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Meg Murphy Class of 1974

Meg Murphy

August 2006

The best years of my life were those growing up in India from 1965 to 1973, five years in New Delhi as a day student at AIS and three years as a border while Mother and Dad were living in Bombay.

Returned to the United States in 1973 convulsed with culture shock. Finished 12th grade pretending I had moved from Indianapolis because India was akin to coming from the moon! Graduated Boston College, B.A. Eastern Philosophy 1974 and philosophized my way to my first job working at Harvard University for President Bok. After a couple of years I was promoted to the Development Office and directed the Acknowledgements Program for him during the 350th Harvard Campaign. Worn out by the severe winters and endless grey skies, I moved to Los Angelis, California, in 1988.

I met my husband here, married in 1991 and we were blessed with our daughter Alex, now age 12. We have since divorced amicably. I pursued a medical career and trained to became a lymphedema therapist working with breast cancer survivors. Finally left corporate life in 2003 to pursue a dream I have had for many years of creating my own company.

Candle Karma
One of Meg's candle creations. Visit Candle Karma for more.

Candle Karma was born in 2004 and through many twists and turns, burst forth. I've learned more from working with wax than all those years in corporate life put together, and the journey has been enlightening. Risk does have its own rewards. Scary but rewarding. Many people have been very generous with their time and expertise and I would not have made it without them.

To quote Paul Theroux: "Look for the truth in nature. Nothing is complete, everything is imperfect, nothing lasts, go to bed!"

This is just the beginning…so please visit often and see what's new. All comments welcome. Namaste!


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