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Class News 1962-1968

Class of 1962
1ST Graduating Class at the American International School - New Delhi, India, 1962. Bottom row, from left: Buddy Gleason, Tim Corey, Lynne Stephenson, Burnetta Jones, Judy Zemla, Judy Budd, Nada Izzedin, Ken Torbett; Top Row: Jeff Myers, Nancy Fireman, Raj Krishan Narang, Mike O'Neill, Howard Auble, Mary McKeehan, Dave Odgers

1962 Class Roster

Jeff Myers
As a member of the original graduating Class of 1962 (and lucky enough to have weathered 52 more years of the storms of life since then), I feel compelled to pen a report on some of the continued escapades and activities of the infamous group of AIS Alums who have dubbed themselves the "Delhi Wallas". This will be the fourth (4th) in a Series which we affectionately call the "DELHI WALLA CHRONICLES." Read more from Jeff.

Roy Sewall
I was in New Delhi from 1952 - 1956. As I recall, our school was the Delhi American School at the time, not AIS. They were waiting to get 12 students in grades 1-8 before starting the school, and I believe I was the 12th to arrive in Delhi. Read more from Roy.

Howard Auble I worked for the California Department of Mental Health for 34 years and retired to the State of Washington four years ago. Retirement is great. Nice to finally collect Social Security. I remember being in my 20's and wondering where the money was going. Now I know."
Katie and Howard Auble ('62), Barbara and David Odgers ('62), Phil and Rudi Manly Bonfiglio ('65), Paul des Granges ('64), and Jeff Weathersby ('62) gathered for lunch at Abhiruchi in Beaverton, Oregon, on Saturday, April 21, 2007.
See photo from Howard.

Judy Budd Stevenson
I hope you realize the old memory isn't what it used to be. I only know, I would not have traded my experiences and high school friends for anything. I never kept in touch with anyone after I got back to the U.S. Read more from Judy.

Mary McKeehan Childress
Finding this website is the most exciting news I've had in a long time. I never envisioned that there would be a chance to see old classmates again or that there would be an alumni association. I graduated in 1962 from AIS. I'm Mary McKeehan (now Childress,) and my dad was Superintendent of the school for the two years we were there. My brother Mike was a classmate of many of the younger kids including Hank Freeman. Read more from Mary.

Ellen E. Schaefer (formerly Ellen Ehle Krueger)
Namaste! I am one of those original 12 students in a one room American School. I was in India for a total of four years. It shaped me in ways I am still discovering at the tender age of 60. We traveled the breadth and length of the country as well as Kashmir, Nepal and Sri Lanka. I was present at the last Durbar in Mysore. We vacationed on houseboats on Dal Lake in Kashmir and in Simla. I had tea in Nehru's garden; he invited our entire class to attend. Read more from Ellen

1963 Class Roster

Program of the Eighth Grade Graduation
May 8, 1959 8th grade class, 1959
The American School's 8th grade class, 1959. Left to Right: Row 3: Tony Lee, Rex Gleason, Willa Gupta (teacher), Alan Johnson, Joel Thomison Row 2: Melanie McMullen, Donna Wade, Karen Eskildsen, Laurie Burgess Row 1: Christine Brooks, Barbara Garber, Betsy Heck, Betsy Woodman. Sincere thanks to Laurie Burgess, Class of 1963, for sending in her 8th grade graduation "Program."

Bill Holcombe
Basketball Team Photo

Rick Odgers
My family was in India from August 1960 through June 1962. Dad worked for TCM (later USAID) as a consultant to the Indian Minister of Education through an arrangement with Ohio State University. We lived in Sunder Nagar. Mom taught second grade at the American school for the first year, then traveled with my father during the second year. Read more from Rick.

Connie Carpenter
I am divorced, and live with a small Heinz-57 dog in a suburban house with a yard I am trying to turn into a natural-area/garden - North Carolina is in a major drought, so the plants are not cooperating, but gardening gives me great pleasure. My goals are to feed the wildlife naturally, and to stop mowing! Read more from Connie.

Mary Shaw Butterfield
Greetings from Worthington (a suburb of Columbus, Ohio). My name is Mary Shaw Butterfield, and I was at AIS only for a year and a half from November 1960 to June 1962. I started half way through my sophomore year and finished up my junior year. I was one of the Taj Barracks survivors that Jacqueline Singh referred to. Our classrooms were very small, but so was our class of 11. That made it nice when teams were selected because there were minimal cuts and freshmen were a vital part. Read more from Mary.

1964 Class Roster

Michael Smith
I'm Michael Smith (Class of 1964) AIS. I'm the oldest of five Smith children to live in New Delhi from 1962-1964. My brother, Dr. Thomas Smith, brother John R. Smith, sister Patricia Smith-Thorne, & brother Dennis P. Smith all reside in the Richmond VA area near my home. Our father, Myron G. Smith, passed away in July 2004 just after moving to Richmond to be near his children. Our mother, Louise Smith, just celebrated her 82nd birthday last week & lives in Richmond also. Read more from Mike.

Charles R. Winter III
Charles R. Winter III

Charles R. Winter III
Class of 1964 Charles R. Winter III, of Williamsport, PA, died May 9, 2011 of pancreatic cancer at the Gatehouse Hospice. He was born April 18, 1946, in Williamsport, PA, the son of Charles R. and Barbara C. (Harbison) Winter II. Read more on Charles

Read a 2007 missive from Charles

Chris Jones-Pauly
Namaste and Salaam, I so enjoyed the photo from Bill Holcombe. Was that not from the Taj Times? We used to work together on the Taj Times. I did a feature on Morfudd Charles, our only student at the time from Wales.
Read more from Chris.

1965 Class Roster

Melinda Miller Collins
I graduated from high school in Ankara, Turkey, attended American University in D.C. and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I taught architectural drawing and perspective for many years at several colleges and retired two years ago to devote myself full-time to painting. Website: I have 5 shows coming up this year. Read more from Melinda.

Betty Vakil
After graduating in Zoology from Delhi University, I worked with Air France at Palam Airport for four years leveraging my French. That job got me vacationing around the world and confirmed that life could be better elsewhere. I started dating a Parsi guy who had a motorbike (you remember that motorized wheels were a huge asset in Delhi); we got engaged and rented a flat.
Read more from Betty

Tom Frisbee
Tom Frisbee lives in Krabi, Thailand.

Thomas Frisbie
I am now retired from my management consulting work and living in Krabi, Thailand, on the southwestern Andaman coast. I am gay, single, in good health and life is good.

Until retirement last year, I spend over 15 years working mostly in Indonesia, consulting to an American oil company. Thailand was always home base; it has been ever since I graduated from Berkeley. I spent a year in England getting a Masters and four years consulting in Hong Kong. Other than that, it has been Thailand and Indonesia with short periods around Asia and Alaska. Commuting between the island of Borneo and Anchorage for a year was interesting. Read more from Tom.

Jerrye Tate Gilmore
Have been with my second husband, Steve Gilmore, since 1977. I retired in 2002, having worked as a Probation Officer for 25 years. Steve is the executive director of a large community corrections agency. I never had any problems adjusting to retirement; always seem to have projects to complete or, more importantly, golf to play. Read more from Jerrye.

Chris Overmoe
My wife Donna and I fled the Bay Area after 27 years and lived in downtown Washington, DC, then moved to the mountains of western North Carolina. Love it here, live on 18 acres and would never live on the left coast again. The three kids still live in the Bay Area. Read more from Chris.

Carolyn Wilcox Knowles
I live in Eagle River, Alaska, and have been happily retired from teaching for nine years. I work part time in a women's clothing store, along with quite a few other retired teachers. We have a pretty good time together. It's just great to be free to travel and enjoy life. (July 2007)

Mary Ann Cummings Hardee
I continue to be an educational technologist for an elementary school at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I stay very busy with my crafts and my love of photography. My husband Curt continues to teach real estate courses and is fortunate to teach most of them in Fayetteville, close to home.
Read more from Mary Ann

Marcia Mau
I attended Brent School, Baguio, Philippines before enrolling at AIS. I know a few students who attended both AIS and Brent and would like to reach out to any other alumni who attended both schools. Brent will observe its Centennial in 2009. We are current seeking Brentonians including alumni, former students, faculty, parents, and sponsors. When Saigon was evacuated, many students enrolled at Brent. Read more from Marcia.

Rudi Manly Bonfiglio
I just saw the website by accident tonight and couldn't believe the only person for 1965, Cherie Studwell Lazaroff, was someone I knew well. I have been living in Portland, Oregon, since 1966. I am married with three children and about to be a Grandma for the first time! Read more from Rudi.

Cherie Studwell Lazaroff
Cherie and David Lazaroff, '65, Tom Studwell, '67, Kathy Studwell Sabino, '71 and Phil Studwell, '73 joined a bunch of extended family at a family reunion on Mere Point, outside Brunswick, Maine in early August, 2008. Read more from Cherie.

1966 Class Roster

Doug Davy
Doug rolled home through the older suburban hardscape. He stopped to drop off his shoes. Seems the immigrant Russians are the only ones who do this now. On down the bluffs toward the river and into the trees, where his sycamores grow. South African music on the CD - "You are the heaven of my heart. …and my journey was complete" - Vusi Mahlasela. It's a hot June in Sackadementos.
Read more from Doug.

Joe Bettinger
After reading some of the bios on the AIS/AES Alumni Network web site, I thought I should write an update myself.  In 2005, after living in the San Francisco Bay Area and working 30 years for the same company (Beckman Coulter), I decided to retire and move to Tucson, Arizona. Read more from Joe.

Cherry Clark Fox
It has been really great finding the alumni website and reading about what everyone's been up to for the last 50 years! Somehow, everyone seems to have aged, even though I'm sure I look just like I did when I was at AIS!
Read More from Cherry

Sanjay Ray
Hello to the Class of 1966 and everyone else! I cannot believe that 38 years have passed since our graduation. I have been getting a real kick out of reading all the bios that have been published on the website and finally felt like contributing a litttle from me. Read more from Sanjay.

Dixie WoodhouseDixie Omps Woodhouse
I checked out the terrific AIS/AES web site but couldn't find much on Class of '66. When I was a hippie in Colorado (yes, a real back-to-the land hippie minus the drug burn out) many years ago, my yearbooks from Pakistan and India were ruined in a flood. I was hoping to see the 1966 yearbook on the web site but couldn't seem to find it. Was I just looking in the wrong place? Read more from Dixie

Diana Ulry Ivory
Wow, Indeed! I have lived long enough to no longer believe in coincidence. I am helping my Dad, age 87, write his autobiography for my daughter, and we are sooo stuck in the reminisce stages of India that we can't seem to move forward. By chance, I decided to see if there was anything in cyberspace....and through your website I contacted Doug Haney! He, his sister Lissa and I were the three musketeers! And I heard back from him....oh the memories! Read more from Diana.

1967 Class Roster

Delia A. Dempsey
Hello to all! Hope you don’t mind an update: I am semi-retired but continue to do research and publish in the area of tobacco smoking, including second-hand smoke exposure, hookah pipes (tobacco only) and e-cigarettes. Still married to John after many decades and we are serious Giants baseball fans. Read more from Delia.

Cindy Shaw
It sure has been a long time since we saw and visited with many of our high school/ India people. The reunion in 1990? My brother, Ben Shaw, and I, Cindy Shaw, attended AIS in the late 60's - graduating in '69 and '67, respectively - my what a great time to have experienced, both in India and the states! Since then Ben and I have taken different paths in life but never straying far in the heart.
Read more from Cindy.

Melissa Miller
Hello to all my fellow alumni! I moved last year into a community for older people and really like it. I think I am the youngest here, at 65. I have been working on my photos and finally finished my book about my life overseas that took me four years of hard work and editing to get it done! Now, if I could just get it published. If anyone knows someone in publishing, I would like to get in touch with them. (email dated 12 Oct 2014) Read previous messages from Melissa.

Reunion 2005
Dancing at the Reunion. See more illustrations from Judy
Judy Cooperman Finkle
My life is now fulfilled. This is because I have become interested in celebrities. I have a Ph.D. in Digital Art, but this is not really what I am talking about. I am living in the town of Fairfield, Iowa, still, the home of Maharishi International University. The Transcendental Meditation Organization is, and always was, associated with major celebrities. So, me too. As many people know, Maharishi became famous through the help of the Beatles, Donovan, etc. Read more from Judy.

1968 Class Roster

Boulden familyPatrick Boulden
We have heard from Patrick Boulden who lives in Beaverton, Oregon, with his wife Carol and daughters Bethany and Miranda.
Both of Patrick's daughters are avid Irish dancers and are shown at far left in their dance costumes. Bethany is in the highest championship category (an Open Champion) and can now compete nationally. Miranda is not far behind as a preliminary Champion.

Mark Higgins

Mark Higgins
My time in New Delhi, at AIS and the people there have always been very present in my mind.  I was from Burma (with John Henson, Anne Beattie, Doug Jimmink, Sandra Schnee, Andy Renard), a boarder and did my freshman, sophomore and junior years at AIS. Class of 1968. Indelible.
Read more from Mark.


Charles (Ed) Lowey-Ball
Gosh, it has been some time since AIS days. I found AIS and India to be, by and large, a pretty positive experience...especially the trips throughout the country that I took as part of the "boys and girls" dorms. My parents were based out of what is now called Mumbai. Read more from Charles

Mark Poffenberger
I was in the Class of 1968. I'm still going to India three to four times a year. My organization, Community Forestry International, Inc. (CFI), is running community forestry projects in Meghalaya, Manipur, and Andhra Pradesh. Read more from Mark.

Sally Schaeffer Ladouceur
I am Sally Schaeffer-Ladouceur, Class of 1968. I graduated from SUNY (State University of New York) Plattsburgh in 1995. My degree is in Speech Language Pathology Education of the Handicapped.  Started my college days in 1968 at the Beirut College for Women/American University of Beirut.  I did not return to the States till 1987. Read more from Sally.

Susan Vogelsang
Susan Vogelsang lives outside Washington, D.C. with husband and enjoys spending time with her three daughters and three granddaughters, from Balti-
more to Boston to Oregon. After graduate school at Berkeley, she traveled to 35 countries working in international development and stability operations. She is
still works, taking breaks to see old friends and new places. She is not currently
on Facebook but is thinking about joining. (posted 18 January 2017)

Veenu Wahal Nagarvala
I live in Albany, California (San Francisco Bay area). I enjoy staying in touch
with alumni through Facebook. (email dated 26 August 2019)

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