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June 16, 2012

John Adamson Class of 1969

John Adamson and Robin

After I left AIS, I traveled a bunch, got home in time to graduate with my Salt Lake City high school class (East High, where I help run the reunions), worked the summer and spent the next decade in and around Cambridge and Boston as a Harvard student...undergrad and later grad student. have brought up so many names. I only remember a few. [Dave] Worrall, of course. Center to my guard on a very good basketball team. [Dave] Starbuck and Debbie Pope were probably my best friends. I would see a few AIS kids once in a while. Beck Oakley and her brother from Bedford. I ran into Angus Theurmer in Salt Lake long ago at a pub with a bunch of friends who were serious climbers. He looked good. I would love to get back in touch. I'm on Facebook (along with the rest of the universe).

I have two kids and am going on 22 years of wedded bliss. Here's a picture of my wife and I (Robin Hough, 4.0 out of U Texas, 1972).

I got back to India once with work... I work for a company that makes certification exams for Microsoft and Adobe. ( We also have a digital literacy program and that's what I was looking to seed back there in the Old Country. Went to the high school and the whole deal about 7 years ago. I work in the certification shop where we produce exams and test prep for 100 countries in 30 plus languages. Today I'll help host a contingent from Vietnam. That alone shows how much the world has changed.

We used to go to Mexico a lot... Humanitarian trips with the family to Guatemala (Choice Humanitarian, amazing group). I play a lot of music for the Christ United Methodist Church and I play a lot of guitar that was heavily influenced by my time in India. [Glen] Minehart was a fine guitarist...I hope he kept it up. [Doug] Haney, too. I play more his style.

My whole life was heavily influenced by my time in India. I am so sorry that we all lost touch, but thanks to the magic of the Internet Age, here we are again.



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