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Paul Stull Class of 1974

Paul Stull and baby Paul Stull and baby

November 14, 2006

Here are two photos - the left one is of Maciej, 15 months old and the right one is Elizabeth, about 1 month. Both are doing well and growing like weeds. Maciej has a bottomless pit and am worried he is going to eat us out of house and home. Just have to make more cash!

Stephanie still isn't taking any photos - hence, two with me in them.

Paul Stull
Atlanta, Georgia

April 23, 2006

As you may remember we had a baby boy last year, August 4th; but the big news is we are now expecting a little girl this September. Yesterday we found out what we were going to be gifted with. This is it .... no more children! Two will be the magic number. I have always wanted a family, and it is happening quickly. Maciej is doing great. (You may wonder where his name came from. It was my Polish name before being adopted.) It will be nice to have a boy and a girl. Every house should have one of each ..... help soften the old man.

Atlanta, where we live, has really grown in size although it is good for property values it makes. It's a hectic city and is loosing some of its charm. But this is where we are situated; and though we would like to move to a more tranquil location, this seems to be the where we will stay for some time. My wife, Stephanie's, parents live here, too.

I still look back at my time in India fondly. Sometimes when in a convenience store, I will still try out some of my Hindi on the the shop keeper. See if someone can translate this little phrase: Toom peta charas? Spelling may be wrong but it always gets a rise out of the shop keeper.

I would love to make it back to India and see a lot of what I missed; but Andrew Saffrino, Harlen Wood ('74), Cesar Prieto ('74) and other friends did see a lot of what most folks didn't. Traveling to Bombay by third class train or hitch hiking to Agra and getting a ride by elephants 10 miles outside of Jaipur, stopping at a chia walla and eating what they may be serving. I just know there was so much to see, and we may have only scratched the surface. For years, India seemed like just yesterday; but now it truly has been a LONG time and seems like another life.

I was communicating with Martha Banwell ('74) and she is of like mind about a small class reunion. It would be fun to do. Last I had heard from her is she and her family were heading to Italy for an anniversary vacation. One of my favorite places. I am sure there are other folks would be interested in a class reunion, too.

Take care,

Paul and (growing) family
April 23, 2006

August 17, 2005

Baby Stull This just a short, proud announcement on the arrival of Maciej Lee Stull, coming into this world on Thursday, August the 4th, 2005 at 4:55, weighing in at 8 lbs. 1oz. with a reach of 21".

He did manage to suffer a broken collar bone but should heal quickly according to the doctors.

With love, from Stephanie and Paul


July 9, 2005

Hey Everyone,
I am sorry to have miss the recent 2005 Reunion but had a lot going on and couldn't pull away. To quickly summarize, I got married last October [2004] and having a baby boy due the end of August, plus with work and all. But I have made the last two reunions that were held in the United States. (Couldn't make the one in Delhi although I would love to make it back there at some point). My sister did make it to the recent reunion and had a great exhausting time from what I heard.

I have been living in Atlanta , Georgia, for the last 19 years after many years of moving around and being unsettled. I work for myself, and my wife works as an office manager. She will be taking a break from work once the baby comes. We live right downtown; and if anyone is passing through here, give a shout -- would love to see anyone/everyone again. Let me know if we (the Class of 1974) are planning to have a small reunion.

Take care, all. Paul


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