Passionate…world….love…committed…happy…experience. These are some of the words etched on our community wall, and go to the very essence of what as a community of learners we make up in our small haven here. India is hallmarked in many of the artworks sprinkled all over campus and here’s a big shout-out to all those past graduating classes who left their mark for all of us to cherish.

Vivek Ahluwalia is at AES – American Embassy School New Delhi.

Thank you for your stunning images and beautiful words, Vivek. Those of us who hold fond memories in our hearts – of long ago days when we walked the campus grounds as children – appreciate the beauty of your post. Many of us hope to return one day to see India once again. To see the changes and rediscover forgotten memories of time spend at AIS/AES and India. Thank you for sharing your thoughts; they bring back beautiful memories.