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Amrita Ghosh Douglas, Class of 1969

February 27, 2006

I was at AIS for a long stretch - 1960 to 66.

In the pictures on the AIS 1968 - 69 Yearbook web page I'm seeing Dorothy Rahman, Becky Everett, Ira Johnson, Ben Shaw and Kent Olson, but not Ted Beck, Sally Lewis, Lisa Kudarauskas, Jean Burke, Jean Scneiider, Mona El Zayat, Elaine Cooperman, Ralph Platine, Porky Jones, Greg Zorthian, Michio Toyohara, Deepak Roy, many, many more...I think Sarah Simon and Ricky Ensminger were class of 1968. I met someone at college whose brother knew Ricky at Sarah Lawrence and said he had died very young. I saw Sarah at the last Reunion and IIRC, she was teaching at Wharton.

Certainly there are indelible memories. Napit and Prissana's surgery story, Alicia Wetz's necklines, Judy Isenberg and me constantly getting chucked out of class to head for the Art Cave to hang with John Blee, Ricky Ensminger standing on his head just about anywhere, Scott Wells and Kris Malone handing me a whole sheep's liver at the bio lab on my birthday. Once, when the monsoons broke, Vicki Noonan and I ran and danced around Nizamuddin East in our swimsuits and bare feet until Mrs. Noonan chased us down in her car. My little sister Roshni and David Studwell, when they were three, liked to have water drinking competitions that came to a Roman ending. Denise Sioris gave Lissa Brady and me some advanced instructions in personal grooming the night before I finagled hacking a roan from the stables at the Delhi Race Course and got myself an occipital skull fracture from getting brushed off on a tree, having foolishly loosened my topi straps. Everyone brought their Barbies and Kens and Skippers to visit me after that. Truth be told, I never felt completely out of touch, because my parents had become friends with the senior Noonans, who visited a couple of times in Calcutta. When I stayed with them in Washington a decade later, Vicki and George came and jumped on my bed the next morning like we were still nine-year olds. One of the first people I visited in New York was Jeannie Burke. One winter, Vicki and I went to the Ides' mountaineering institute in the Alleghenies, where we lived in yurts over New Year's, and back in Washington saw John Blee's huge canvas of a potato, which of course he called Idaho. I am very much in touch with Judy Isenberg as well. John Weir Close '72, who I met at college, is my younger daughter's godfather (I have pics).



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