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Judy Cooperman Finkle Class of 1967

Donovan, the "world's best musician."

My life is now fulfilled. This is because I have become interested in celebrities. I have a Ph.D. in Digital Art, but this is not really what I am talking about. I am living in the town of Fairfield, Iowa, still, the home of Maharishi International University. The Transcendental Meditation Organization is, and always was, associated with major celebrities. So, me too.

As many people know, Maharishi became famous through the help of the Beatles, Donovan, etc. Right now the famous director, David Lynch (Twin Peaks, etc.) is in the news constantly because he is promoting TM. He was here in Fairfield recently, as was Donovan, who I got to know many years ago when I was a student at Brown University. Also Mike Love from the Beach Boys comes here. I knew some of the Beach Boys way back too. Other famous people here are my friends now, who I don’t want to name in public. My nephew, Seth Swirsky, who has had songs in the top 10 and who lives in Beverly Hills is working on a movie about the Beatles right now.

Mary Tyler Moore, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Joe Namath (of the New York Jets football team) all helped make Maharishi famous. William Gibson (the author of “The Miracle Worker,” the famous play about Helen Keller) wrote a book about becoming a TM teacher with Maharishi called “A Season in Heaven.” He was there with his son William Gibson, Jr., who is a famous science fiction writer now. Many many more too. For example, we knew Andy Kauffman through TM before he became famous. In fact, one of my friends helped make him famous.

I could go on and on. But I just want to let everyone who saw me at the reunion know that my life is fulfilled now, and this is why. When nothing else works, associate with celebrities, is my philosophy. It changes everything.

Judy Cooperman Finkle, Class of 1967

Judy cartoon
Judy Finkle's original cartoon urges us all to "drop in" to the 2005 alumni reunion.


I recently finished a Ph.D. in digital art from a university in Ohio, but I have been staying in Fairfield, Iowa, near Maharishi University of Management, a university that teaches both Indian and Western subjects. I have been having the greatest fun calling all the members of the AIS class of 1967. I have had the happiest conceivable conversations with many old friends from high school. And I am greatly looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Many of my friends from high school will remember my extreme interest in both Indian and Western art. When we lived in India my family and I spent all our spare time exploring India through its art.

I recently have accumulated one of the world's biggest collections of t-shirts. I honestly have about 200 t-shirts which I wear constantly. I have four t-shirts with pictures of Indian art (2 of the young Krishna and 1 of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, 1 of Rama and his associates.) I have two t-shirts with pictures of the bird Tweetie. I have many with American flags. I have several jackets and t-shirts with pictures of Spiderman, one of my favorites to wear. One is of Florida, another of Half Moon Bay. And I have three that say Edward Jones Investments. I have one that says "Tower of Terror," the new ride at Disney World. I also have one of the Disney animation of Atlantis.

I have one that has a big Jewish star. And one with a huge advertisement for a new Nestle's candy bar. I have one that says "Zen Training School." One that says, "Hug Freely" with a huge picture of the American Flag with a teddy bear instead of stars. And two that are for technical institutions. I have one that shows several young guys hanging out of a car that says "Cruising 34th St. in Houston. And one that says, "Little Angels Love America" - with a flag and a little angel.

As an artist, I am so inspired by t-shirts that I have gone in to the business of making them. I made one for myself with the 1960's peace symbol on it.

And several for people around town here with their credentials on them. And one of SpongeBob, the cartoon character for a friend's daughter.

I am glad to make individual t-shirts for anyone who wants them at a very reasonable price. I myself never go out of my house without wearing one that is a really good joke. In fact, I also always wear them at home too. Right now I have on a denim jacket with a picture on the back of the abundance of the American farm produce.

I will be selling denim jackets, vests, dresses, shorts and jeans at the reunion that say AIS or AES. I am thinking I will print them so that the text is very subtle, printed in black on blue denim. I hope I don't have to wear them all myself.

Contact me if you would like anything more specific on denim or on a t-shirt. One which I haven't had the nerve to wear yet (which I bought, didn't make) says, "I am a Woman, Watch Me Score." I bought that near the University of Iowa.

Judy Cooperman Finkle


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