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Judy Newberry Ashley Class of 1969

August 8, 2007

Bob and I are at Cindy Jones' in Montana. Ellen Turner is here. We've been going through the Digital Yearbook CD. FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS. Even enjoyed the class of '70's final year, even though we weren't there. And the photos you added at the end of the general Indian population were extraordinary. Thank you, Taka for taking the time to put such a wonderful slice of our history together.

Shukriya and Merabani. SHABASH SAHIB!

July 31, 2007

I talked to Sanjiv Badhwar ('69) earlier this week. He's moved to a new house with some extra space to build a couple of more houses on the property (this is unheard of in Torrance, CA!), which he plans to do. Both his parents have passed on, and Rajiv (67? 68?) is in a nursing home in New Delhi and won't recover from a car accident several years ago in Wyoming. Sad. Sanjiv seemed to be doing really well. We had a great chat.

Elaine Cooperman stopped by while attending a workshop here in Sacramento. I talked her into spending the night. It was great to see her and catch-up.

And Bob and I are off to see Cindy Jones Ondrak and her husband Greg in Montana next week. Ellen Turner is flying out -- so it will be nice to see both of them. Then Bob and I are heading into Canada, will poke around there for a while, then down through western Washington and play in the Olympic rain forest until we get bored, or sick of each other -- which is possible in our new mini-motor-home ( which gets 22+ miles per gallon. A BIG improvement over the huge Kleenex-box we used to drive which got 7+ miles per gallon. I'll try and remember to send pictures (enjoyed Taka's photos and log from Australia).



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