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posted 19 July 2015
posted 26 Aug 2015 (on Facebook)

Hugging in the lobby. Running over to old friends across the room. Laughing and reliving old stories. Having fun together on trips to the Indian Embassy and tours. Introducing our family members to our classmates, teachers and faculty. Sharing cocktails and food. Awakening happy memories. Tears and more hugging when we left.

You can take us out of India, but one thing is for sure you can't take India or the AIS/AES experience out of us!

The 2015 Reunion was a magical weekend. Many of us left with new memories of being with old friends and making new friends who had walked those same halls and usually knew someone we had known back then! The Alumni Association Board of Directors thanks all the volunteers and so many of you who contributed to the success of the weekend. Shukriyaa.

Enjoy the memories as you scroll down to view the quick reference links, reunion photos, video clips, and comments.

Thank you, once again, for coming to the reunion!!

(Editor's Note: Updating this page will be ongoing as we receive items from attendees and guests who wish to contribute. Please email items for website posting to [email protected]).

AIS/AES 2015 Reunion Program Cover

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450 alumni from 25 countries attended the 2015 Reunion weekend.
2015 Reunion Photo from Bill Moede
Panorama photo above contributed by William Moede (Class of 1986)
Photo on the right: AES Director, Paul Chmelik and Alumni Association
President, Mary Williamson
. Photo contributed by the school.

Groups & Class Photos
Snapshots Attendees Donated

Photos from the Reunion Photographer:
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Tim Brown, Class of 1970
Maggie King Webb, Class of 1970
Paul Rieger, Class of 1970
Taka Yamanouchi, Class of 1970
Beverly McElroy Coville, Class of 1973
Mary Flanagan Williamson, Class of 1974
Sunil Mahajan, Class of 1974
Mitzi Miller Rothman, Class of 1974
Danielle Keogh Neil, Class of 1975
Seiichi Sugiyama, Class of 1975
Irena Choi Stern, Class of 1976
Barbara McCabe, Class of 1976
Daniela Avitabile, Class of 1977
Vicki Potts Cabrera, Class of 1978
Katherine Thompson Arens, Class of 1979
Maria T. Sanchez, Class of 1983
William Moede, Class of 1986
Lisa Jordan, Class of 1987
Samantha Fricke, Guest

Click on the photo below to hear Joe Ridolfo play his sitar.
2015 Reunion Photo of Joe Ridolfo
Photo provided by Taka Yamanouchi, Class of 1970
YouTube video clip made and contributed by Eric Hols, Class of 1976

Mail Bag
Wendy Jacobs' Excellent Adventures
AES 2014-15 Annual Report At the request of the school for a brief introduction of our alumni association, our article (supplemented with photos they took at the 2015 Reunion) was printed in the school's annual end-of-the-year report.

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