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Rick Odgers Class of 1963

2 November 2008

1961 yearbook
Rick Odgers was the editor of the school's first yearbook.

My family was in India from August 1960 through June 1962. Dad worked for TCM (later USAID) as a consultant to the Indian Minister of Education through an arrangement with Ohio State University. We lived in Sunder Nagar. Mom taught second grade at the American school for the first year, then traveled with my father during the second year.

My brother Dave, sister Laurie and I attended the school in the Taj Barracks. Dave was among the first group of graduates (1962) even though he had graduated in absentia from our high school in Ohio. Laurie attended grades seven and eight. I was one of eight in the first group of tenth graders when we arrived in 1960. I was co-editor (with Gordon Fisher) of the first newspaper (The Taj Times) and editor of the first yearbook (Annual), which I am sending to you. Jacquelin Singh was faculty advisor for both.

Mom, Dave, Laurie and I are all pictured in the yearbook. The reason I have two is that, in addition to my own copy, I received my mother's copy when she died in 1993.


Rick Odgers

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