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posted 1 February 2019
From Michael White (AES Class of 1980)

Hello Everyone Ė It is kind of surreal writing a note about my experience at The American Embassy School. However when I attended in the late 1970s, it was The American International School. I have such fond memories of my experience which have shaped my life in such positive ways. My entire world view was impacted by the positive impact of going to school with students from so many nations. My imagi-
nation was constantly sparked with hearing stories from kids that
lived in every corner of the globe. More importantly, it gave me
so many unique perspectives on how we all fit together and can make our world a better place.

My father Stanley was the School Psychologist which meant that me and my sister Bethany, who was one grade behind me, were watched like hawks; and we could not get away with anything :-) I am making my journey back to India this year and hope to tour the school that, by far, was my best learning and educational experience I ever experienced. I canít wait. If anyone has tips on how to get on campus, please let me know.

Today, I live in Fort Lauderdale and own a small boutique travel agency. The travel bug caught me on our trip to India when I was 9 years old. My parents wanted us to fly around-the-world so that we could make our move to India a true adventure. I remember all the cities and countries we visited and it had a tremendous impact on my desire to be part of the travel industry. To this very day, I have been working for major global airlines and am now currently leading a team for a travel related company during the day and working on my passion, Travel with Hilo, on my off time. I would love to help anyone who needs assistance with anything travel related.



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