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Message Updated: January 2020
posted 18 June 2019

All board members are volunteers and do not collect a paycheck. However, we do have annual operating expenses to keep the association running. We make every effort to keep you connected by continually providing you news, informa-
tion about upcoming events and by hosting our all-school reunions.

We appreciate any contribution to help support our board administrative costs. Your donation goes toward our annual bills, such as our website and all related costs to keep it engaged; our lawyer fees and Paypal. We suggest $25/per year but are appreciative of any donation to support our operating costs. Any remaining donation after bills are paid is applied towards the required down-payment deposits for our all-school reunions.

We also accept donations made In Memory Of for alumni, teachers and faculty who are no longer with us.

Please take a moment now to help us keep connected. To donate, click on the Donate button below. We have adjusted the Donate button to allow you to type in the amount you wish to donate.

If you prefer to donate by check, please email our treasurer, Claire Saint-Rossy, for a postal address.

Thank you for your support and contribution.



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