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Jonathan Wilder Class of 1974

Jonathan Wilder December 2005

Here's a bit on my journey: After the family left India in 1970, we lived in the family home in Granby, Massachusetts, for a year. Then my father's job with Asia Foundation took us to San Francisco, California, where I eventually graduated from high school. (My father's job had taken him and my mother to Singapore from where they adopted two Korean girls, Hye-Jin and Kyung-hee -- both married and with kids now.)

In San Francisco, with all the distractions of the post hippie, pre-AIDS period, I mainly bartended, until 1981 when I moved back to Massachusetts to attend University of Massachusetts-Amherst, from which I graduated late with a joint degree in Journalism and Sociology in 1988. (The family had moved back to the United States, first San Francisco for some years then Block Island, Rhode Island, where, incidentally, the Dahl's also lived.) As for work, I was employed mainly in the restaurant business until 1988 when I had enough of that and got into teaching/ training in both the public and private sectors.

I've been in Japan since 1991 teaching/training business people. I'm employed on a freelance basis by multi-nationals like Kodak, Texas Instruments, plus some other large Japanese companies. Having great fun here, here too. I live in the center of Tokyo with an excellent view of Tokyo Tower. Anybody passing through is very welcome to stay on the sofa bed in the living room (wish I was on an ex-pat package).

Would love to get together with anyone who has the time.




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