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Chris Jones-Pauly Class of 1964

Namaste and Salaam,
I so enjoyed the photo from Bill Holcombe. Was that not from the Taj Times? We used to work together on the Taj Times. I did a feature on Morfudd Charles, our only student at the time from Wales.

I still love and owe India a lot. It inspired me to go into Islamic law because we lived in a Muslim principality before we moved to Delhi. I have been back to India a few times. One highlight was seeing the grand agricultural center in Budni which my father had helped to found. While in Delhi I found a video copy of a film featuring Dilip Kumar, who came on set in Budni back in the 1960s and posed with us Jones girls - that was like having Cary Grant standing next you! Another memorable time was with a friend who has adopted three children from Bangalore. We went searching until way afar sundown for the grave of a child she had known 18 years ago! Spooky to see stray dogs protesting at having their rest on cold grave slabs disturbed. Another time I had a grand visit with Jacquelin Singh and her husband in Chandigarh.

The foreign bug never left me. I am based in Germany, where I have lived with my daughter for the last 18 years. During that time I have visited Morfudd ('66) in London a few times. I shifted to Cambridge, MA, where I taught at my alma mater Harvard Law School and finished writing a book on Islamic law. Had a wonderfully long conversation with Gordon Fisher recently. Will keep you posted on my next moves.



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