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Raquel Aronhime Class of 1982

July 2, 2007

Raquel Aronhime
Raquel with her children, Eva and Sam
(Photo taken in May 2007)

Graduated in 1986 from Wake Forest University in North Carolina with a B.A. in French and Spanish. Spent the next few years teaching English in France; teaching Spanish in the United States at independent schools, recruiting teachers, getting married and joining the Peace Corps. I served with my (first) husband in Slovakia for two years, teaching English.

After Peace Corps, I was divorced and went to graduate school at the School for International Training. I have a Master of Intercultural Management Degree - whatever that means! I then worked for the U.S. Justice Department at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, serving the Cuban "migrant" and Haitian immigrant populations that were housed there at the time. This was just for a brief, but amazingly intense and fascinating, nine months or so. Upon returning to the United States, I lived in the Washington DC area and worked as a staff member at the U.S. Peace Corps for five years -- first as a Desk Officer (for South America) and then as a Training and Facilitation Specialist. I got to travel to Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa--really great experiences, of course.

In 2001, I moved to Burlington, Vermont, for a job and a guy; and I got married in 2002 to Scott Tobias. I worked at an international consulting firm here for two years as a Project Manager, until I had our first child, Eva Grace, in 2003. So she's four now, and I had our son, Samuel, 13 months ago. So these days I'm sweating it out as a stay-at-home-but-wondering-if-I-should-be-working Mom. My kids are fun, interesting, challenging, insane--but I adore them. Burlington is a great city, but it's frickin' cold for a long time each year. I miss traveling abroad, but everything changes when you have kids. At least I feel like I did a lot before.

Ever since I turned 35, I started exploring some unexplored "talents". I (yes, unathletic little me) ran the Marine Corps Marathon twice (in D.C.), though I'm currently out of shape, and sang back-up in a rock band (with David and Michael Pipkin!) for a few months there as well. Since moving to Vermont, I have continued to sing in various settings and done some theater/musical theater as well. I love it all.



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