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Ted Beck and Anne Briggs Beck, both Class of 1969

See Super8mm movies of AIS in the 1960s made by Ted Beck's mother.

posted 13 April 2014


seated l-r: Anne Briggs Beck, Peggy Rizzie,and Carol Rizzie York
standing l-r: Ted Beck, Dan Rizzie

Ted and Anne Briggs Beck (both Class of 1969) enjoyed a visit with the Rizzie Family in Naples, Florida, on 5 April 2014. Said Ted, "Mom (Peggy), is 90 and looking wonderful! Dan has a showing of his work at Harmon-Meek Gallery starting tomorrow."

September 9, 2008

Olson Beck families

I am attaching a photo taken today at Kent Olson's house in Moraga, California. Today we celebrated Kent's mother's 87th birthday. In the photo are (seated) l to r, Jeff Olson, AIS class of 66, Alice Olson who is Jeff and Kent's mom, and Kent Olson, class of '69. Ted and Anne in the background.

We were very eager to accept Kent's invitation to visit his house in California. Kent and his wife Donna have been living here in the suburbs of San Francisco for the last 22 years. This weekend we visited Muir Beach and Muir Woods, picnicing and reliving old times. Kent's brother Jeff has been working as a producer at Industrial Light and Magic for over 20 years.

May 9, 2007

Ted Beck and Anne Briggs Beck
Ted Beck and Anne Briggs Beck, both AIS class of 1969, with boobies near Baja, California.

Anne and I had a very nice dive trip to the Revillagigedo Islands off Baja California. We saw Pacific manta rays, four species of sharks and had dophins playing with us on some dives.

We didn't see another boat, hear an airplane overhead or see other humans (besides divers on our boat) for five days.

Talk about a real getaway!

More details on our website, click the What's Up button.

March 1, 2006

Ted and Anne Beck

Ted and Anne visit the Mayan ruins of Tulum during their dive trip to
Cozumel. See Ted and Anne for more adventures.

At the end of January, we finally took our Hurricane Wilma-postponed Cozumel, Mexico dive holiday with our friends, the Blue Moon Divers. The weather was wonderful, the hotel fully repaired and very accommodating, and the diving was lots of fun. The coral has sustained considerable damage and there was sand over much of the reef, but the fish were still there and on one evening dive we saw many octopi, huge crabs and other creatures of the night. It felt great to be underwater again! Unfortunately, Ted's underwater camera is on the blink, so we have no video to share with you.

One afternoon, we used the hotel's kayak to tour the coastline. We masterfully launched it into the breaking waves and headed out towards one of the cruise liners at anchor in the harbor. Ted in front was riding high and dry, while Anne in back noticed that her end was taking on water. "What are you doing back there?? Start bailing!...ooooh nooo..." were Ted's last words as the kayak flipped over, dumping us in the briny sea. Several unsuccessful attempts to right the kayak and get back on led to the decision to swim to shore hanging on to the sides of the boat. The shore never seemed to get much closer. After about a half hour of futile swimming, a SeaDoo with "Rescue" on the side came by and asked if we needed help. Ted said "no" and Anne said "yes!". Juan, the Rescue man, took Anne to shore and came back for Ted and the floundering kayak. Juan pointed out an egg-sized hole in the bottom of the boat. The hollow shell had slowly filled with water. Ted left Anne on the beach with the draining kayak and walked back to the hotel. He tracked down the elusive hotel manager, who was cleverly disguised as an activities director, and told him our tale of the defective kayak. He apologized and made arrangements to retrieve the kayak and Anne, and told Ted he owed him a beer for our troubles. Of course he had to have noticed the hotel's red "all inclusive" bracelet that Ted was wearing which provides free drinks at any time during the stay.

See Super8mm movies of AIS in the 1960s made by Ted Beck's mother.


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