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Vikki Raterman Swisher Class of 1969

Sad News
email dated in 2011

Don Swisher

Donald Swisher (husband of Vikki Raterman Swisher, Class of 1969)

Don Swisher, husband of Vikki Raterman Swisher (Class of 1969) passed away on September 6, 2010. Donís obituary was in the Times Free Press at the time.
Click here to read a letter from Vikki, sharing some of her thoughts and feelings after his death.

Viki & Don
Vikki Raterman Swisher, with her husband, Don.


October 27, 2006

Just wanted to add to file.. We are great-grandparents again (#6) this time a girl born October 27. Both Mom and baby are fine 6lbs 3oz 19in and perfect as they all are.

This one is also in Corpus Christi, Texas, so it will be a while before I can get my hands on her. The feeling just gets better. I must be on the edge as I generally feel that kids are small, smell funny, and loud. I do love them, with a smooth white sauce and hefty merlot and side of fries.

All here fine kids good dogs fine Don wonderful and life is so good.


Vikki Raterman Swisher

March 11, 2006

As far as my feeble mind can travel backwards, I have dim memories of leaving paradise India for parts unknown. Some freaky roll of the dice put me in North Carolina studying nursing at Richmond Tech and Duke.... With a degree in my grubby hand I started work at Duke... met my ex (may he rest in bumpy peace soon) and began another strange chapter in life. Five years, two sons and a quarter ounce of sanity later I joined my parents in Tennessee where they found four seasons, no bugs, small town life, one traffic light, no crime, and peace.

Dad had finally retired after a two year tour in Saigon. I continued working as a med-surg. nurse and finally drifted into Home Health. Did that for a few years and finished up working with Hospice. By then my Dad had died and Mother, who had always been high maintenance, was more so (and we do know what that means). Somewhere along the way I met Don (1992) and after a year we were married. Don has six kids (as well as one adopted kid and another two he raised). Letís see, that is nine kids total, and then my two, and then there are twenty-eight or nine combined grandchildren and five great grandchildren.... All living out of state.

I live in Tennessee on Signal Mountain, about two miles from Chattanooga, right at the Georgia Line. (Joe Ridolpho, class of 1969, lives near here and Hank Freeman, class of 1966, lives in Severiville, TN.) My husband Don is from Chicago area and that is our runaway place. My son Brian (35) has a girl and boy and works for TVA, and son Christopher (32) has a fat lot of kayaks. He has picked up a sponsor and spends most weekends kayaking. (He can be found on, click on TeamJK and then scroll to Chris Brigman. When he isnít kayaking and taking nutsy, sandsucking risks, he can be found at UT Chatt.

Don and I are semi-retired. He is the Plant Manager of St. Timothyís Church and I do a lot of volunteer work at church. In our spare time we make childrenís wooden toys and sell them at a local market ( and do shows during the season (Apr-Dec.). Don hopes to retire for good this year and at 71, I think he should but I have a feeling that if he does we will open up a new line of toys. We both enjoy making them and for some reason people are beginning to appreciate solid wood hand made toys puzzles and games. I have started to work up plans for doll furniture and riding toys. The name of our business is Bunkys Junction. One of these days we shall have the web site up but if left to me it'll never happen.... canít get my head around it.



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