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Class of 1969
Dan Rizzie
Dan Rizzie's paintings, prints, and collages - many inspired by his years in India - hang in museums and private collections across the U.S. See some recent works.
Class of 1969
Jill Jonnes and Joanne Hill
Jill Jonnes, left, and Joanne Hill Chattaway rendez-
voused in Paris in December 2006. Read more from Joanne.
Classes 1960s-1970s
Perrelli family
Perrellis in Vermont. Al Perrelli, second from right, was AIS Superintendent in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Ted Beck and Anne Briggs Beck, both Class of 1969, visited the Perrellis at their home in Vermont in August and made this portrait. From Left to right are Nate (Tena's son), Tena, Class of 1971, Al Perrelli, and Dorothy Perrelli.
Class of 1989
Grace Jarrett, Class of 1989, with her husband Will on their honeymoon in Hawaii, August 2006. Read more from Grace.
AES class of 1983
Mia and Kurt
Mia Lefkowitz Inderbitzin, Class of 1983, with her husband, Kurt, in Mumbai. Read more from Mia.
Class of 1974
Class of 1974 Reunion
74 ENCORE!!!! Alumni gather for a Ride the Ducks tour of Philadelphia during their class reunion in July 2007. Enjoy their weekend report, along with some letters and photos and see who was there.


Class of 1977 and 1979
Daniela Avitabile and Sanjeev Handa Daniela Avitabile and Sanjeev Handa
"On August 3, 2007, I had lunch in Manhattan with Sanjeev Handa [Class of 1979]. We hadn't seen each other since 1978, and we have been in contact thanks to this alumni website. It was great talking and catching up. Here are two pictures taken that day." - Daniela Avitabile Class of 1977

Class of 1973
Becky Orchard
Childhood Friends Reunited. Becky Orchard, fourth from left in "pink" dress, and Beverly McElroy Coville center right in "blue" dress, were good friends when this birthday party picture was taken in Djakarta in 1962. When their diplomat parents moved on, they lost track of each other -- until now, thanks to AIS/AES Alumni Network. Becky attended AIS in 1968; Beverly came to our school several years later and graduated with the Class of 1973. They sent us this photo of an old friendship now renewed.
Class of 1969

Cindy, Ellen, Judy Cindy's house

Ellen rodeo

Clockwise from upper left: Cindy Jones Ondrak, Ellen Turner, and Judy Newberry Ashley, all Class of 1969, in Montana, August 2007; Cowgirl Ellen; rodeo; Cindy's home near Missoula.
Class of 1975
Bruce Rogers
Bruce Rogers in Afghanistan, with the Governor of Bamiyan Province, August 2007. Read more from Bruce.
AES campus August 2007
AES demolished
The AES high school building was demolished in summer 2007 to make room for a new facility. Read more from Brian Campbell, Class of 1977.
Classes 1969 and 1971
Carol York, Dan Rizzie
Carol Rizzie York, Class of 1971, with her brother Dan Rizzie, Class of 1969. Read more from Carol.
Classof 1982
Raquel Aronhime
Raquel with her children Eva and Sam, May 2007. Read more from Raquel.
Class of 1970
License plate
Robin Murphy, Class of 1970, writes, "We stopped at a small gas station this weekend in rural Virginia (taking one daughter to camp, picking the other one up), and I saw this license plate. Cracked me up......"
Class of 1978
Peter and Nancy Johnson
Peter Johnson, Class of 1978, and his wife, Nancy, atop the York Minster cathedral, November 2007. Read more from Peter.
Class of 1970
Paige Grant
Paige Grant, Class of 1969, with her husband Neal Williams in Hong Kong, November 2007. Photo by Taka Yamanouchi, Class of 1970.

Class of 1965
Jerrye Tate Gilmore
Jerrye Tate Gilmore, Class of 1965, with her husband, Steve, in Jamaica, April 2007. Read more from Jerrye.

Class of 1970
Tim Moore
Tim Moore, Class of 1970, and his wife, Cathy, visted Vivien Rubel Fuller, Class of 1968, in June 2007. Tim writes, "I am currently in Cairo with my wife Cathy (She is the Chief of Contracting for USAID here). I am retired from the Air Force and am playing house husband for now. We spent the last two years in Iraq (me with State and Cathy with USAID)."

Class of 1966
Joe Bettinger and family
Joe Bettinger, Class of 1966, with his family in their newly restored home in Tuscon, Arizona. Read more from Joe.

Class of 1967
Doug Davy
Doug Davy, Class of 1967, with his wife on a boat tour of San Francisco Bay. Read more from Doug.

Class of 1977
Brian Campbell family in Jaipur
The Campbells in Jaipur, May 2007. From left to right are Brian Campbell (green shirt) Class of 1977; Loree Campbell (Brian's wife), AES-HS PSA (Parent Student Association) Rep 2006-2008; Brian and Loree's daughters Alex, Class of 2008 and  Kate, Class of 2011; Matt Campbell (Brian's brother), born in Delhi returning after 37 years. Members of the Campbell clan have been attending AIS/AES since the early 1960s.

Class of 1967
Cindy Shaw
Cindy Shaw, Class of 1967, with her sons Ben and Shaw, in Washington, DC, October 2006. Read more from Cindy.


Class of 1970
Tim Brown family
Tim Brown, Class of 1970, with his family at the Tidal Basin cherry blossoms in Washington, DC, April 2007.
Class of 1984
Greg McCaffrey
Greg McCaffrey and his wife, Diana. Read more from Greg.
Class of 1974
Phoebe Bradley family at Taj Mahal
Phoebe Bradley, Class of 1974, with her family at the Taj Mahal, February 2007. Read more, and see more pictures, from Phoebe.
Class of 1989
Sameer Verma
Sameer Verma and family, during a recent visit to Vancouver, BC. Read more from Sameer.
Classes 1969, 1972, and 1974
AIS alumni in Tokyo
AIS/AES alumni in Tokyo, March 2007. From left to right are Chikako Tsuruta ('72), Haruko Tsuruta Morimoto ('74), Seiichi Sugiyama ('74), twins sisters Beryl Hawkins ('69) and Sheryl Hawkins Bridgewater ('69).
Class of 1990
Robert Scriban and family
Robert Scriban and family at home in Toronto. Read more from Robert.

Class of 1974
Depak and Phoebe
Deepak Sen and Phoebe Bradley in New Delhi, February 2007.
Class of 1974
Stefan Halens and Roni Nagaich
Stefan Halens (left) and Roni Nagaich (right)at DAM Square in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), 20 February 2007,
Class of 1970
KC Gray Siebert, Class of 1970, and her husband, Neal, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on board the Paul Gauguin, near the Marquesas and Society islands in the South Pacific, January 2007.
Class of 1975
Veronica Choi Krath and family
Veronica Choi Krath and family. Read more from Veronica.
Class of 1975
Veronica Choi Krath and husband
Veronica Choi Krath with her husband, Mike. Read more from Veronica.


Class of 1965
Cherie and David Lazaroff
Cherie and David Lazaroff celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in Hawaii in 2006. Read more from Cherie.
Class of 1984
Ritu Mehta
Ritu Mehta in 2006. Read more.
Class of 1970
AES, January 2007
Robin Murphy visited AES in 2007.
Class of 1974
Peter Carruthers (left) and Glenn Ord
Peter Carruthers (left) and Glenn Ord, Yarra Valley, Australia, January 2007.
Class of 1974
Class of 1974 alums Harlan Wood, Vineet Bhatia, and Deepak Sen in New Delhi, January 2007.
Class of 1970
Judy Newberry
California New Year's Eve, 2006: Standing: Bill Stollberg ('70), Judy Newberry ('69), Dean Newberry ('66); seated: Paul Reiger ('70) and Jim Newberry ('70).
Class of 1962
Howard Auble
Howard Auble, Class of 1962, with his wife, Katie, at their home in Raymond, Washington. See the Class of 1962 graduation photo, and more from the school's early days.
Monique Esselmont family
Monique Esselmont, Class of 1987, with husband Jerry, son Ethan, and new arrival Sarah Mae. Read more from Monique.
François Galas family
François GALAS, Class of 1984, at top, with his wife and three sons. "Visibly, we did not get the recipe to do girls..." Read more from François.


Class of 1969

Alumni gathered for a memorial concert August 12, 2006 to honor Elizabeth Ronkin, mother to George and Maggie Ronkin. From left are Jane Freundel Levey, Maggie Ronkin, both Class of 1971, David Ide, and George Ronkin, both Class of 1969.
Class of 1971
Carol Rizzie York and Cookie Kinkead
Carol Rizzie York, left, and Cookie Kinkead, were childhood swimmates and met again by chance while on holiday in Jamaica. Read more from Carol.
Class of 1974
Phoebe Bradley
Phoebe Bradley in her studio, 2006. Visit her personal website for selected works. Read more from Phoebe.
Class of 1974
Phoebe's family in London
Phoebe Bradley's husband Sheldon and daughters Thea and Chloe in London, Spring 2006. Read more from Phoebe.
Ron Bushnell
Memorial collage for Ron Bushnell. Enlargement
Bushnell Family
The Bushnell Family - Dad, Mom, Bob, Lynette, and Sheila Bushnell.
Class of 1974
Meg Murphy Read more from Meg Murphy.
Class of 1970
Tim Brown
Tim Brown, Class of 1970, with his son Archie, at a Washington Nationals baseball game, July 2006.
Class of 1974
Mary Williamson Wedding Day Mary (Flanagan) Williamson with her husband, Chief Master Sergeant David Williamson, on their wedding day, May 10, 2006. Marriage Announcement by email.
Class of 1974
Barbara, Alan, Mary Barbara McCabe, left, Alan Egler and Mary Flanagan Williamson attended AIS in Calcutta and New Delhi. Read more from Mary Flanagan Williamson.
Class of 1984
Ritu Mehta at the Taj Mahal, May 2006. Read more from Ritu.
Class of 1970
Sid Wahid
Sid Wahid at the Great Wall of China, 2004. Read more from Sid.

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