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Lee Moore Class of 1974

July 2005

For me, AIS was part of a very positive transformation in my life. When I arrived at AIS, autumn of my 7th grade, I was a pretty shy person. The openness and trust of AIS was wonderful.

The teachers and the way that we related to them was great. I remember one year the teachers put on two Halloween parties – one for the middle school and one for the high school. I remember expressing interest in meteorology to Mr. Strong; and then a few months later, some instruments arrived - as well as a “chicken coop” and I became a school “weatherman!” I also remember the many musical projects Mr. Adams energetically produced.

After I finished 8th grade, I returned with my family to College Park, Maryland, where I graduated from high school and then went to the University of Maryland. After finishing college, I moved to Rochester, New York, where I went to the University of Rochester and then to work for Xerox in software design. I was married in 1990, and I have a daughter and a son. My wife and I met in a volleyball league, and we have played on different club teams for a number of years. I still enjoy photography, and I trace some of that back to AIS. (anybody remember the darkroom?)

In “it’s a small world category”, one of my friends from college later met and married AIS alum Priscilla Brown (Class of 1973), She is now Priscilla Lucas. Priscilla once told me about her own chance encounter with Rekha Nimgade (Class of 1973), on a Pittsburgh bus! Wow. When I was a grad student, I had a fantasy about running away and joining the US Foreign Service. I went to downtown Rochester to take the exam. As I entered the building I looked up and noticed that it was the “Kenneth B. Keating Federal Building.” That brought back a rush of memories. (Keating was the US Ambassador to India during the Nixon administration.)

I look forward to meeting you all at some future reunion!



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