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Dear Staff,

We are sad to inform you that Jacquelin Singh one of the founding teachers of AES passed away in the United States on Monday, February 5, 2019. She taught High School English and Journalism from 1958 to 1974 and she came again to teach her favorite subjects from 19881993. Although few of our faculty will have met her, some of our TAs and NTS will remember her fondly. Ms Singh authored three books which can be found in the AES Library. She came up with the Latin slogan which appears on the school seal, Domi ac Foris, and authored the The First Forty Years of AES. That memory book includes many interesting stories and photos from the school's first four decades. Her wit and passion for the school shine through it, and I encourage you to read her stories. You can also learn more about "Jacqui" Singh on this link to the AIS/AES Alumni Network website.

In my recent travels I was able to meet a group of 20 former students, parents and alumni in Washington for dinner. Their years at our school ranged from the early 1960s to the class of 2022. Without exception, they told stories of the impact of AIS/AES teachers and programs on their lives. I know that alumni of the future will have many similar stories to share, because of the enthusiasm and professionalism that you bring to your work with our students today.

Rest in peace, Jacqui Singh.

Jim Laney, Jr.
AES Director
15 February 2019



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