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Click on a name below to view photos of the school campus, students, and staff members through the eyes and camera lenses of AIS/AES alumni who returned to Delhi for a visit!

Photos in collage above taken in exact same location, roughly 50 years apart.
"Then" photo contributed by Judy Newberry Ashley (AIS Class of 1969)
"Now" photo contributed by Tim Steadman (School photographer)

From Tim Steadman: The old photo you sent me looks like it was taken by the street. As you know, there is a huge fence around the school. Looks like they filled in that moat. (14 April 2014)

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Maria T. Sanchez Class of 1983, visited 16 January 2020

AIS Class of 1969 50th Reunion Trip, visited 29 October 2019

Wendy Jacobs and Lisa Jordan, both Class of 1987, visited 22 July 2019

Dave Garg Class of 1976 and Sue Jackson (Class of 1983)
visited 8 February 2019

Deniz Toksoz Exley Class of 1974, visited January 2019

Tim Brown Class of 1970, visited 26 October 2017

Chris Coady Class of 2002, visited April 2017

Taka Yamanouchi Class of 1970, visited 23 September 2016

Leslie Hiebert Class of 1973, visited 15 Sept-4 Oct 2016

Ritu Mehta Class of 1984, visited 23-26 November 2015

Tad Acker Class of 1974, visited November 2015

Sunil Mahajan Class of 1974, visited October-November 2015

Ken Torbett Class of 1963, visited October 2015

Jim Newberry Class of 1970, visited October 2015

John Henson Class of 1967, visited April 2014

David Welch Class of 1966, visited 4 February 2014

Luke Willson Class of 2004, visited February 2014

Gabrielle Pelle-Hyvon Class of 1976, visited December 2013

David Craigo Class of 1989, visited November 2013

Daniela Avitabile Class of 1977, visited 4 February 2013

Eric Hols Class of 1974, visited 2010

Phoebe Bradley Class of 1974, visited 2007

Lori Bergemann Class of 1973, visited 2006


Click on a name below to view beautiful campus photos!!

This photo was taken when David Welch (Class of 1966) visited AES on 4 February 2014. Standing from left to right are: AES Director, Paul Chmelik; Secretary, Alka Bajaj; Alumni, David Welch; and Executive Assistant, Latha Srinivasan.

Tim Steadman, Photographer, photos taken 14 April 2014

Sunil Kumar Yadev, AES Faculty, photos taken May 2013



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