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Monique Esselmont Beuree Class of 1987

September 11, 2006

Monique Esselmont family
Monique Esselmont Beuree, Class of 1987, with husband Jerry, son Ethan, and new arrival Sarah Mae.

And baby makes 4!!!!

Hi everyone... Just wanted to send out a quick e-mail to introduce you to the newest addition to our family. Sarah Mae Esselmont Beuree was born on Thursday, August 24, 2006 at 5:23pm (which was 6 days after her due date!!), weighing in at 7 lbs 15 1/2 oz. She did not want to come out, and I was begining to think I was going to be pregnant forever!!

Ethan is adjusting well to his new role as the big brother, and Jerry and I are slowly adjusting to the fact that we will be sleep deprived for the rest of our lives!! Hahaha!

We will keep you all updated on the latest, but now I must go get some sleep before the next 3 hour feed...

Take care,

Monique, Jerry, Ethan, Sarah Beuree

Monique Esselmont Beuree, Class of 1987


May 19, 2005

Monique Beuree

It's been a very busy few years for me. Life has certainly changed for me since the last time I saw you. In the past 2 1/2 years I've managed to get married and have a baby!! It's funny how things change so quickly. I met my husband Jerry in January of 2003, and it was a whirlwind romance. We married in February 7, 2004 with a small ceremony and then a reception at my parent's place. Our theme was hockey. My parent's house is located on a small lake which we shovel in the winter time to make a hockey rink, so it was an ideal place to have a party since both Jerry and I are such big hockey fans. The reception was very casual since most people wore jeans and a handful of people played hockey while the others who aren't into hockey stayed in the house and sang songs as my dad played the piano. It was alot of fun, and a day we'll never forget!!

So, needless to say, two weeks after the wedding I went and got myself pregnant!! We were thrilled! We both wanted children and never would have imagined it happening on the first try... On November 15, 2004 I gave birth to our son Ethan Douglas at 2:08am weighing in at 8lbs 2oz. Big boy! He's been the pride and joy of our life ever since. Ethan is the first grandson/nephew/anything on both sides of the family, so he is very much a spoiled little boy. So...that in a nutshell...has been my life since the last time I saw you all.

I'm hoping that there will be another reunion in a few more years, so that I can get my life settled down and find some time to go. I've attached a picture of my son Ethan, as well as a picture of my wedding day (one of the many joys of living in Canada's cold climate!...

Monique Esselmont Beuree, Class of 1987


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