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Sanjay Ray Class of 1966

May 5, 2006

Hello to the Class of 1966 and everyone else! I cannot believe that 38 years have passed since our graduation. I have been getting a real kick out of reading all the bios that have been published on the web site and finally felt like contributing a litttle from me...After AIS I was able to get into Delhi University with a lot of leg work and arm twisting as they did not know how to equate my grades to the Indian grading system. Anyway I was able to complete Pre-Med and then get into the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences for med school and never looked back. This was a very enlightening time for me as it helped me find out who I was as a person and then acquired a strong sense of identity which I had lacked before.

I then joined my parents who had been transferred back to the US while I was in med school and did my Medical Internship and Residency in NY and then my Cardiology fellowship at UCSF in San Francisco. After suffering thru the winters in the east I never left California or the SF Bay Area again. This is God's country in my opinion! I started my cardiology practice in a then little town of Antoch about 35 miles east of SFO and lived in a little bedroom community, Clayton, in the foothills of Mt. Diablo since 1979.

I got married to my wife of 27 years, Anu, in 1978 and have two sons, Shan 26 (UCLA grad 2001 and now working for ICM in LA) and Sam 20 (Sophomore in
UCLA and red shirt freshman on the Bruins baseball team). So that's a thumbnail sketch of my life and if anyone wishes to visit or contact me they are welcome to do so.


Best Regards to all,

Sanjay Ray


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