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It has been really great finding the alumni website and reading about what
everyone's been up to for the last 50 years! Somehow, everyone seems to have aged, even though I'm sure I look just like I did when I was at AIS!

We left India at the end of my junior year to return to Seattle and I found myself
with severe re-entry prob...lems, floundering in a huge American high school, terribly homesick for India. I read every book in the library on India, taught
myself to cook Indian food, and wrote letters every week to my Indian friends.

Somehow I survived and graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a major
in biology in 1970, trained in Medical Technology, got married, got a job and got
a horse! I worked in one laboratory or another until the end of 2007, when I
retired. Unfortunately, my husband died six months later, so Retirement "Plan
A" was out the window, and I'm still working on "Plan B!"

I had a horse while we lived in Nepal and India, and I've had one (or more) ever
since. My husband soon figured out if he didn't ride, he wasn't going to see much
of me! Over the years we did a lot of trail riding, competed in endurance riding
and I've been competing in dressage for the last 20 years. The horses seem to
take up most of my daylight hours now!

We adopted a baby from Korea (where we lived before Nepal) in 1985. She
married last year and, unfortunately, moved to Oklahoma. I live in northwest Washington State, about 20 miles from the town I was born in, and have most
of my life, so the prospect of moving to be near her is rather daunting. But I have
all that early training in moving to new places and making new friends, so I know
I can do it!

I've always been very grateful I was able to spend many of my growing-up years
in Asia, and especially treasure the India years. I'd love to hear from anybody
and everybody!"

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