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Jesper Frøtlund Class of 1982

September 27, 2007

Jesper Frotlund
Jesper Frøtlund

After a great year at AES back in 1980-81, I returned to Denmark to finish high school and college. Got my IT education and traveled quite a lot in Africa (since my parents moved to Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Tanzania after India). I settled down in Denmark with my family; three kids and a dog (actually only the two kids - girl, age 6 & boy, age 9 - are mine with my x-wife. My fiancée has her daughter with her ex. So only the dog belongs to both of us.

Here in Denmark, I now have my own small IT company targeting the Telecom industry (Cable TV mainly); and I have a few internet services targeting the Airline industry (Cosmic Radiation) and Health Care (intensive care at hospitals). Pretty nerdy - but ok.

After India, I also took up skiing, which really brings the family together. We have a ski apartment in the French Alps, and this was actually where my good old friend from AES, Maarten van der Steen, from Holland found me when he was Googling around to find AES classmates. So if it hadn't been for Maarten and my passion for skiing, I wouldn't be here.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. - See you at our AIS/AES 2010 Reunion!



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