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Eric Hols, Class of 1976: Pretty sure a website Thank You is nowhere near enough, but for the record I want to express my gratitude to all the board members for their multi-year, tireless, exhausting, thankless, excellent work
in putting the 2015 Reunion together. I am aware how much time and effort goes into the making of a reunion; and it's really impossible to put into words
- not just the myriad of details and the thousands of decisions but the nervousness, the sleeplessness, the weekly conference calls, the meetings, on and on. And all for no other reason than the desire to make it happen for the rest of us. So THANK YOU Mary Williamson, Julie Marquis, Anne Weathersby, Anne Kerr, Suzanne Fricke, Eric Peterson, Jason L. Becker and all the Reunion committee members and volunteers (whom I hope someone will list because I don't even know all of them.) And lest I forget - thank you to your loved ones who have had the understanding and patience to lose so much of their time
with you. Summing it all up with one word: SHABASH!!

Mary Lee McIntyre, AIS Faculty: I had a wonderful time. It was a pleasure
to be there. The dinner was spectacular, and the nibbles the night before were just right. I also need instructions on how to acquire the t-shirts as I would
want one for myself and three children (even though only one went to AIS
back in the late 60s). Anyway, it was a lovely bash and I thought everything went like clockwork. All the best.

Bill Moede, Class of 1986: I know there will be a lot of posts on this subject, but Mary Williamson and her team deserve each and every single one of them! Thanks so much for an amazing weekend! I hope you all get a few days of rest before you start working on the next reunion!

Debbie Flanagan, Class of 1977: I had a wonderful time! Can't take the smile off my face, nor do I want to. Still here as a matter of fact spending
time with my old home gurls. Expect 600 in 2020!! Awesome job with the event. Thank you for making memories!

Courtney Lee Downs, Class of 1985: It was clear there had been a lot of hard work put into organizing this event, and everyone I spoke to was so
happy to have the opportunity to be there. The reunion committee and the Board produced a terrific event, and the hotel was tremendously accommo-
dating as well. Thank you so much for taking the time---so much time---to commit to giving AESers a great event. It meant the world to all of us to be there among our dearest, oldest, and unforgettable friends.

Mona Alessa Tiedemann, Class of 1981: I just want everyone to know
how much I enjoyed attending an AIS/AES Reunion for the first time. I al-
most canceled at the last moment because I am a shy person, but
thanks to AIS/AES'ers (you all know who you are!) who encouraged me to attend. Most thankful to Mary. She did a great job, and I am sorry for not keeping up to my promise to help volunteer (due to jet lag). Hopefully, this
is not my last reunion. I had a great time. I met old friends and made new ones. Love to all of you for making me feel like I am part of the AIS/AES

Alka Bajaj, AES Staff: Thank you for taking care of all of us. Everyone was amazing. Everything went off so well. Excellent! Well done--full marks. It was
so wonderful to meet everyone after decades. Most memorable weekend of
my life -- will remember as long as I live.

Christine Brooks, Class of 1963: Thank you so much for the reunion. I feel fortunate. It worked perfectly for me, and I did connect with a few people who
I knew in the 1950's. Saturday night was a great evening. Thank you for all your work putting it together.

Charlene (Perry) Connell, AIS Faculty: Coming to the AIS/AES 2015 Reunion has been the high point of my year! My husband, Terry, had a
great time too! We thank you for the work and creativity and dedication to
the school and its alumni. I was thrilled and moved to tears by the hugs and amazing memories my "kids" still treasured. It makes the life of a teacher take on a precious meaning and I treasure that! Thank you, Mary, for the personal welcome you gave me. You can take great pride in your achievement and the love you inspire. With fond wishes!

Rhonda Scott, Class of 1969: Thank you everyone for all of your efforts in bringing us together again. It is much appreciated. I'm not sure about attend-
ing 2020 yet but 2015 was lots of fun.

Tom Martindale, Class of 1974: Thank you for all your work putting this reunion together! It was fabulous!

Taka Yamanouchi, Class of 1970: The Board really put a BIG effort in organizing the reunion, and I think everyone did a wonderful job. It's
always difficult to please everyone so don't worry about the small things ... without this event, we couldn't re-connect and the flame would go out. It was good to see a lot of the younger crowd come this time - they must now take
the torch and keep the spirit alive. Thanks again for your tremendous efforts.

Ritu Mehta, Class of 1984: I am writing to say that the entire team of organizers created a most memorable event for each one of us, and I am sure that the compliments are pouring in. Reya (my daughter) and I were so sad to leave Saturday morning; she kept telling me she would have loved to stay for the entire, of course, I wanted to. The hard work and dedication to bring us all together is an effort worthy of many applauses and loads of gratitude.

Anne Behrens Anderson, Class of 1969: It was wonderful to see everyone and to see that we were able to pick up where we left off, except in the case of the Class of 1969, many of my classmates were grandparents! And we still had the same comeraderie we did at AIS. Thanks to you and your team for making
it happen.

David Minehart, Class of 1965: Having missed the last reunion, I was happy to bring my new wife to this one to meet the folks she's so often heard about. She agreed that they really are a special bunch. Thanks for all your efforts in bringing this off!

Nancy Lakeland Ocean, Class of 1967: Thanks for all the hard work and making the reunion so special!

Karen MacPherson Keen, Class of 1974: Thank you so much for all the hard work. I am exhausted, not so much as you must be. Many thanks for the opportunity to connect with individuals lost for over 40 years.

Kymberly Dietchman Chereck, Class of 1980: Thank you for all of the hard work the Board did and for letting everyone relax and have a magical time. Namaste

Shirley Huey Hastings, Class of 1969: Great Job! It was my first reunion - my husband and I had a wonderful time. Again, thanks for all of your hard
work and what you do for AIS/AES.

Russ Tuttle, Class of 1985: Thanks for the Board's efforts to pull off a fantastic weekend!

Barbara Jo Russell Rockwell, Class of 1967: My sister, Connie Russell Thomas ('65) and I ('67) cannot thank you enough for such a terrific weekend. We enjoyed every minute, the delightful tour and talk at the Indian Embassy, the very good food, the wonderful turnout. It was fabulous, and we want you to know how much everyone's efforts was truly appreciated. We're looking forward to 2020! Namaste!

Karen Gordon, Class of 1970: Thanks for everyone's hard work and excellent planning!!!

Suzanne Johnson Stack, Class of 1963: Thanks for doing such a great job organizing the reunion. I went to the school in New Delhi when it went up only to the 8th grade. I attended 5, 6th and part of 7th grade. My teachers who I remember were Mrs Rogers and Mrs. Pauline Prakash, Was there 1953-57 I believe, a little shaky on the dates. May be off a year. Was there before Mrs. Jacqueline Singh joined faculty. Have reconnected with Laurie Burgess, my best friend back in those days, thanks to the reunion and another classmate, Christine Brooks, who was there.

Kim Waters, Class of 1967: Job well done! All the Board members and volunteers should be commended for pulling off such a huge but still enormously fun-packed weekend!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Estrellita Jones Fitzhugh, Class of 1968: I much appreciate the hard work of the Board who pulled off this memorable weekend. You all were so helpful and energetic. It was nice to see you all on the stage last night.

Paul Rieger, Class of 1970: Thanks for a super reunion. What a crew!

Seiichi Sugiyama, Class of 1975: First of all, I would like to thank again all the members of the committee for giving us such an opportunity. It had been my great pleasure that I could meet many of you after the leave from India 45 years ago. Never the less the time has past, we could recognize each other soon and was a wonderful experience in my life. Also I have met those classmates who has not known until then, since the time we lived India were different. I would like to see you again, and hope to see those who could not attend this time, in next capable occasions.

Mitzi Miller Rothman, Class of 1974: What a wonderful weekend. It was absolutely magical. Our AIS/AES 2015 Reunion confirmed for me how very much indeed India lives in all of us. It's multi generational! Namaste to all the friends with whom I had the opportunity to reconnect. To those that I missed, there is always a next time. I so enjoyed all the festivities and am grateful to Mary Williamson and all those who worked so hard on this reunion. Peace, love and light to you all.

Doug Taylor (formerly Hammond), Class of 1981: Thanks to the Board for all the hard work. Everyone seems to have had a great time.

Donna Rumpeltin Legan, Class of 1974: Thank you sooooo much! We did enjoy ourselves a lot. It was a great weekend!

Katherine Thompson Arens, Class of 1979: Thank you for a wonderful event! I am so happy I went- it was my first reunion. I really had a lovely time. Thank you to all for your hard work. I am happy to volunteer anytime you need help in the future.

Ken Torbett, Class of 1962: What an incredible job the Board did with the reunion. So happy I came! FYI: I had a wonderful time!!

David Robbins, AES Faculty: Thanks for a great time!

Rashmi ("Rush") Misra Caton, Class of 1983: I really enjoyed the reunion. It was a lot of fun. I don't have too many good pics cause my phone battery died during the dinner, but I got the pictures in my memory. Thank you all for the awesome job with the reunion. It turned out to be a big success!


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