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Covid-19 Semi-Lockdown, PICK ME UP, From Orchestra Naif
posted 30 March 2020

A timely vid from Orchestra naF -- "Pick Me Up" -- a blues that goes bananas. Performed by Joel Baird and Jeff Campbell, both AIS Class of 1973 (with studios
in Vermont and Rome, respectively). Special appearance by Jeff's son, Cameron, who currently lives and performs in Goa. Dance party!

posted 16 May 2019

Namaste Alumni!
Almost all of my free time is spent playing music, and much of it long-distance with Jeffrey Campbell, also Class of '73. We've composed hundreds of numbers in dozens of hybrid genres.
He's in Rome now (our most recent live session took place there last summer); and I'm in Burlington, Vermont. We ship sound files back and forth until they sound right and then we move on, staying fresh.
Every several weeks or so we update our SoundCloud channel - Orchestra naF - where folks can stream the tunes for free.
Our day jobs leave us little spare time for further promotion (witness the stale Facebook page). This will likely change in the next few years; we're on the lookout for folks with the right skills and a love of ever-emerging music. For the record: We've been playing together, and recording, since fifth grade: 1965!
Cheers and open ears,
Joel Baird (AIS Class of 1973)
email dated 16 May 2019

posted 5 January 2017

My dear AIS Alma Mata-hurrays: An Orchestra naiF new-year bonus track!
Y'all - yes, someone broke our website (Orchestra naF) and didn't put it back together...
But Vah! Jeff Campbell (Class of 1973), often with his son, Cameron, and I have had another super-duper productive year. Several albums' worth.
Here's a wee sample titled Lagoon Pariah (mp3)
- a tune, despite its sobriety - is suitable for dancing in the extreme. From Lagos, Nigeria...down to the Mama the Irrawaddy and in the Summerbundio, we are all Lagoon Pariahs!
Until we take the time to scrape together a new website, social media outlet and tea-stall, check in periodically at our YouTube channel. There are some studio rushes from July in there, as well as a catalog of past triumphs, close shaves, miraculous saves and overlooked gems.
On behalf of Jhaffur, Kamran and Orchestra naF, I remain determined to remain,
Joel Baird (Class of 1973)

posted on 12 June 2014

Orchestra Naif Website Logo "West Coast Tremors" Alert!

Orchestra naiF (Jeff Campbell, Joel Baird & Cameron Campbell) will be performing tomorrow night, alfresco and under the full moon in Palo Alto.
Your presence would certainly add to the merriment and mayhem!
When: Friday June 13, 2014 at 8:30 PM
Where: 550 San Juan Street, Palo Alto (at the Stanford Synergy Cooperative)
Dress: Lunar Casual (and/or dress-for-success)

Please click on image to read enlarged.

posted 7 May 2014

From Joel Baird, "Class of '73 alumni, waking to new music..." Long Eared Hare Produced by Orchestra naF. Published on 4 May 2014. Recorded and filmed live and unrehearsed in Sunnyvale, California. Spliced and spiced in Rome, Italy, and Burlington, Vermont. "We'll break cover when it's over and the world changes
tack. And those still breathin kickin in the dust get seen."

From Joel Baird, Class of 1973. Dead Man's Pants
Based on an authentic thrift-story and produced by Orchestra naF

Fresh zaniness from the prolific Orchestra naF, comprising as always Jeffrey Campbell and Joel Banner Baird (both Class of 1973). Of this opus Joel writes, "Recent Orchestra naF concert footage was confiscated at the border, but the holiday hi-jinx made it through." Click to for their complete oeuvre.

The latest offering from Orchestra naF features a heart-piercing delivery in lush, stereophonic sound. In English, no subtitles. Composed, performed and videographed on-the-spot by Jhaffur Campbell and Joel Banner Baird (both AIS class of 1973) on January 19, 2010 in Sunnyvale Studios, California. No-fade, full-color guarantee. Click to for legacy projects, more lyrics, meta-data, photos, tour dates and for information on how to commission never-before-heard soundtracks..

Orchestra naïF presents "Jaspers3" for your unbridled enjoyment. Read this please.

Orchestra Naif
New from Orchestra naïF  audio icon Mali Wanna Foxtrot. Here's the lyric if you want to sing along. Members of the Orchestra naF (from right: Cameron Campbell, Jhaffur Campbell, JoelBannerBaird) pause for a publicity photo during the "Jhali, Mali & Jaspers" sessions in Ossining, NY in 2009. A single from that album, Mali Wanna Foxtrot circled around the world at least twice as a top smash hit.

Bob Butani
New song from a grand band. Clockwise from left are Leigh Sioris, Class of 1972,
Bob Butani, Class of 1971, Thom Shurtleff, Class of 1972, and drummer Dana Bonardi, after recording Bob's new song, audio icon Walk Tall My Son. Read more from Bob.

Sam Jacobs in concert
Sam Jacobs, Class of 1995, in performance in New York, September 2008. Listen to his latest song audio icon If You See Something Say Something, visit his website The Flying Change.

I had to send you this clip from a totally improvised (as usual) session by Jeff Campbell & I, (AIS '73) are the charter members of this trans-genre collectively, since 1965!
Love, Joel Baird

Stormy Weather
"Stormy Monday" performed by Tim Moore and Dan Rizzie, AIS class of 1969 Stormy Monday

Jana-Gana-Mana-ChorusNational Anthem of India
National Anthem of India Jana-Gana-Mana-Chorus contributed on 29 June 2014 by Mary Williamson (Class of 1974)
The Was That Never logo
The Was That Never Thom Shurtleff, Leigh Sioris, Eric Hols, Keith Eller, Bob Butani, Curtis Minehart, & guests. Live recording from the 2001 reunion. Audio postcard from 2005.


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