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June 18, 2007

Doug Davy Class of 1966

Doug rolled home through the older suburban hardscape. He stopped to drop off his shoes. Seems the immigrant Russians are the only ones who do this now. On down the bluffs toward the river and into the trees, where his sycamores grow. South African music on the CD - "You are the heaven of my heart. …and my journey was complete" - Vusi Mahlasela. It's a hot June in Sackadementos. New project kickoff today. Presentation for solar developments yesterday. Wave energy project starts tomorrow.

Doug Davy
Doug Davy with his wife, Mary, on a boat tour of San Francisco Bay. Photo by Steve Woodward, Class of 1966


"Honey, did you see the e-mail from your Delhi reunion group? There's a video. I could see just what it looked like when you were there."

"Uh, no, I didn't look at it. I wasn't there in 1967. I don't recognize any of these faces. No, that's Andy Renard. He went with Denise Sioris, I think."

"Look at the surfer haircut and tight pants! That's you."

He got up and walked to the kitchen window and out through the sasanquas and the Japanese maple branches. One more payment. Claire's got a boyfriend, a degree, a new car, and her first job. Brian has three years to go. Dad is forgetting more and more each day. What great adventure comes next?

Good to see the photos of Cindy Shaw with her sons. Good to hear about Sanjay Ray's journey. What if we'd never gone to India…



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