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John Hoefling Class of 1974

July 2005

Unfortunately, I only got to spend two years in Delhi. Short as it was, it definitely changed my life.

After graduating from Frankfurt American High School in Germany, I went to George Washington University, a natural fit as DC is the only American city I really know. Saw a lot of Eric Marguis and Steve Cowper in those days.

In 1978, Steve and I headed off to Saudi Arabia. When we arrived Riyadh still had some mud houses (which works when you get very little rain) and just two traffic lights. We spent many a weekend at the "junk souk" buying up old carpets. When I left Saudi 11 years later, modernization had killed its cultural appeal and I had a wife (from the UK) and two children.

In between Saudi and DC, I spent 10 months in Dublin getting an MBA (we called the pub "the library" to justify the long hours spent there!). Finally settled in DC working for the Navy's International Program's Office (IPO) during which I crossed paths with David Joffe in Florida.

After adding one more daughter to the family (total: 1 son, 2 daughters), I headed off to Cairo. Spent three and a half great years in Egypt working in the Office of Military Cooperation, then returned back to DC with the Navy IPO. Ironically, my currently job is the "India" desk, which should bring me back to Delhi for meetings... If and when I get there, I'll make the required pilgrimage to AIS to refresh memories of some truly great times!

Regret I did not make the big 2005 Reunion, but I was at the beach celebrating my Mom's 80th birthday.

John Hoefling


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