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posted 21 May 2014

Hello to all!

Hope you donít mind an update: I am semi-retired but continue to do research and publish in the area of tobacco smoking, including second-hand smoke exposure, hookah pipes (tobacco only) and e-cigarettes. Still married to John after many decades and we are serious Giants baseball fans. I had two children in my forties. Claire, who took a hiatus from college, will be finishing up in statistics at UC Davis and works for the Democratic Party. My youngest, Devin, just completed his first year at Virginia Tech in Mechanical Engineering. Last August, he and I drove across country to Vermont. Route 70 through Utah and Colorado is beyond spectacular and was very beautiful across the plains. My husband flew east, and we drove back, mainly on route 40, east of the Rockies. We went through Monument Valley, Zion, Arches, and smaller parks. I came home feeling 10 years younger. I hadnít driven across country since the late sixties and early seventies. It was so much fun.

For those of you who knew my brothers, Willie and Padraic. Will, as most know, died nearly 17 years ago; and both of his kids, Allison and Will III, have done very well. Allison is in Florida near Jacksonville and is head of special education counseling at a local grade school. Will graduated from BU with honors in business and philosophy. He has worked since graduation for Unilever in the finance department, and spent over two years in Rotterdam. He is now in Arkansas doing the required time near Walmart headquarters (a major Unilever buyer). He is engaged to be married. Karen, Willieís widow, just moved to Arkansas. Padraic is fine, married, retired and his son Josh is doing great.

I hope this finds you well and best of luck. -Delia Dempsey (Class of 1967)



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