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Anne Hyde Rankin Class of 1969

October 6, 2007

Hello to everyone,

My brother told me about this website so I went there last night.
I really enjoyed everything that you all have done to put it together. Thanks everyone.

I was Anne Hyde, Class of 1969.
I lived in New Delhi from 1961-1971.
I went to A.I.S from 61-69 (except for the school year 65-66).

I remember when we moved into the new school building.
The Barracks school was small with old wooden desks and we would have art class and assemblies outside. I remember that Norman Rockwell visited the school and drew a picture for our library.

For those of us that lived there, India is always a part of us.
I had opposite "culture shock" returning to live in the US in 1973.
I still have it somewhat, but I can't go "home". Very Strange feeling.

I didn't know about the reunions that have come and gone. I did go to a very small "reunion get together" back in 1973 or 74, in Va.

I lived in DC and Alexandria, Va. until 1988 and moved to Moorefield, West Virginia which was close to DC but seemed very away from it all. As things inevitably change, so has Moorefield. But, I can still come home everyday to our 10 acres and pond and "pretend" that I am in the country.

There is little work here, so I have a very boring job which makes it possible to live here. Many people have come to work in Moorefield from Honduras and other Central American countries. I speak Spanish at work, much of the time, which seems odd being in West Virginia. Growing up abroad has made this area transition easier for me than for the locals!

I have a daughter, Isabel, who has three daughters, Lillianne, Jessica and Sophia. She lives in Cumberland. I have 3 sons, Don, Tucker and Nick, who still live in Moorefield.

Thanks again for this website!



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