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posted 7 September 2019

I wanted to share that my eldest son and eldest daughter were recently invited to India for a week to attend a wedding and see the Taj Mahal. My son's room-
mate during his freshman year at Emory University is from New Delhi; and they have always maintained a good, close friendship. My two eldest had never been to India before, and they were excited to go to New Delhi with the hopes of also touring AES to see where their mother went to school. (Unfortunately, they were only able to drive by the school and by my childhood home and neighbor-
hood in Chanakyapuri.) They were, however, successful visiting the Taj Mahal.

The roommate's wedding was lavish and included gifts of Indian clothing for
my children to wear. They had help putting their clothing and make up on,
and everyone was so warm and welcoming. It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, and my children had a wonderful time.

- from Mona Alessa Tiedemann (AES Class of 1981)

My daughter, second on the left, is standing next to the groom (who was also my son's freshman year roommate) while my son is on the far right.

My son and daughter at the Taj Mahal, 2019



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