Board of Directors

Katherine Arens, President


Katherine Thompson Arens

Class of 1979

Meet Katherine

Katherine attended AES for middle school from 1973-1975. She lived with her family in Greater Kailash. Her sisters, Mary Ann and Karen, also attended AES. She currently works as a consultant for an innovation policy firm located in Washington, D.C. Katherine, from the Class of 1979, joined our board as a Director on 26 April 2017 and became Recording Secretary on 29 October 2018. Katherine was elected to be our President on 31 October 2019.

Lene - Secretary

Recording Secretary

Lene Olson Serpa

Class of 1987

Meet Lene

Lene Serpa (Olsen) is Danish and attended AES from 1981-85 (6th to 10th grade). Her father was a diplomat; and in addition to India, she lived in Afghanistan, Tanzania as well as Denmark during her childhood and school years. She has wonderful memories from the years at AES, where she was active in various sports as well as drama. She has lived in Denmark since 1985. Lene holds an M.Sc. in International Business Administration and Modern Languages from Copenhagen Business School, and she currently heads up governance, trendspotting and reporting on sustainability for A.P. Moller-Maersk, a global transport and logistics company. She has been with Maersk for 8 years, and has 20 years of experience working in the CSR and corporate sustainability field. She lives in Denmark with her two teenage children, Cecilia and Alexander. Lene, from the Class of 1987, joined our board as a Director on 3 May 2019 and became Recording Secretary on 7 December 2019.

Claire Treasurer


Claire Saint-Rossy

Class of 1975

Meet Claire

Claire, from the Class of 1975, joined our board and became our Treasurer on 29 September 2019.

rabi director


Rabi Rajkarnikar

Class of 1985

Meet Rabi

Rabi Rajkarnikar lives in Nepal and is currently our second board member who lives outside the United States. He is excited to help plan our all-school 2021 Reunion and afterwards, is anxious to be our rep in hosting overseas reunions for AIS/AES alumni–particularly for those who live in the areas of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangaldesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Rabi has previous experience on several boards and will be an asset to ours. He is married and has two sons, one who will be attending college in New York in the fall of 2019. Rabi will be visiting stateside more often now and considers it very doable in 2021 to attend our reunion then. Rabi, from the Class of 1985, joined our board as a Director on 3 May 2019.

reunion group photo

Malcolm Garg 


Class of 1975

Meet Malcolm Soon!
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Vice President

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