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Read Melissa's book: 39,000 MILES

5 May 2020
ALOT HAS HAPPENED! I lived in India from 1960-62 and attended the old Taj school while there. Since I last posted anything many years ago, a lot has happened to me. I turned 71 this past April; my sister Melinda (AIS Class of
1965) passed away in 2017; and I have a boyfriend of four years. I moved to Pleasant Hill, Caifornia, in 2013; I wrote a book about my life overseas; and
I live in an apartment for older people. I am very happy and content. -Melissa Miller (AIS Class of 1967)

12 October 2014
Hello to all my fellow alumni!
I moved last year into a community for older people and really like it. I think I
am the youngest here, at 65.
I have been working on my photos and finally finished my book about my life overseas that took me four years of hard work and editing to get it done! Now,
if I could just get it published. If anyone knows someone in publishing, I would
like to get in touch with them. -Melissa Miller

13 January 2014
I have moved into an apartment complex for older people. I cannot believe I
am turning 65 this year and eligible for medicare! I am still taking photographs and am in the process of writing a book about my life overseas. I am hoping I
can get back to Istanbul one more time this year.
-Melissa Miller (email dated 13 January 2014)

2 August 2008
After moving four times in May of this year [2008] and finally settling down
in a place in Concord,California, I am feeling at home. I made another trip
to Istanbul in April and had a wonderful vacation. Still taking photos and just decorating and fixing up my place. -Melissa Miller

1 September 2007
Hi. I attended AIS from 1960-62, in the old Taj on Janpath Road. Living in Delhi was the first time I had ever left the US and it left an indelible impression on me to this day.
Last September, I had the great luck of returning to another city where I lived, Istanbul. I was there for twelve days and was amazed at all the new high rises buildings and hotels that had been built, as well as the two bridges across the Bosphorus.
At the same time, I was glad to see that the city I loved was still very familiar,
and that I had no trouble getting around. If I had the money, I would go back to
all the cities where I lived! I am still a free lance photographer, as well as a novice jewelry maker and designer. No plans for any trips soon, but who knows, I may just pick and go. -Melissa Miller


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