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Christopher Cool AIS Class of 1974

May 27, 2010

Chris Cool and family
Christopher with his new family at Machu Piccu in 2009.

Lived in Delhi from 1967 through 1974 when I graduated from AES/AIS. Had lived in Kathmandu from 1961 to 1965 prior to that.

Went to Stanford University in California to swim for two years and then played varsity soccer and baseball while getting a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering (1979).

Went to work in Seattle, WA working for Boeing on the 747 and 767 programs while trying to play semi pro baseball.

Moved to Columbus OH in 1982 to work for Rockwell on the B-1B program.

Moved to Lancaster CA in 1983 and lived there 11 years while working first for Rockwell and switching to Northrop (now Northrop Grumman) in 1985 to go work on the B2 bomber program - my favourite job (so far).

Married in 1994. Got an MBA at UCLA in 1995.

Moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and stayed until 1997 when I relocated to Dallas Texas. Daughter and Son born during this time - they are Katie (Girl) and Cameron (Boy) (now 10 and 8 years old).

Divorced in 2001 moved to Florida in 2002 with the kids - yes a Mr. Mom, be nice.

Chris Cool and family
Christopher Cool with his children at the beach helping cleanup.

Relocated to Fountain Valley CA in July 2004, I am now the Air and Space sector Vice President for Quality/Mission Assurance with Northrop Grumman and have married Marita Geraghty and the six of us (her daughters are 16 and 13) live in two houses to allow continued schooling and friends.

Kathleen, KT and Fiona all are volleyballers and my son Cameron is now an All Star baseball player in Pony League. If Marita seems familiar she is an actress and has been in Ground Hog Day, Luck of the Irish and many TV series episodes and now a Science teacher as well. The picture is right after I proposed at Machu Piccu the day after Christmas 2009.

I often wonder what's going on with my 10th grade best friend Doug Newberg. I stay in touch with Maxine Malone (now Lauriston), Angela Warwick (now Saunders), Megan Murphy (the beautiful candle lady), Nancy Williams (now West), and Mary Flanagan (now Williamson). My parents are doing well living in Vienna, Virginia and my brother Jonathan lives nearby in Great Falls. My sister Jenny and I are the two Californians.

Christopher Cool


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