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posted 20 April 2019

We received a lovely message from Susan Hiebert Harvey (Class
of 1970) yesterday:
"Attached is a photo of our alumni group in front of the Registan in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, taken in September 2018.
From the left, Taka Yamanouchi ('70), Bronwyn Fry ('71), Kitty Thuermer ('72),
Sue Hiebert Harvey ('70), Tina Thuermer ('69), Rhonda Scott ('69, aka Beyonce), Leslie Hiebert ('73
and Laura Byergo, a world traveller who did not attend school with us.
Behind the camera was Sid Wahid ('70) our intrepid leader. Trips with fellow students are the best!"

Please click on image for enlargement.

posted 15 April 2019

Latha Srinivasan (AES Executive Assistant) is retiring the end of
this school year after 31 years of service to the school. Much of
her time was in the high school office, with counselors and then
with principals. She's been the Executive Assistant to the AES Director for the past 15 years. Whenever former teachers visits AES, they all want to say hello and have a photo with her. Hun-
dreds of alumni remember her and have stopped in to say hello
as well.

Much like we did for Alka Bajaj (former AES Secretary) when she retired last summer, the current AES Director would like to collect messages and photos with Latha to present at her retirement ceremony and celebration. He would also like
to share a few messages verbally to her and the school's staff members. Please email your message (and include photos with Latha if you have any) to Mary,
and we will send everything to the Director.

PS-The intent - your messages - is supposed to be a surprise for Latha. She does
not view Facebook much so we're hoping she doesn't catch our posting there or
on this website before her retirement! If you talk or email Latha, please try not
to mention this article to her yet. Thank you!!

CONGRATULATIONS messages from alumni (PDF)

posted 8 April 2019

This rangoli artwork was done by the school's landscaping team. So warm and welcoming! We loved it that it is now our newest Facebook cover photo. Photo
credit and thanks goes to Aparna Mohan Dhawan (AES parent)

Please click on image for enlargement.

posted 4 April 2019

"With regards to a post earlier this week, I also
came across this letter from Dr. Raj Chopra at
AIS in 1964."
- Paul Ashby, Class of 1967

Please click on image to view enlarged.

posted 31 March 2019

Talk about a small world. My mother was born and grew
up in the small town of Bellefontaine, Ohio. Sometime in
the 1970's, or 80's, my mother got a letter from her niece saying, "We just got the nicest of Indian men to just be-
come the Director of our country schools. His name is Raj Chopra." Who would have guessed that my coach in New Delhi, India, would briefly land in Bellefontaine, Ohio,
during his life journey!" - Paul Ashby, Class of 1967

A Life Well Lived: Dr. Raj K. Chopra (1937-2015)

posted 26 March 2019

"Alumni from the Class of 1974, Deepak Sen, was in town over the weekend;
and we got together. Hadn't seen him since the 2010 Reunion. He looked great!"
- Taka Yamanouchi (Class of 1970)

l-r: Deepak Sen and Jonathan Wilder (both Class of 74) and Taka

posted 16 March 2019

Last weekend, in Livermore, California, I was able to
bring the hugs and tributes of so many of you AIS/AES alumni to the family and friends gathered to celebrate
the amazing life of Jacquelin Luise Perottini Singh.

As students so many decades ago, we may never have thought of our teacher as having a life beyond the Taj Barracks or the classrooms in Chanakyapuri. We can
thank Mrs. Singh's children for sharing their most re-
markable mother with us, when she helped us feel at
home in India.

Read more on the Celebration of Life Tribute and view
photos by Cherie Studwell Lazaroff (AIS Class of 1965)

posted 12 March 2019

For your convenience, the association Paypal button has been adjusted so you
can enter any amount you wish to donate.

A big THANK YOU to all who have already donated this year.

Your donation helps the association cover its administrative expenses, such as
the website and web-related costs, lawyer fees, and Paypal. Any remaining money is applied towards down payments for our all-school reunions. We ask for $25 per calendar year; but we are grateful for any contribution. We are a small group of alumni that exists for you, and all board members volunteer their time for free.
For more information, please go to our Donations Page.

The shareable link to our Paypal account is:

If you prefer to donate by check, please email for a mailing address. As always, thank you for your support to our alumni association.

posted 9 March 2019

Anne Beattie Kerr (AIS Class of 1967), who served as
Treasurer of the AIS/AES Alumni Association, announced
her retirement at the 2 March 2019 Board meeting. Anne
was our longest-serving officer and will be fondly remember-
ed for her hard work keeping our finances organized, her
central role in several all-classes reunion planning, for helping facilitate the association and hosting the yearly alumni picnics
at her beautiful home in Castleton, Virginia. We will greatly miss Anne's dedi-
cation to the association and her comradery during our board meetings and get-togethers.

Please click here to read more.

posted 18 February 2019

UPDATE (8 March 2019)
The family announced the service will begin an hour earlier.
12 noon till 3 PM. Same Location

Please click on the image to view it enlarged.

posted 4 March 2019

For some fun AIS sports tidbit, Paul Ashby (Class of 1967) photographed in 1965, was one of the basketball players during the 1964-1965 school year. Paul explained in that particular year, the team played a lot of games as Tigers
but eventually rebelled as Tigers because they were not content with the way they were being coached. The play-
ers formed their own team (still representing AIS) as the "Warriors" with coach Jim Green, USAID, who had played
at Duke University (with all-American Dick Groat!).

Please click here to read more and see game scoresheets
from Paul.

posted 25 February 2019

Thanks to your feedback, our yearbooks and confirmation from
the school, here is a more accurate timeline for our school sports
team names. This information will be archived.

Please click on image
for enlargement

posted 24 February 2019

This 1958-59 photo (front and back) was found in Mrs. (Jacquelin) Singh's
keepsake box by one of her daughters, who thought alumni may enjoy seeing.

Please click on images to view them enlarged.

posted 19 Februrary 2019

This obituary was in this morning's Washington Post. Andrew Ranard
(AIS Class of 1967) was a boarder from 1964-67. Please click on the
image to read more about Andy.

posted 14 February 2019

From Marco Mammolti (AES Class of 1990), who lives in Rome,
Italy. (Photo taken 13 February 2019)

"Great dinner with my AES brothers yesterday. Thanks Nedzad Ajanovic
(Class of 1991), for coming once in a while and thanks Luca Bruno
(Class of 1990) for being always here when needed."

l-r: Nedzad Ajanovic, Marco Mammolti, and Luca Bruno
Please click on image to view photo enlarged.

posted 11 February 2019

Thank you, Dave Garg for our new Facebook
cover photo. Click on this link to see more of
Dave and Sue's visit to AES last week.

posted 8 February 2019

Namaste from Dave Garg (AES Class of 1976)
and Sue Jackson (AES Class of 1983) who are visiting in India now and were given the grand
tour at AES today. Having a great time! They promise more photos in the near future.

Please click on image for enlargement

posted 9 February 2019

We're acknowledging six years on Facebook as of today! Thank
you for contributing photos and articles. Please continue keeping
us strong. 9 February 2013--->2019

Please click on image to view photo enlarged.

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