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Class News 1969

1969 Class Roster

AIS Class of 1969
50th-Year Reunion Trip
(Oct-Nov 2019)

Trip Photo (posted 31 October 2019)

John Adamson and Robin

John Adamson
After I left AIS, I traveled a bunch, got home in time to graduate with my Salt Lake City high school class (East High, where I help run the reunions), worked the summer and spent the next decade in and around Cambridge and Boston as a Harvard student...undergrad and later grad student. Read more from John.

Ariela Michael Hakim
I now live in Geneva, Switzerland, with my husband Eli and two children, a son 29 and daughter 28. I would have love to join the reunion and meet everyone. Some, like Judy Isenberg and Sally neé Lewis I have seen a few years ago but the others I have not seen since 1969. Read more from Ariela.

Barbara Wilcox Bitteto
In Tokyo, my husband Mark and I met up with classmates (and twins)Sheryl and Beryl Hawkins for dinner one evening. It was great to catch up with them after many years. Sheryl is teaching at the Yokohama British International School, and Beryl teaches college classes throughout Tokyo.  Read more from Barbara.

Tina Thuermer
Namaste everyone! I'm in my 22nd year of working as a teacher and alumni coordinator at the Washington International School in DC, a place where I finally felt that all the dimensions of my identity and experiences made sense and where I get to play with kids every day. Read more from Tina.

Alfred Poor
Alfred Poor

Alfred Poor
I was in Delhi for the second half of 9th grade and all of 10th. I was stage manager and had a cameo role in Around the World in 80 Days. The year and a half I spent in India was a special and influential time in my life. My wife and I've been married for 35 years come this June. We have a daughter and a son, and thanks to our daughter and her husband, our first grandchild arrived last January. Read more from Alfred.

Eve Drobot
I am class of 1969. I went to Tufts, then to the Université d'Aix-Marseille in France and picked up pieces of paper from both. For reasons that are too convoluted to explain (but do involve a friend from Delhi days), I wound up on Toronto, Canada. Married a wonderful man named Jack Kapica, a journalist and editor, and produced an equally wonderful daughter named Thalia, who just this spring graduated from the University of Chicago. Read more from Eve.

Suzanne Spooner in Australia
Suzanne Spooner-Munch and her husaband in Canberra, Australia, October 2007. Read more.
Suzanne Spooner-Munch
As life would have it, in a strange wonderful twist of fate, we are currently in Canberra, Australia for a year or so while Paul (my husband) works on a project for the Aussie attorney general. I've been here for about six weeks now. We are renting a new furnished apartment very centrally located in downtown Canberra. I think the biggest adjustment, so far, has been the difference in seasons.
Read more from Suzanne.

Anne Hyde Rankin
Hello to everyone, My brother told me about this website, so I went there last night. I really enjoyed everything that you all have done to put it together. Thanks everyone. Read more from Anne.

Joanne Hill Chattaway
Yes, I am a potter, worked for myself for years but since having a family I now work part time for someone else. Bit more biography: I have 3 children (21, 18 and 16 boy, girl, boy), married to an Englishman and we live in rural England. Read more from Joanne.

Judy Newberry Ashley
I talked to Sanjiv Badhwar ('69) earlier this week. He's moved to a new house with some extra space to build a couple of more houses on the property (this is unheard of in Torrance, CA!), which he plans to do. Both his parents have passed on, and Rajiv (67? 68?) is in a nursing home in New Delhi and won't recover from a car accident several years ago in Wyoming. Sad. Sanjiv seemed to be doing really well. We had a great chat. Read more from Judy

Vikki Raterman Swisher
Just wanted to add to file.. We are great-grandparents again (#6) this time a girl born October 27. Both Mom and baby are fine 6lbs 3oz 19in and perfect as they all are. Read more from Vikki.

Judy Isenberg Kaufmann
It being Mothers’ Day, I’d like to honor my own special mom, Shirley Berry Isenberg, by saying how proud I am to be the daughter of such a warm, caring, dedicated and extraordinary woman. She is loved and missed by many of us.
Read More
from Judy

Amrita Ghosh Douglas
I was at AIS for a long stretch - 1960 to 66. Certainly there are indelible memories. Napit and Prissana's surgery story, Alicia Wetz's necklines, Judy Isenberg and me constantly getting chucked out of class to head for the Art Cave to hang with John Blee, Ricky Ensminger standing on his head just about anywhere. Read more from Amrita

Becks and Rizzies

Ted and Anne Briggs Beck

Ted and Anne Briggs Beck (both Class of 1969) enjoyed a visit with the Rizzie Family in Naples, Florida, on 5 April 2014. Said Ted, "Mom (Peggy), is 90 and looking wonderful! Dan has a showing of his work at Harmon-Meek Gallery starting tomorrow."

Read more missives from Ted and Anne.

Kent Olson family Kent Olson
We still live in Moraga, and are happy we didn't downsize when the kids went off the college because now we can welcome them back into their old rooms while they finish graduate school and begin looking for work.

Read more from Kent. Also, read Kent's travel diary from his trip to India in November 2010.

Cindy, daughter, Barbara
Barbara Wilcox Bitetto, right, and her daughter visited Cindy Jones Ondrak at her home near Missoula, Montana.


Barbara Wilcox Bitetto
Last month (August 2005) I drove my daughter to Wisconsin and we stopped to see Cindy Jones Ondrak and her husband in Missoula, Montana. She passed on this website address. I have been enjoying seeing the pictures of the 2005 Reunion and reading letters. Sure wish I could have been there. Nice to see so many friends in the pictures. Read more from Barbara



Joe Ridolfo

Joe Ridolfo
I have been doing case management with the homeless, mentally ill, and AIDS/HIV. My wife runs an HIV clinic and works with the homeless. I helped design two programs for housing by following HUD guidelines. I also did some environmental social work for Chattanooga Creek and was a watershed coordinator that helped get a large grant for the cleanup of the creek.

Read about Joe's music, and listen to a cut.

Grant Fox writes, "I live just outside of Philadelphia where I operate my own contracting and cabinetmaking business. I have a son, 15 years old. We spend many of our summers on Georgian Bay, north of Toronto. I was back to India one summer while in college but otherwise just a few trips to Europe. I would love to catch up with others.
There is much more to talk about but my thoughts are in a whirl! Up until a few years ago I was in touch with Karen Gordon ('68) & her husband outside of Princeton.
It would be great to cross paths again."

Garvan Gallagher writes, "I attended AIS from Sept 1965 until May 1968 (9th to 11th Grade). I completed high school in Copenhagen at CIS. Since then, I've been living in Ireland, lucky enough to make my living from playing and writing music. My friends and neighbors in Delhi, the Adans and Anuvat Sachaveta, are in many ways responsible for setting me on this path! I hope they and everyone I knew are well."

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