs for 28 years and then retired from there in 2001. Read more from Chander

Sarah Bohr
Sara Bohr and dance partner at 2005 Holiday Dance Classic.
Sarah Bohr
In December 2005, my daughter Meredith came to Las Vegas to watch me dance with my dance instructor, Pasha Cherdantsau, at the Holiday Dance Classic, and see me take sixth place in the Pro/Am Bronze 9-dance (cha cha, rumba, swing, bolero, mambo, waltz, tango, foxtrot, and Viennese waltz) competing for the U.S. title! Read more from Sarah

Ray Renfro
Stopped in town for one night (July 31, 2005) and with only a few hours notice was able to connect with Robin Murphy and KC Gray Siebert. We met Ray at Bombay Bistro, in Fairfax, for dinner. It had been several years since the three of us had gotten together, comparing pictures of kids and life stories. Ray is moving with his wife Yasmin from Tokyo, where he ran into Taka Yamanouchi, back to Manila. He and Robin knew many of the same people and connected stories all evening with their varied careers with foundation work, communications, Ford Foundation, USAID and the Asia Development Bank.

Sheridan family
The Sheridan Family

Mary Pomeroy Sheridan
Goodness knows if I attached this picture correctly, but if I did, this is my marvelous family from left Brendan aged 26, Meg, age 17, Molly age 24, Kip age 19, and me, and my husband Pat. Read more from Mary.

Lanette Lykens
I retired four years ago. I have my own consultant business and I am working full time for school districts, the NJ state department of education, and privately for parents as either a secondary or primary evaluator.

Alex Taylor
I'm down here in Louisiana eating crawfish and going Cajun dancing every week. Haven't got rich in all this time.

Kristy Davis Boon
What's new with us? Well, lets see. Had a fire Dec. 14, 2003,forturnately Alex, the girls and I were unharmed, although it was a close call. Main breaker went bad and caught on fire and I woke at 5 AM to the smell of smoke. The rest is history. We lived with a friend til June 04 while we rebuilt the house. Lost some stuff, but gained great perspectve on what is important. Read more from Kristy.

Margery King Webb
Jim and I went to Hawaii and had a wonderful dinner with Jim and Anne Newberry while in Oahu. Teaching has been taking all my creative energies especially in a school with 27 languages (mostly refugees). I attempt to speak my pigen Spanish and the kids immediately translate for me. I tell them its something I don't do well. They agree. Read more from Margery.


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