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Lisa Windle Cleveland Class of 1983

Lisa Windle Cleveland

Too bad none of my classmates showed up for the 2005 Reunion....even the ones that said they WOULD....never mind!!! I met some fantastic people at this one from some of the older classes....even people who knew my Aunt Lana back in the 1960's, when she attended AIS. It is true what other AIS/AES'ers say about the bond that we all never dies....

My brother Derek (Class of 1989), my boyfriend Jeremiah and I are living in Cape St. Claire, Annapolis, by the gorgeous Magothy river. We have turned our dining room into a recording studio where 3rdSide (a.k.a. Derek Windle) records his masterpieces!!! In addition to holding down a fulltime job, I am working as Derek's manager to try and get his music out there to the world!!!! Hopefully, some record producer will hear it and like it...the reaction we have received so far has been phenomenal. Thanks so much to all of you who listened to his performance at the reunion and sent us some very nice emails.....we still have t-shirts, keychains and cd's for sale, if any of you are interested. You can also download Derek's songs for FREE at

Step to the 3rdSide....and keep on rockin'

Lisa Windle Cleveland
Class of 1983


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