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posted 19 June 2018

A big thank you and shout-out to alumni who have donated this year to help support our association's operation. If you have not yet, we are still accepting donations. Your donation helps cover
the association's yearly administrative fees, which include legal,
bank fees, the website and all website-related costs to keep it running. After paying our bills, any remaining money goes towards down payments to the designated hotel for our all-school reunions.

We offer two simple ways to donate: checks and credit/debit cards. Please click
on this link to see how you can contribute.

We recently received a wonderful message from Terry Kelly Jones (AES Class of 1979). We are happy to hear that our efforts to keep friendships alive through
the years are working. In her message, titled Creating Memories, Terry expresses her reasons for supporting our association.

posted 6 June 2018 (In Memoriam)
posted 2 June 2018 (Sad News)

We received the sad news that Bandana Sen passed away last night. Cremation
will take place at 5:00 pm (local time) today at the Lodhi Crematorium.
Ms. Sen served AES for 36 years (1970 to 2006) as the ES Librarian. She also
has the distinction of serving as the Librarian for both ES and HS libraries for a couple of years. May her soul rest in peace.

Messages of condolences from you:
Please click on images for further viewing.

Full-length video of the memorial service, provided by Ms. Sen's son, Akash
Premsen. Speeches (in English) begin roughly 40 minutes into the service.

posted 4 June 2018

AES Delhi!
Together again after 32 years!!
- from Richard Wilson (Class of 1985)

Photo taken in Bangkok, Thailand,
3 June 2018
l-r: Richard, Eric Pederling (Class of '85),
and Mark Friedbauer (Class of '86)

Please click on image to view enlarged.

posted 1 June 2018

Today's the last day of school! The AES Staff wishes everyone a
happy, safe summer. See you all again on 6 August 2018 when
the new school year begins.

Please click on image to view enlarged.

posted 1 June 2018

We are excited to present the Elementary, Middle and High
School 2018 Yearbooks online. Please view them on our alumni
website Yearbooks page.

Editor's Note: Due to these files being large (particularly the High
School yearbook), please allow a couple extra minutes to down-
load them.

posted 1 June 2018

Congratulation, AES Class of 2018 and welcome to our alumni association!!
This Flyer is for you from the Board of Directors.

posted 26 May 2018

Graduation Day is today!
Please join us in congratulating our AES Class of 2018 on their graduation
and welcoming them to our AIS/AES Alumni Association!

Please click here to watch the graduation ceremony in its entirety.

posted 27 May 2018

Last week we celebrated a new tradition at AES, with our senior class walking through the elementary, middle and high school buildings to the ringing applause
and loud hurrahs of our students, staff and many parents. Our younger learners
look up with admiration at the oldest students on our campus. Our oldest students model service, discipline and excellence for them. That's one blessing of being together on one PK-12 campus. The senior class walk through the campus allows
us all to share in a special milestone in our school year, and in the lives of our graduates. -from Jim Laney, Jr (AES Director)

posted 19 May 2018

The Indian Dress photo is becoming an annual tradition for the
AES graduating seniors. Next Friday, 26 May, they will become
our newest alumni!

Please click here to see the class dance!

posted 17 May 2018

Enjoyed dinner tonight with Pilar Rinky (Class of 1980).
She is visiting London.
- Daniela Avitabile (Class of 1978)

Please click on images for enlargement.

MAURA MOYNIHAN (AES Class of 1975)
posted 17 May 2018

Click on image or this link to read the article below by Online Khabar

posted 12 May 2018

Fifteen AES authors celebrated with us on Thursday afternoon. AES faculty and parent authors spoke briefly about their books and their writing and publishing stories. Many also read a selection from their book. Poetry, photo books, novels, autobiographies and even textbooks were shared! They shared a diverse spectrum
of approaches to writing, and their journey—and the sparks which lit their journeys. AES community have high expectations for themselves, and we are
so rich in our resources. - from AES Director, Jim Laney, Jr.

posted 11 May 2018

Please join us in congratulating AES secretary, Alka Bajaj, on her retirement this summer.
Since 1971, this beautiful woman has been welcoming students, parents, faculty, staff
and visitors to AES. We were honored to have Alka attend our 2015 Reunion, and we hope
to see her again at our future reunions. Thank you, Alka, for 47 years of dedicated service
and all the best on your next chapter. We will miss you!

Congratulations messages from you (PDF)

posted 4 May 2018

Forty years ago, in New Delhi, India, I turned 18 years old; and I went on my first date with my husband Erik. True story! He asked my Dad if he could ask me out because at the time I was still 17 and he was 7 years older than me. My Dad gave Erik his permission, so two days before my birthday, he asked me out for lunch at ACSA in the main dining room. My response, ‘That would be lovely.’ I left the AES school grounds and walked over to ACSA and enjoyed lunch with Erik.

Now 40 years later, we are still together and happily married for 38 years. I was lucky to have met such a great guy in such a far away place, but I know I am blessed as well.

So today Erik asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I asked why? He replied, ‘I’d like to take you out to lunch.’ My response, ‘That would be lovely.’

I still love my guy and love our romantic story....I plan on having 40 more years
with him, too! Best birthday gift ever.

posted 29 April 2018

Friday night, 27 April 2018, AES 1980's decade of classes held
a mini-reunion in the Washington, DC, area.
"So. Much. Hugging," said Lisa Jordan (Class of 1987)

Please click on image for enlargement.

posted 21 April 2018

AES alumnus, Seung-il Lo (Class of 1987), is a car designer in Michigan. He developed his love for designing cars while in elementary school at AES. He
visited the fifth-grade students yesterday and designed cars with them.

posted 20 April 2018

Hi. I’m an alumna of AES from 2004-2008. I now work for
the United Nations in Cairo. Last night I bumped into one of
our volleyball coaches from AES, Haydar Obed, who also lives here. I know many of the alumni like seeing photos of these surprise reunions so I thought I’d send it.

- from Phoebe Lewis (Class of 2010)

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