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6 July 2007

Jerrye Tate Gilmore Class of 1965

Jerrye Tate Gilmore
Jerrye with her husband, Steve, in Jamaica, April 2007.

Have been with my second husband, Steve Gilmore, since 1977.

I retired in 2002, having worked as a Probation Officer for 25 years. Steve is the executive director of a large community corrections agency. I never had any problems adjusting to retirement; always seem to have projects to complete or, more importantly, golf to play.

We live at 8500 feet in a mountain community right in front of Pikes Peak in a house we built in 1998. We love it up here, although the winters are getting harder to take as we grow older. Our options upon Steve's retirement are exciting to contemplate.

My two kids were two yrs and five yrs, his daughter was three yrs, when we met; and although my stepdaughter lived most of her childhood in California, the three of them have always been very close. My son Ben is 35, married with three kids of his own; my daughter Tory is 32, divorced, the mother of two. My stepdaughter is not married as of this writing; but we are hopeful that will change soon, as she has a wonderful boyfriend who is from Israel. The two of them live and work in San Francisco; Ben lives here in Colorado Springs; Tory lives in Westcliffe, Colorado.

The picture is from our 20/30-anniversary trip to Jamaica in April. It's the most recent one I have of myself



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